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Travis Pastrana Talks Nitro RX & Rally Car Betting On Bubbas World

The legend himself Travis Pastrana drops in as the latest guest on James Stewart’s Bubba’s World Podcast to talk Nitro RX, sports betting on rally car, and much more.
Travis Pastrana on Bubbas World Podcast

Travis Pastrana Talks Nitro RX on James Stewart’s Bubba’s World Podcast

Two of the absolute best to ever do it, Travis Pastrana and James Stewart, sit down together for an episode of the Bubba’s World podcast. This one had the YouTube comment section going nuts, asking for even more time between the two greats.

Travis and James cover a bunch of topics but spent a lot of time talking Nitro RX and betting. They detail when and how it was created, Travis’ newfound passion for rally car, and much more. If you listen closely, there’s a ton of great info that can help benefit your bets going into the championship weekend at Glen Helen – so listen closely through the entire interview!

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Starting the Electric Revolution

One of the first topics of discussion is of course the introduction of electric car racing to Nitro RX. “If we’re gonna do it, we gotta have something that’s crazy and more wild. What can’t the supercars do? Well, we added 1000 horsepower. You lose the sound and you gain performance,” explains Pastrana, “It’s more like motocross.”

If you listen closely, Travis even reveals a little bit of insider knowledge. “I’ve been struggling this year because it’s not just about being aggressive,” recounts Pastrana. “Everyone has more power than they could ever use.”

Watch the full Travis Pastrana Episode of Bubba’s World Podcast

Things to Consider Going Into Glen Helen

What’s the track like at Glen Helen? Travis explains in detail and has a few nice tidbits. “This round is super wide. It’s an off-road truck track,” Travis says. “The first turn, you barely lift, everyone comes around at 110 miles an hour… It’s wild. This is the first time it’ll be under lights. Usually under lights is better for me because there’s more traction.”

He goes on to talk about weather and surfaces, which are great to keep in mind! “If it’s windy and hot like it was in Pheonix, it makes it so the track dries out. For me, we were quick there and we won last year. So we’ll have to be consistent there, but it’s a good track for me,” says Travis. “I’m gonna try to win every night,” he adds.

One of Travis Pastrana’s Weaknesses Revealed

Early in the interview, Stewart asks a key question: “Are you better on a certain surface?”

“Yeah, I suck at pavement,” Travis admits. “I don’t have the patience for that at all. If you’re sliding at all, you’re losing time. When I’m behind, I tend to figure out how to go faster. The faster I try to go in cars, especially NASCAR… you start taking chances and risks and you actually start going backward.”

This is some great intel going into any future races that you’re interested in betting on!

Nitro RX Glen Helen Championship Sports Betting Odds

How to Bet on the Nitro RX Glen Helen Championship

This weekend is going to be one of the most exciting of the season. There will be head-to-head bets, as well as overalls, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the races at Glen Helen Raceway for the Nitro RX Championship! 

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