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Best Bets: PBR Teams Ridge Rider Days Pre-Event Odds Analysis

The recently concluded PBR North Carolina event left a significant imprint on the season’s standings. The Austin Gamblers asserted their dominance, executing a 3-0 victory powered by Jose Vitor Leme’s extraordinary performance. The Kansas City Outlaws, although exhibiting remarkable skill and resilience, stumbled against the Arizona Ridge Riders by a slim margin. This outcome, amidst a series of tightly-contested rides, highlighted individual brilliance and strategic team play.
As the spotlight transitions to the upcoming PBR Ridge Rider Days at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, the narrative from North Carolina sets the stage for anticipated matchups. The Austin Gamblers continue to be the team to watch, their consistency and skill have set them apart. Yet, the Ridge Riders and other formidable contenders are displaying growing momentum, with performances that suggest the Gamblers’ lead isn’t unassailable.
Leme’s ongoing prowess and the Outlaws’ Cassio Dias’ consistent rides are focal points as we anticipate the battles ahead in Arizona. Every point and ride will be critical in shaping the trajectory of the season, especially for teams like the Ridge Riders and Carolina Cowboys who are eager to climb the standings.
For betting enthusiasts and ardent fans alike, Ridge Rider Days promises not just electrifying bull riding, but also a chance to gauge team dynamics, individual prowess, and potential dark horses. As we dive deeper into this article, we’ll break down the odds, discuss standout performers, and provide insights to guide your bets for this Arizona showdown. Hold onto your hats – the desert is about to heat up!
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Schedule and How to Watch PBR Arizona

Gear up for Ridge Rider Days, set to unfold at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. This anticipated event begins on Friday, September 29, 2023, at 7:45 PM MDT, with the excitement continuing on Saturday, September 30, at 6:45 PM MDT, and concluding on Sunday, October 1, at 1:45 PM MDT.
Can’t be there in person? RidePass on Pluto TV has got you covered with live broadcasts. For those keeping an eye on the odds, NXTbets will have real-time updates. Join the excitement of PBR Ridge Rider Days, whether you’re cheering from the arena seats or the comfort of your own home.
You can place your bets for PBR Arizona at our partner sportsbooks.

Best Bets and Picks for PBR Arizona

For the upcoming PBR Arizona Ridge Rider Days showdown, we evaluate both recent event outcomes and overall season performance to establish the betting odds.

Top Picks and Bets for PBR Arizona

Team Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Austin Gamblers +360 $92
Texas Rattlers +450 $110
Arizona Ridge Riders +450 $110
The Austin Gamblers lead the pack coming off their convincing victory in North Carolina, affirming their dominance in the series. They’re undeniably the hottest team right now and are undisputed favorites entering the PBR Arizona Ridge Rider Days. The ensemble of talent, led by the remarkable Jose Vitor Leme, has been a critical aspect of their success. Leme’s consistent high-scoring rides, including a pivotal 90-point performance at the PBR North Carolina, have been instrumental in establishing the Gamblers as the formidable force they are today. Expect nothing less than a great performance this weekend.
The Texas Rattlers, holding a balanced 11-11 record and a commendable 39.1% ride percentage, are poised as significant contenders. Despite being six games behind the leading Gamblers, the Rattlers have shown resilience and competitive spirit, including the noteworthy victory secured by an 88.25-point ride from Andrew Alvidrez in North Carolina. They may have had a disappointing showing in Greensboro, but they certainly have capacity to clinch crucial wins and remain a viable threat in the upcoming Arizona event.
The Arizona Ridge Riders, also at +450 odds, enter the event with a 10-12 record. Their performances this season have been hit-or-miss, though recently their trajectory has been trending upward. Their unexpected victory over the Kansas City Outlaws, spurred by Eduardo Aparecido and Vitor Losnake’s excellent performances, showcased their potential to overcome higher-ranked adversaries. The Ridge Riders are a wild card worth watching, as they could potentially harness home advantage to spring surprises at the Desert Diamond Arena.

Outsider Picks for PBR Arizona

Team Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Carolina Cowboys +530 $126
Kansas City Outlaws +580 $136
Oklahoma Freedom +680 $156
At 10-12, the Carolina Cowboys’ inconsistency is juxtaposed by glimpses of potential. Their performance at the North Carolina event was a mixed bag, highlighted by Davis’s walk-off win but marred by subsequent losses. Entering the PBR Arizona Ridge Rider Days, there’s anticipation; if they can harness and replicate moments of brilliance like in North Carolina, enhanced strategy and teamwork in Glendale could catalyze a significant ascent in the Cowboys’ competitive standing.
The Kansas City Outlaws, coming off a standout performance in NC and sitting at 2nd place in the standings, have already carved a niche for themselves as a team capable of springing surprises. Their league-best ride percentage of 40.0% is indicative of their solid form and their triumphant clashes against Oklahoma Freedom and Texas Rattlers underline their capacity to rise to the occasion. Keep an eye on the Outlaws in Glendale; they could channel their momentum and emerge as unexpected frontrunners.
The Oklahoma Freedom, with an 11-11 ledger and a subpar 26.4% ride percentage, face an uphill task. However, their triumph over the Carolina Cowboys showcased a team with the spirit and capability to defy the odds. Every competition is an opportunity for redemption, and with strategic adjustments and amplified determination, Oklahoma Freedom might just orchestrate a narrative of resurgence in the unforgiving arena of PBR Arizona.

Head-to-Head Picks

Matchup (Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Kansas City Outlaws vs. Carolina Cowboys -120
Austin Gamblers vs. Oklahoma Freedom -155
Texas Rattlers vs. Missouri Thunder -165
Arizona Ridge Riders vs. Nashville Stampede -125

Expert Pick for PBR Arizona

The Texas Rattlers offer exceptional value as a betting choice. With a third-place ranking overall and a solid 39.1% ride percentage, the second highest rate in the series, their balance of skill and resilience has been on display consistently. Andrew Alvidrez’s 88.25-point ride at PBR North Carolina exemplified their potential for stand-out performances. While their overall results in North Carolina were less than stellar, they are now a team with something to prove and should not be taken lightly. Facing off against the dominating Gamblers and the unpredictable Ridge Riders in Arizona, the Rattlers’ +450 odds are a lucrative opportunity for bettors seeking a blend of risk and reward.

Futures Odds for PBR Team Series

As we anticipate the upcoming PBR Arizona Ridge Rider Days, our attention is inevitably drawn to the grand finale of the PBR Team Series season and the escalating battle for the esteemed MVP title. The pinnacle of competition is set for October 20th – 22nd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, marking the culmination of an exhilarating bull riding year.

Futures Odds for the PBR Team Series Championship

Team Win-Loss Odds
Austin Gamblers 17-5 +260
Texas Rattlers 11-11 +450
Kansas City Outlaws 12-10 +450
Carolina Cowboys 10-12 +530
Arizona Ridge Riders 10-12 +660
Oklahoma Freedom 11-11 +740
Nashville Stampede 8-14 +800
Missouri Thunder 7-15 +1000
The championship odds illuminate the contrasting paths teams have trod this season. The Austin Gamblers lead at +260, an expected position given their dominant 17-5 season record. Their blend of consistency and explosive talent makes them the bookmakers’ favorites. However, value bets lie in the mid-tier teams, notably the Arizona Ridge Riders at +660. Despite their 10-12 record, their ability to spring surprises, coupled with the upcoming home advantage, presents a potentially lucrative opportunity. The variance in odds underscores the dynamic and unpredictable journey to the PBR Team Series Championship climax. Each team’s strategic adjustments and individual rider performances in the forthcoming events will be critical in reshaping these odds, offering avid followers and bettors alike a complex yet captivating narrative to engage with as the pinnacle of competition looms.

Futures Odds for the PBR Team Series MVP

Team Season Score MVP Odds
Jose Vitor Leme 1408.50 -530
Cassio Dias 1245.50 +460
Dalton Kasel 1143.75 +1900
Cooper Davis 1035.00 +3300
Jose Vitor Leme and Cassio Dias are at the epicenter of the PBR Team Series MVP contention, each distinguished by unparalleled performances. Leme, boasting a season score of 1408.50 and -530 odds, is a tour de force, with his stellar 90-point ride at PBR North Carolina epitomizing his dominance. Conversely, Dias, with a score of 1245.50 and +460 odds, has etched significant markers of brilliance, notably a memorable 90.5-point performance. Both riders, in their unique strides, are crafting an indelible narrative in this riveting MVP chase. Although Leme appears to have a commanding lead, the concluding events in the series hold potential for a shakeup, especially if Dias delivers some standout performances.

Where to Bet on PBR Arizona

You can lay down your bets for PBR Arizona at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check out the most recent odds and offers before finalizing your bet. If you are a newcomer to the world of rodeo betting, the NXTbet’s extensive Bull Riding Betting Guide is an essential read. As always, make sure to gamble responsibly and within your means.
The 2023 PBR Arizona Ridge Rider Days is not just a showcase of elite bull riding but also a haven for betting enthusiasts. Whether you’re cheering for a top-tier team or rooting for an underdog, this event in the heart of Glendale promises a mix of adrenaline and suspense. Every ride and score could tip the scales, making it a thrilling experience for both spectators and bettors alike.
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