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Privacy Policy

Last updated January 1, 2023
Welcome to our Privacy Policy page. It is important for our users and visitors to read the privacy policies that apply to all products, services and online website and mobile applications and other destinations (the “Product” “Products” or “Services” “websites” “sites” “app” or “apps”) owned and operated by ALT Sports Data, Inc. (collectively “ALT Sports Data” “ASD” “NXTbets” “our” “us” “we” “its”) and our brands, subsidiaries and affiliates, including third parties acting on behalf of ASD and NXtbets. These privacy policies govern how we manage and protect the personal or general information we might collect through our Services. Our websites and apps include:
ASD and NXTbets aim to be the most trusted digital media resource for users seeking information about betting on their favorite action, alternative and lifestyle sports. We provide resources for discovering news, tips, odds for surfing, motocross, rodeo, skateboarding, world chase tag, snowboarding, rallycross and other unique sports that are underserved by sportsbook and casino operators.
When you visit our sites, you may be providing consent to share certain Personal Information with us and between our Services so that we may use that information to provide you with targeted content, offers and contextual destinations. This policy outlines what information we might collect and track, why and how we use the information and with whom we share it and where you can control it.


By visiting, interacting with and using our Services, including the voluntary or prompted submission of personal information to us by any means, you are consenting to our collection, use and release of the information to ASD and our approved partners.
We strongly encourage you to read the Privacy Policy in its entirety as this will determine the full relationship you will share with ASD and our Products and Services. Should you have any questions, please email us at: [suitable email address for ASD/nxtbets]
If you decide that you are not in agreement with the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, we understand, and advise you to please refrain from using this site and our Services and to not share your Personal Information accordingly.

What Do We Consider Personal Information?

As used in this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” is data or information that we may collect, or be legally submitted to us via any ASD Service, affiliates or third parties acting on our behalf. This data or information is used to describe or identify individual users of our Services, and their behaviors, using the following:
  • First and last name
  • Email address(es)
  • Physical address
  • Physical location using geolocation services
  • Billing address
  • Telephone or mobile device phone numbers
  • Mobile Ad IDs
  • Internet Protocol (IP) addresses
  • Banking or credit card information
  • Other legally permissible or permitted information from time to time

What Other Data and Information Do We Capture?

Along with the Personal Information listed above, each time you visit one of our Products and sites or use our Services, we also might ask about, track or capture the following Personal Information in order to be able to securely offer our Services to you or otherwise interact with users:
  • Site or Service registration: We may collect your name, email address and other information upon user registration for our Services or sites, including but not limited to, username and email and newsletter sign-ups, polls, refer-a-friend features and forum registrations. This allows ASD to provide you with permitted information and updates about our Services and generally interact with users.
  • Product or site enquiries or support requests: Personal Information or content collected or offered in order to be able to respond to any business contact our outreach to our sites or Services to elicit support, help, feedback or a response from us.
  • Employment offers: Information requested from job applicants or prospects, including personal resumes or CVs, Social Security Numbers, and other information you provide during the application and recruitment process.
  • Contests and promotions: Periodically, ASD and its affiliates may offer contests, promotions, surveys, prize draws and other similar offerings that require the submission of personal information to activate and administer the relevant experience.
  • Public Forum URLs: Any visible forums, message boards, poll results, competitions and general participation in ASD-operated privately or publicly visible formats may display selected usernames, unique public URLs and other metrics. Where applicable, users may choose to set their publicly displayed information to “private”
  • Application usage and downloads: ASD-owned applications (apps), whether web based or for mobile native (iOS or Google) devices, may request Personal Information upon download or installation and during general usage, in order to ensure security protocols and protect users and ASD, such as two-factor authentication (2FA). This will allow those apps to communicate with the user via notifications and other secure protocols.
  • Onsite collection: ASD may also collect Personal Information from individuals (with their consent) at public conventions, trade shows, onsite user, affiliate and general business activations or similar activities.

What User Data and Activity Is Collected Automatically?

When registered users or guests interact with and otherwise explore our owned and operated sites and apps, select user data is automatically captured throughout the user journey. ASD also works with common third party service providers that provide tracking and other engagement features that help us understand how users engage with our Services. Some of the information we collect and track are as follows:
  • Site usage analytics: We use technology to understand how users interact with our websites and apps. This includes tracking log-ins, source addresses and referral pages, clicked links, preferences, time stamps, visited pages and page requests, information input into online forms, search criteria and apps or widgets engaged with. This may also include information about the device or browser you are using. Capturing this information ensures we can improve our business and how we can secure and personalize user experiences when using our Products and Services. The information is stored in log files that we access for statistical reporting. For example: ASD uses standard services Google Analytics. For more information about how Google can use your data it collects, please click here.
  • Email tracking: Any permitted digital emails, newsletters and other information we may send to you may be tracked using standard tools to measure data related to how you engage with any interactive links contained in those communications, including the ability to unsubscribe. Device Tracking: ASD may capture and store information about how users interact with third party websites and applications using our Products and Services technologies, including the use of cookies and other tracking technologies in order to associate user devices with a particular user and that device. This ensures that users can access our Services across devices and we can provide associated security solutions alongside general usage reporting.
  • Location services and Internet Protocol (IP) data: We collect and process general information about the location of the devices, including Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from which you are accessing the sites or apps. An IP address is a number assigned to each computer, platform or device on a public or private network to identify each device that may engage with our sites and Services. For tracking and security purposes, we may keep track of IP addresses to identify the geographic locations from where our users access our services or resolve technical issues. IP address identification is typically used to ensure our Services and sites are accessed from regulated jurisdictions or restricted accordingly and to minimize fraudulent transactions via payment services (such as credit card fraud). Furthermore, capturing IP addresses and using geolocation services also facilitates to trend and traffic analysis and other demographic information to help improve the user experience.
  • Cookies: ASD websites use Cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on a user’s computer by a website. Cookies are used to store information about a user’s activities our sites, such as the pages they have visited, the items they may have selected as part of a transaction, and other information. When a user visits our sites, they are sent a cookie to their computer’s hard drive or device until removed or disabled. The user’s web browser stores the cookie and sends it back to the website every time the user visits the website again. This allows us to remember the user’s preferences and activities, to authenticate access to parts of a site or Service and to provide a personalized experience for the user. Cookies can also be used to track a user’s activities on multiple websites, and to serve targeted advertisements or offers based on a user’s interests and browsing history. Some users may choose to disable cookies in their web browser settings, or to delete cookies that have been stored on their computer. ASD may also use temporary or “session” cookies that expire. If you simply want to browse, you do not have to accept cookies from the Site. Most browsers use default settings to accept and maintain cookies. A user is always free to personalize or even delete these settings based on their own preferences, though this may limit the user’s ability to access and utilize portions of the visited sites and their features and functions. If You’d like to delete Cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse Cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser.

Why and How We Use Your Personal Information

We feel it’s very important for you to understand why and how we might use your Personal Information. Some of the main reasons are as follows:
  • Basic business functionality: Sharing your Personal Information with us basically allows our sites, apps and Services to function in an expected manner in line with most websites and applications. It allows us to present, exchange and offer content, promotions and third party services to our users in a streamlined and secure manner.
  • Communication: Sharing your Personal Information allows ASD to securely identify and communicate with you via preferred channels, such as email, periodic newsletters, customer support chat and payments.
  • Security: Your securely stored information ensures we can quickly identify you as a registered or otherwise recognized user of our Services. This helps us to ensure we can distinguish legitimate users and deal with potential fraudulent behavior to safeguard that any transaction or interaction with ASD is safe and secure based on parameters such as your location and data that confirms you are indeed the person using our Services.
  • Ease of use: Sharing your Personal Information allows us to make your experience of the site more seamless, for example by storing basic access information
  • Research and Analysis: The information you share with us helps us better understand how users interact with the sites and Services and to continuously optimize our Services and your experience
  • Legal and regulatory obligations: Capturing permitted Personal Information allows ASD to adhere to strict regulatory requirements about how we engage with users and what Services might be offered to users in different national, state or other jurisdictions. We have a duty of care towards our users and the captured data helps us to fulfil such duties.
  • Personalization: In combination with many of the above points, sharing your Personal Information allows us to tailor and personalize your experience and preferences when engaging with us so that we can offer you content, advertising, offers and general Services and Products based on what you want to see and engage with.

Do We Share Your Information With External Companies?

In short, yes we do share certain Personal Information – often anonymized – with both affiliated and external parties. We may do this in several ways:
  • Within ASD: We may share your Personal Information between the various ASD Products, Services, sites, applications, affiliates and subsidiaries for business and security purposes and always aligned with your privacy rights.
  • Third Party Service Providers: Your Personal Information may sometimes be shared with external service providers that we use to facilitate our Products and Services, such as sportsbook affiliate platforms and programs, email providers, internet service providers, payment providers, marketing services providers, data analysis companies. We only share the information required in order for these companies to enable their services to us.
  • Marketing partners: ASD may, at times, launch marketing campaigns, promotions and similar activities with external marketing partners for general marketing, promotional or research purposes. Limited Personal Information may be shared with these partners in order to offer or co-promote offers to you.
  • Social Media platforms: Some of our Services include features that integrate or interact with common social media platforms and services (for example: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). If you access the Services using one of these social media platforms or provide us access to third-party services, we may receive information about you from those third parties such as account and profile data.
  • Legal Reasons: Where there is a legally justified basis, request or requirement from authorities (for example in the State of California) to share Personal Information regarding a specific person or persons, we may share such information. We also may retain or preserve Personal Information of users where we in good faith believe they are or may have been or are actively involved in some form of fraudulent or illegal engagement with ASD or our affiliates or generally where we have reason to believe that the user has not adhered to the Terms of Service associated with ASD Products and Services. We may also share or retain such information in order to be able to facilitate our responsibilities to enforce Responsible Gaming requirements in applicable jurisdictions.
  • Third party accounts linked to ASD: Should a user provide permission to a third party that is associated or linked to an ASD account, then we may collect data associated with those accounts on third-party platforms and services, including wagering data
  • Merger and Acquisitions: Should ASD be involved in a form of asset or corporate acquisition or (reverse) merger with another third party company, active or retained Personal Information may be shared or transferred as part of such a transaction assuming the rights and privacy of users shall be maintained. Where legally required, such a transfer may not be enacted without a user’s express permission and we shall seek such permissions accordingly from the user.
  • Polls, prizes, forums and public spaces: Partial or anonymized information may be published or displayed in such areas as message boards, forums or as part of announcements and communications made by users in such public forums.
Consent given: If not covered by any of the scenarios described in the Privacy Policy, where a user has given or is asked consent to share relevant Personal Information, we will assume such consent is freely given to ASD.

What If You Wish To Opt-Out Of Or Restrict Personal Information?

ASD always wishes to provide their users the choice to opt-out, unsubscribe, delete or otherwise change or limit the amount of Personal Information we retain or share with partners and third parties. ASD will, wherever possible, provide you with such options, for example via unsubscribe functions available via our email communications.
Unless there is a legal requirement for us to maintain your information, you always retain the right to contact us to discuss managing your Personal Information by contacting us at: [email protected]

United States and International Data Privacy Rights

ASD is a Unites States company that adheres to United States federal and state regulations. Your Personal Information is stored, used and processed in the United States with United States located servers.

California Privacy Rights

California residents have specific privacy rights. Under California law and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you may request that we:
  • Outline the categories of Personal Information ASD has collected or disclosed about you in the last twelve months; the categories of sources of such information; the business or commercial reasons for collecting or selling your Personal Information; and the categories of third parties with whom we shared personal information.
  • Give access to or provide a copy of certain information we hold about you.
  • Delete information we have about you.
  • Can provide you with information about the financial incentives that we offer to you (if any).
  • Permit California resident site users under California Civil Code Section § 1798.83 to request, once per year, that we disclose the identity of any third parties with whom we have shared personal information for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes within the previous calendar year, along with the type of personal information disclosed.
All our users have the right to not be discriminated against for exercising certain privacy rights. Some information may be exempt from such requests under applicable laws in order for ASD to adhere to such laws. For example, we need certain types of information so that we can provide the site and for compliance with applicable laws. By asking us to delete certain information, you may no longer be able to access or use the site in full or part.

Categories of Personal Information

ASD is required under the CCPA to provide “categories” of Personal Information we collect. These categories are as follows:
  • Identifying information: any form of information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked (directly or indirectly) with a particular consumer or household such as a real name, alias, postal address, unique personal identifier, online identifier, Internet Protocol address, email address, account name, social security number, driver’s license number, license plate number, passport number, or other similar identifiers
  • Transactional information: purchasing history data, wagering data, data associated with third party accounts and general transactional data
  • Financial information: credit or debit card information, credit checks, affordability information
  • Location information: Geolocation checks and look-ups
  • Recorded information: Permitted recorded calls, video calls, submitted IDs and other captured information, whether digitized or not.
You may find examples of these types of uses throughout our privacy policy. We may also use the categories of Personal Information for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Except as set forth herein, unless you have provided consent, ASD will not sell, rent or lease your Personal Information to third parties, or disclose your Personal Information to third parties for their own marketing purposes.

Sale of Personal Information

California residents may opt out of the “sale” of their personal information. Under the CCPA, sale is broadly defined such that it may include allowing third parties to collect or receive certain information, such as cookies, IP address, and/or browsing behavior, to deliver targeted advertising on the Services or other services. Advertising, including targeted advertising, enables us to provide you certain content for free and allows us to provide you offers relevant to you.
Depending on what Services you use, we may provide the following categories of personal information to third parties for these purposes:
  • For online targeted advertising purposes: demographic and statistical information, user-generated content, device information and identifiers, connection and usage data, geolocation, and social media information.
  • For sharing with third parties to send you relevant offers and promotions and opportunities: contact and registration information; demographic and statistical information, commercial data (such as transaction data and wager information), employment and education data, user-generated content, and geolocation.
If you would like to opt out of ASD’s use of your information for such purposes that are considered a “sale” under California law, or for any provision of California Law you may enquire, request clarification or seek amendments, deletions and adjustments by emailing us at: [email protected]

Notice For All United States Residents

Under many state laws, certain consumers may opt out of the sale of “personally identifiable information” for monetary consideration. While we typically do not engage in such sales, you may always submit a request to opt out of any potential future sales by submitting a request to: [email protected]
ID verification: ASD will always seek to verify your identify before fulfilling any requests.

General information

  • Links to third-party websites: Our Services may contain links to other websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those other websites, and we do not accept liability for the content of any other website. Please check the privacy policy of any other website before using and submitting any Personal Information to it.
  • Guarantees for your Personal Information: ASD cannot guarantee that the information you send to our sites and services via the Internet is completely secure. Any transmission of information, including Personal Information, is at your own risk. We are not responsible for circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on this site.
  • Protect your passwords and Personal Information: If a password is used to help protect your accounts and Personal Information, it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. Do not share this information with anyone. If you are sharing a computer with anyone, you should always log out before leaving a site or service to protect access to your information from subsequent users.
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy: ASD will periodically update this Privacy Policy to reflect necessary changes. Any material changes that may impact your legal rights will be communicated to you via email or other means, for example by a notice on the relevant sites or Products. Please refer to the bottom of this page last updates to this Privacy Policy.
  • Persons under 21: We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use Personal Information regarding persons under the age of 21 years of age. Such persons should not use our Products and Services without supervision from a responsible adult. We will never request Personal Information from a person under the age of 21 and do not seek patronage from such persons. If we become aware that a child under the age of 21 has sent Personal Information to us without prior parental consent, we will use reasonable efforts to remove his or her Personal Information from our files.

Keep us informed:

Please reach out to us with any questions or should you need to update us.
Emails and newsletters: Please update your profile information or let us know about changes to your email address.
General updates: At any time, please reach out to us with any changes by emailing us at [email protected]
Our address:
ALT Sports Data, Inc. 2130 So. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054
This Privacy Policy was updated on January 1, 2023. Please review our archived Privacy Policies here.