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Best Bets: WSL 2023 Rio Pro Pre-Event Odds

In a spectacular display of athletic prowess, Caroline Marks and Filipe Toledo emerged as champions of the Surf City El Salvador Pro. Marks, who hasn’t had a CT win since 2021, reasserted her dominance by overcoming formidable opponents, including World Champions Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright, to clinch the victory.
Reigning World Champion Filipe Toledo also had a remarkable showing, earning his 14th CT event win despite a back ailment. This win, Toledo’s second of the season, pushes him to 2nd in the world rankings, hot on the heels of the current leader, Griffin Colapinto.
With the El Salvador Pro behind us, the WSL now charts a course for the vibrant shores of Saquarema in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Rio Pro, a key event on the 2023 WSL Championship Tour, is known for its intense waves and the electric atmosphere created by passionate Brazilian surf fans. With some of the world’s top surfers squaring off for victory in this iconic Brazilian surf spot, a plethora of enticing betting opportunities are surfacing for those ready to catch the wave of this thrilling competition.
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Schedule and How to Watch Rio Pro 2023

The WSL Rio Pro event is set to take place from June 23 to July 1, 2023, in Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is scheduled to run daily from 3:00am to 3:00pm MST during the event dates. Fans can watch the event live on the World Surf League’s official website. If you’re considering placing surfing bets, remember to tune in to the action and look out for odds and pricing updates from NXTbets.

Best Bets and Picks for Men’s Rio Pro 2023

Event Winner Picks

Here are the top five picks for event winner:
Pick Event Winner Odds
John John Florence +250
Gabriel Medina +370
Jack Robinson +400
Filipe Toledo +550
Joao Chianca +900
Florence, who is leading the pack with odds of +250, is a strong favorite for the event. Considering his track record and his knack for dominating big-wave conditions, betting on Florence could pay off handsomely without venturing too far into risk territory.
Not far behind is the 2022 World Champion, Medina, followed by the Australian sensation, Jack Robinson, priced at +370 and +400, respectively. Both are looking to show out in Rio and offer decent returns should they come out on top.
Finally, Filipe Toledo, coming off an impressive victory at the El Salvador Pro, is valued at +550. Given his tenacity and the fact that he’s been moving up the rankings, Toledo might be an attractive long shot for those seeking a higher payoff

Opening Round Heat Winner Picks

The winners’ odds for the opening round heats are as follows:
Heat Favorite Heat Winner Odds
1 Ethan Ewing -340
2 Joao Chianca -600
3 Filipe Toledo -600
4 Griffin Colapinto -160
5 Gabriel Medina -370
6 Jack Robinson -270
7 John John Florence -375
8 Italo Ferreira -165

Head-to-Head Matchup Picks

Here are the best picks for head-to-head matchups:
Matchup Pick Odds
John John Florence vs. Gabriel Medina John John Florence -240
Griffin Colapinto vs. Ethan Ewing Griffin Colapinto -155
Joao Chianca vs. Italo Ferreira Joao Chianca -165

Outsider Bets for Men’s Rio Pro 2023

While the favorites garner much of the attention, there are always a few dark horses in the mix who could shake things up. Here are three such contenders who, while not boasting the best odds, could potentially deliver a pleasant surprise:
Pick Event Winner Odds
Italo Ferreira +950
Ethan Ewing +2100
Griffin Colapinto +2100
Italo Ferreira, with odds of +950, is an intriguing outsider pick. Despite being a wild card in this race, Ferreira’s explosive performances in previous events could translate into a surprise win. A $100 wager on Ferreira could yield a return of $950, making him an attractive proposition for those looking for a balance between risk and reward.
Ethan Ewing and Griffin Colapinto, each with odds of +2100, are also worth keeping an eye on. Both surfers have showcased their potential in various events. Ewing, with his precise surfing style, and Colapinto, who held onto the rankings lead despite a runner-up finish in El Salvador, could potentially disrupt the event. A $100 bet on either Ewing or Colapinto could net a handsome return of $2,100 should they pull off the upset.

Expert Pick for Men’s Rio Pro 2023

Our expert pick for the Men’s Rio Pro 2023 is Filipe Toledo (+550 Event Winner). Toledo, a Brazilian native, has shown considerable expertise in these waters, which might serve as a home advantage. Already boasting 14 Championship Tour wins, Toledo’s aggressive style and championship experience make him a formidable contender. His recent victory in El Salvador, dedicated to his mother on her birthday, highlights his emotionally charged performances. Coupled with his track record, with three victories in Brazil and two in J-Bay (the upcoming venues), Toledo is primed for success. While the odds might not favor him as the top pick, Toledo’s familiarity with the location, competitive drive, and personal motivation make him our standout choice for the Rio Pro 2023.

Best Bets and Picks for Women’s Rio Pro

Event Winner & Podium Finish Picks

Pick Event Winner Odds
Carissa Moore -275
Tyler Wright +550
Caroline Marks +675

Opening Round Heat Winner Picks

Heat Favorite Heat Winner Odds
1 Molly Picklum -115
2 Carissa Moore -605
3 Tyler Wright -313
4 Caroline Marks -180

Head-to-Head Matchup Picks

Matchup Pick Odds
Tyler Wright vs. Caroline Marks Tyler Wright -145
Carissa Moore vs. Caroline Marks Carissa Moore -341
Carissa Moore vs. Tyler Wright Carissa Moore -323
Stephanie Gilmore vs. Tatiana Weston-Webb Stephanie Gilmore -150
Tyler Wright vs. Molly Picklum Tyler Wright -344
Tatiana Weston-Webb vs. Lakey Peterson Tatiana Weston-Webb -148
Caroline Marks vs. Molly Picklum Caroline Marks -228
Stephanie Gilmore vs. Lakey Peterson Stephanie Gilmore -153

Outsider Bets for Women’s Rio Pro

While the favorites often command the spotlight, there are always a few dark horses in the mix. Here are three athletes with longer odds that might surprise us:
Pick Event Winner Odds
Molly Picklum +900
Stephanie Gilmore +3000
Tatiana Weston-Webb +5300
Our first outsider pick is Molly Picklum, with odds of +900. Picklum, an emerging talent from Australia, has shown flashes of brilliance in her early career, and a win here could be her breakthrough moment.
Next up, we have Stephanie Gilmore with odds of +3000. Gilmore, an eight-time World Champion, is always a threat, and despite her longer odds, her experience and competitive prowess make her a viable candidate for a surprise win.
Finally, we have Tatiana Weston-Webb at +5300. Born in Brazil, she could leverage her knowledge of the local conditions and crowd support to her advantage, potentially delivering a surprise victory at the Rio Pro. As outsiders, these athletes offer a potentially higher return on investment, making them worthy considerations for any bettor looking to take a calculated risk.

Expert Pick for Women’s Rio Pro

The expert pick for the Women’s Rio Pro 2023 is Tyler Wright. Despite not being the top favorite, Wright’s form and consistency throughout the season make her a compelling contender. She has held onto the No.2 spot in the world rankings and has made four finals appearances this year, including a commendable runner-up finish at the recent Surf City El Salvador Pro. Her dynamic performance against eight-time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, which led her to the finals in El Salvador, is testament to her competitive spirit. Wright’s determination to make her debut at the Rip Curl WSL Finals and her adaptability to varying conditions align well with the expected conditions in Rio, making her a promising pick for the event win

Where to Bet on Rio Pro 2023

Ready to place your bets? Head over to our partner BetFred for the best odds and promotions. For an in-depth look at the ins and outs of Surf betting, check out NXTbets’ Official Surf Betting Guide. Remember to bet responsibly and enjoy the thrill of the competition. Happy betting!
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