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Betting on the Edge: Unveiling the Thrills of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC)

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Key Takeaways
  • Bare knuckle fighting championship is a fast-rising sport in the American sports industry.
  • Many punters still need to grasp the rules of BKFC and the most successful betting strategies.
  • Punters need to learn emotional resilience and risk management in gambling.
  • Technology and social media play a key role in BKFC betting.
A flurry of thoughts probably crosses your mind when watching bare knuckle fights. It is one of those things you find yourself questioning their legality. Think about it; wouldn’t you wonder whether two people fighting with their bare fists (while stripped to the waist) is allowed? It is just one of those things you feel like you should be alert incase the local authorities come knocking.
It is even a lot more worrisome for those who are considering placing bets on BKFC events. They are certainly wondering whether it is legal and would love to acquaint themselves with the relevant regulations. In addition to the brutal and fast-paced fistfight becoming the latest darling to American sports fans, people can now bet on all BKFC fights!
This blog provides in-depth insights into the world of BKFC. That includes what bare knuckle fighting entails; its evolution, rules & regulations, shows, and BKFC betting.

The Rise of Bare Knuckle Fighting

A few years ago, one man dared to dream. The dream was to stage the first ever public bare knuckle fight since the 1800s. That man was David Feldman, the founder and president of BKFC. After years of planning and lobbying to acquire the necessary sanctions, Feldman finally staged the first official bare knuckle fighting championship in June 2018 at the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center. Two MMA veterans, Tony Lopez and Joey Beltran, delivered a blood-soaked and thrilling five-round match, the first of many. Even though Beltran carried the day following a unanimous decision, the real winner on that day was David Feldman.
You should know that bare knuckle fighting wasn’t legal even in the 1800s. Being able to stage such a fight publicly and with the approval of state regulators is tremendous. Let alone being able to bet on BKFC shows freely! That’s how big the win was for Feldman and other BKFC enthusiasts.
Before we go on and on about BKFC events and betting, let’s delve into the components that make bare knuckle fighting different. How is BKFC different from traditional boxing?

Evolution From Traditional Boxing

To some, bare knuckle fighting is just a typical fistfight between two people, whereas some identify it as a form of boxing. Regardless of how you look at it, you can’t downplay the fact that it is an archaic form of boxing.
The traditional boxing, where the fighters wear gloves, has often been compared to bare knuckle boxing. The obvious difference between the two sports is that in boxing the fighters wear gloves that fully cover their hands, whereas in BKFC fighters wear gloves or bandages that only cover their wrists and palms. The maximum protection for a typical boxer means that they emphasize on power and speed when fighting. On the other hand, a bare knuckle fighter has to focus on accuracy and preservation because their hands are less protected.
In the earlier days of humankind, men would fight to the death using their bare knuckles. The only thought that crossed the minds of the fighters was victory thoughts. That explains why those fights were combative and intense. As mentioned above, bare knuckle boxing has been reintroduced into the American sports industry and is fast gaining popularity. People certainly love the thrill of seeing two men or women going at it with their bare fists. It is arguably the best way to measure raw power and strength compared to other physical activities.
If you are encountering ‘bare knuckle fighting’ for the first time, you are probably thinking of ‘street fights.’ Maybe you are comparing it to barefoot soccer played in the streets of Brazil. Well, not to burst your bubble, but bare knuckle fighting slightly differs from typical street fighting. Whereas street fights involve utilizing various weapons to injure your opponent, bare knuckle boxing is more natural, with two people throwing hands at each other. The sport also has rules which prohibit certain tactics and techniques. One would argue that it is a refined and regulated street fight.

BKFC Rules and Regulations

Considering how difficult it was for Feldman to get the relevant sanctions from the state regulators, the sport certainly has some special rules. One of the concerns of the regulators was whether the sport would guarantee minimum bloodshed and zero deaths. Even though it is an edge-of-the-seat sport, it can also be dangerous and fatal.
  • Hand wrapping and taping– fighters can wrap and tape their mid-hand, thumbs, and wrists. But they have to ensure that the gauze or tape does not go within one (1) inch of their knuckles.
  • Positioning at the start of fights – fighting begins when the referee instructs fighters to ‘knuckle up,’ which means to begin the round. Before then, the fighters are expected to ‘toe the line.’ There are two (2) lines (three feet apart) at the center of the ring – this is where the fight begins. The fighters place their front foot on the line before the referee begins the bout.
  • Striking – Only punches are allowed. There is no grappling, kicking, or using elbows and knees.
  • Clinching – Fighters can use open hands to punch out of a clinch. However, the referee is required to break the fighters if there is a pause in action for three (3) seconds.
  • Knockdowns – If a fighter does not get up within ten (10) seconds of getting down, the referee will stop the fight. A fighter can’t hit a downed opponent – doing so will result in disqualification and potential withholding of their purse. While the opponent is down, the other fighter should report to a neutral area.
  • Cuts and bleeding – The referee may issue a 30-second timeout when a fighter has a cut, and the bleeding is impairing his or her vision. The fighter is expected to resume fighting within or after the lapse of the timeout. Failure to stop the bleeding (if it still curtails the fighter’s vision) will result in the referee ending the fight and awarding victory to the opponent.
  • Duration of fights – Each bout goes for five (5) rounds that last for a maximum of two (2) minutes each.
  • Attire – All fighters must wear protective gear such as a mouthpiece, boxing trunks, boxing shoes, and a groin protector with a cup.
  • Sportsmanship – Just like any other sport, the fighters are expected to behave like sportsmen while giving 100% effort.

Newly Approved Rules for BKFC

Rules and regulations are always revised and amended as the entities or people governed by those rules grow. The same goes for BKFC; the sport is rapidly expanding as it gains popularity amongst sports buffs, hence the recent enactment of new unified rules.
The changes, as approved by the Association of Boxing Commission, introduce new aspects of bare knuckle fighting, including extended duration of fights, permitted & prohibited techniques, and weight classes. Introducing new rules aims to make the world’s fastest-growing sport more interesting.
The approved unified rules include the following:
  • Promoters will be allowed to schedule two or three-minute rounds in different bouts depending on the experience, physical condition, records, and skill levels of the fighters. The objective is to make the fights more competitive and flexible. However, female fights will not be allowed to go beyond two-minute rounds to ensure fairness and safety of participants.
  • Three judges will evaluate all bouts based on a point scoring system (ten-point system). The evaluation will be based on effective aggressiveness, control, and striking.
  • In determining whether a strike is effective, the judges will look at the ramifications of legal strikes landed. Effective aggressiveness will be assessed based on the fighter’s efforts to conclude a fight, whereas the control time will consider which fighter dictated the pace, position, and place of the bout.
  • An increase in the weight classes of BKFC from the existing ten to thirteen to enhance competitiveness while also maintaining fairness.
  • The regulating commission will be empowered to dictate which sports drinks or substances are allowed or prohibited during events. Fighters will be required to uphold the commission’s rules, including avoiding the use of alcohol, drugs, and performance-enhancing substances.
  • Bouts for professionals debuting the sport will be limited to four rounds (two minutes each).

Understanding BKFC Betting Odds

If you are worried about how you’ll place bets on your favorite BKFC fighter, then you’ve come to the right place. You must understand how the sportsbook odds work before placing bets on BKFC events.
Like traditional boxing and UFC betting, the odds in BKFC betting also represent the probability of a particular outcome occurring. For context, if you bet $100 on Eddie Alvarez to beat Mike Perry at +200 odds, you’ll receive a profit of $200 plus your initial $100 stake (if Eddie Alvarez wins).

BKFC Betting Markets

You must first explore all available markets to find the most suitable ones. You can place several types of BKFC bets aside from the obvious overall winner. The options include:
  • Fight winner market (moneyline) – This is where you just place your bet on your preferred fighter and hope for a win.
  • Method of victory – This option allows you to choose how the fight will be determined; will it be a doctor’s stoppage or knockout, or will it go to the judges’ scorecard? For instance, you can bet on a knockout going down in the match between Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez. Always check the fighters’ knockout percentage if you choose to go with a knockout.
  • Over/Under – This market lets you place bets on the number of rounds in a particular bout. For example, you can bet on a fight to end in under 3 rounds.

Best BKFC Sportsbooks

Now that you are well acquainted with the BKFC betting odds and markets, the next step is placing your bets. How can you bet on your favorite BKFC matchup? NXTbets has partnered with several credible and legitimate sportsbooks to make your betting experience seamless. All you need to do is get to their sites, register, deposit your preferred amount, then place your bets!
As a new sport yet to peak, few sportsbooks feature BKFC odds. Nonetheless, amongst those that offer the odds, DraftKings stands out.

DraftKings Sportsbook

If you are a regular punter, then you definitely know all about DraftKings. The sportsbook is featured in approximately twenty states, making it one of the top sportsbooks in the US. It is known for its awesome and seamless Android and iOS app, fantastic bonuses, and competitive odds.
DraftKings offers odds for all BKFC events; this is something that not many sportsbooks do. The BKFC odds are incredible and feature all bet types from fight winners to over/under and method of victory markets. The best part about this sportsbook is that it features a free $1000 BKFC pool where participants win cash prizes just by providing correct answers before the featured bare knuckle fight begins.

Top BKFC Fighters and Their Impact on Betting

The best place to start if you are a newbie in BKFC betting is by looking at the profiles of all the BKFC fighters. These are publicly provided on the BKFC website, and it includes the bare knuckle champions plus their performance metrics.

Current Bare Knuckle Champions

Heavyweight Champion
  • Mick Terrill
  • Bare knuckle record: 7-1-0
Cruiserweight Champion
  • Lorenzo Hunt
  • Bare knuckle record: 11-1-0
Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Lorenzo Hunt
  • Bare knuckle record: 11-1-0
Middleweight Champion
  • David Mundell
  • Bare knuckle record: 8-1-0
Welterweight Champion
  • Gorjan Slaveski
  • Bare knuckle record: 6-0-0
Lightweight Champion
  • Luis Palomino
  • Bare knuckle record: 9-0-0
Featherweight Champion
  • Kai Stewart
  • Bare knuckle record: 5-0-0
Bantamweight Champion
  • Keith Richardson
  • Bare knuckle record: 4-0-0
Men Flyweight Champion
  • John Dodson
  • Bare knuckle record: 3-0-0
Women Flyweight Champion
  • Christine Ferea
  • Bare knuckle record: 8-1-0
Strawweight Champion
  • Britain Hart
  • Bare knuckle record: 8-3-0
Pound For Pound Champion
  • Luis Palomino
  • Bare knuckle record: 9-0-0

Key Elements to Consider When Betting on BKFC

More often than not, people tend to bet on existing champions to win subsequent fights. But it is not always obvious that the champion will retain their title. Bare knuckle fighting, like other sports, is not exempt from the ‘element of surprise’ or the ‘unexpected.’ Sometimes, an underdog (as we have seen repeatedly in the sports arena) can cause a great upset.
There are no specific strategies that will guarantee a sure win. However, the following tips might increase your chances of winning:
  • Placing knockout bets on heavyweight matches – It is pretty much common knowledge that the human head is not strong enough to take a heavyweight’s punch. If a heavyweight lands a punch on the opponent’s head, the fight is more likely to end via a knockout.
  • Betting on ‘over’ for lightweight fights – Unlike heavyweights, lightweights don’t pack a heavy punch. These are matches that could go on for several rounds because none of the fighters can knock out the opponent with just a punch.
  • Bet on fighters with strong jaws – Knockouts are quite common in bare knuckle boxing because blocking is much more difficult unlike in regular boxing. That means fighters with iron-strong jaws like Mike Perry could easily take punches on their heads without getting knocked out.
  • Never rule out veterans – It is common for young upcoming fighters to edge out older boxers in boxing. However, it is not always obvious that the veterans will lose the fight. These people have accumulated years of fighting experience and are always favorites to win!

How to Prepare for BKFC Betting

Understanding the odds and the tricks that might work is not enough for a beginner to rack up wins from BKFC betting. Some other basic tips that will improve your chances of winning are:
  • Prior research – some people tend to jump into betting on new sports, hoping that they may rack up wins before sportsbooks adjust their odds to reflect the participants’ potential accurately. But this may not always work, considering these are professionals who previously participated in sports like UFC, MMA, boxing, or wrestling. Before placing bets on them, you should familiarize yourself with their fighting styles and records.
  • Have a strict betting budget – Betting can be quite addictive, and if you are not careful you might find yourself mismanaging your bankroll. Try to have an account that funds your betting activities only so that you manage your bankroll.
  • Monitor experts’ predictions – Most of the time, experts’ predictions are not far from the actual outcome. Try to keep track of what trainers, pundits, and former bare knuckle fighters are saying about the upcoming fights.
  • Keep an eye on odds changes – Odds tend to fluctuate from the initial time they are released up to the time the fight actually happens. Sometimes, the signs you need to bet on a particular fighter are in those odds.
The tips mentioned above, with the help of a little luck, will help you place strategic bets and maybe turn you into a massive winner!

Notable BKFC Events and Their Betting Impact

There are factors that are always crucial ahead of certain BKFC fights. For instance, head-to-head records, fighting styles, and skill level. You should always pay attention to such factors before betting on BKFC events.
However, sometimes upsets happen even if these factors favor a particular fighter. At other times, the factors prevail and dictate the outcome of the matches.
Let’s look at some of the past BKFC events, the commentaries ahead of the fights, and the outcomes.

Lightweight Matchup: Jeremy Stephens versus Jimmie Rivera

Experts advised punters to go for Stephens, whose odds were +120 against Rivera’s -150. The explanation behind this was that Stephens offers a balance of higher rewards at lower risk. The fighter is seen as a potent threat in BKFC due to his raw power and vast experience against top fighters. He is also famed for his ability to adapt to different combat styles as well as his knockout potential.
On the other hand, while Rivera is deemed to be a master tactician, experts couldn’t foresee a situation where he’d be able to keep up with Stephens’ explosive power. And true to their prediction, Jeremy Stephens won this fight. It was a good day in the office for those keen on the experts’ pick.

Heavyweight Championship Bout: Arnold Adams versus Mick Terrill

If predictions and betting odds are anything to go by, then this fight was an upset amongst BKFC fans. Adams, whose odds stood at -145 against Terrill’s +130 prior to the fight, lost through a fourth-round knockout. The fight also saw Mick Terrill being awarded the knockout of the night.
Before this fight, Adams was seen as the favorite due to his power & endurance, proven skill set, and ability to come back during fights. Terrill, on the other hand, was seen as an underdog with recent exemplary performances and an outstanding kickboxing background. All indicators favored Adams to win this fight, hence the low betting odds. However, Terrill’s determination and striking finesse carried the day.

Heavyweight Matchup: Ben Moa versus Bridger Bercier

Unlike the other two fights, this matchup is an example of experience carrying the day. From the onset, Ben Moa’s odds of -255 (against Bercier’s +205) favored him to win the fight. He is known for his superb early knockout record and great physicality. Bercier, an underdog looking to establish himself in the new sport, did not stand a chance against Moa, and the outcome of the fight reflected the expected result.

Legal and Ethical Considerations in BKFC Betting

The internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of life, and sports betting has not been left behind. The days of placing wagers by handing over actual cash to bookmakers and bettings are long gone. These days, you can bet on any sporting activity from the comfort of your smartphone as long as you have internet connectivity. There are numerous sportsbooks that offer online sports betting with a variety of betting markets.
However, the prevalence of online betting also raises certain legal and ethical concerns. Are there enough regulations to govern this complex area? How can the state protect children from gambling?

Legal Implications

Online sports betting is an area that keeps evolving; the legal implications vary across different countries. There are countries where sports betting is illegal and can attract criminal charges. In the US, some states have legalized gambling on the Internet, whereas other states still prohibit betting altogether due to legal and ethical concerns such as potential avenues for criminal activities and underage gambling.
BKFC betting is legal in most US states and regulated by the respective state governments. As mentioned earlier, when Feldman first came up with the idea to introduce bare knuckle fighting shows, he had to lobby various state regulators to approve the new sport. In the process, the state regulators undertook to ensure that certain regulations were adhered to – including gambling laws. Most states in the US require bettors to be at least 21 years of age before engaging in gambling activities. BKFC betting, being a form of gambling, is regulated by the same laws.

Ethical Considerations

One of the greatest ethical concerns surrounding any form of gambling is the possibility of addiction. Gambling addiction is a global problem, and sports betting is the worst when it comes to addiction since it appeals to the emotions of sports fans. Think about a situation where someone has placed a bet on his or her favorite BKFC fighter. This person will always be betting on the same participant as he or she roots for the fighter to win. The emotional investment in the fight is the major cause of addiction.

Match Fixing

Match fixing is a problem that has plagued the sports industry for many years. The potential of match-fixing in BKFC events can’t be entirely ruled out. Coaches, fighters, and officials could be tempted to preempt the outcome of a fight so that they can win their bets. This will, in turn, greatly undermine the integrity of the sport. The BKFC organizers must ensure that proper measures are taken to prevent match-fixing and anyone caught engaging in the act should be heavily punished.
Nonetheless, the role that sportsbooks play in sports cannot be understated. You have definitely seen some of them featured as sponsors. If they can also promote responsible gambling and adherence to regulatory guidelines, then some of the legal and ethical concerns could be minimized.

Technological Advances in BKFC Betting

The fact that you can place bets effortlessly from the comfort of your house, car, office, or anywhere you wish is a testament to the incredible technological advances. We all know that you had to go to a betting shop to bet on your favorite team or participant back in the day. But right now, there are many online sportsbooks with specialized apps and sites that enable you to bet at any time from anywhere!
In addition to the convenience, technology has also led to the introduction of numerous betting markets, promotions, and bonuses to motivate punters. That is not even the ebay of it yet. Did you know that you can place live bets using online sportsbooks? This allows you to assess the fights first before settling on one betting market.
Talking of assessing the fights first, technology has also brought artificial intelligence, data analytics, and complex systems that allow bookmakers to easily set competitive odds that accurately reflect the anticipated outcomes.

BKFC Betting and Social Media Influence

According to evidence-based studies, social media advertising has made gambling more appealing, especially to young people. BKFC being a new sport, there isn’t much information to rely on for those looking to bet on their events. Other than predictions by experts, another popular way of researching and assessing the best betting picks is commentaries by different fan sites and accounts across various social media platforms.
More often than not, you’ll see some of those accounts also engaging in influencer marketing for different sportsbooks. The trend usually involves a social media influencer marketing a BKFC event by giving the participants’ profiles and records while at the same time mentioning a particular sportsbook and their odds for the two fighters.

Common Challenges Faced by BKFC Punters

There are two common challenges that cut across all BKFC punters:
  1. BKFC is a new sport, meaning punters have little information to rely on when betting on the events.
  2. The emotional attachment to their favorite fighters can result in addiction through frequent placement of bets.
  3. Lack of risk management, which may result in significant losses.

How to Mitigate the Challenges

  1. BKFC being a new sport does not mean that there is no information at all. Bettors can look at the fighters’ previous records. That also includes the records from other sports since the fighters are mostly professionals who have previously engaged in other boxing or fighting sports.
  2. Emotional resilience in gambling is a crucial trait that punters need to develop. When betting on BKFC events, you need to ask yourself, can you handle the outcome of the event? Or will you be irrational enough to bet on upcoming events instantly to recover your lost money?
  3. The essence of risk management is to minimize the potential losses by bettors. It limits the amount of money you use to place bets and allows you to make the best choices. Effective risk management strategies are:
    • Pre-set limit of the amount you can wager on BKFC events.
    • Keeping bettings records for future reference.
    • Taking intermittent breaks from all betting activities.
    • Having reasonable expectations – remember that not every bet will always be successful.

Future Trends in BKFC Betting

There are not many future trends in BKFC betting, considering that most (if not all) sportsbooks have adapted to the technological advancements in gambling. This ranges from online betting to parlay events, loyalty programs, and live betting. However, one notable future trend that might be a possibility is the introduction of cryptocurrency as a payment method. It could be a stretch, but we can’t rule that out yet. The purpose is to promote privacy and security for BKFC punters while ensuring faster withdrawal of winnings.


Bare knuckle fighting is a thrilling sport that is becoming increasingly popular. It is not yet up there compared to sports like UFC, MMA, Wrestling, or even the traditional boxing, but there are signs of progress. If you are looking to bet on BKFC events, this guide offers you sufficient information and strategies on all you need to know about BKFC betting. Above all, ensure you adhere to the gambling rules and regulations and maintain responsible betting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any specific strategies for successful BKFC betting?

The strategies provided in this blog should be able to secure you a couple of wins. However, keep in mind that there are no set strategies that will guarantee you 100% success in BKFC betting.

Who are the top BKFC fighters to watch for in terms of betting?

Aside from the current champions we have listed in this blog, other BKFC fighters you should also watch out for are:
  • Mike Perry
  • Jeremy Stephens
  • Ben Moa

How do I calculate implied probability from BKFC betting odds?

There are two instances when calculating implied probability when using American odds:
Negative Odds
Implied probability = negative odds/(negative odds + 100) * 100
Positive Odds
Implied probability = 100/(positive odds + 100) * 100

What is the impact of fighter injuries on BKFC betting outcomes?

Where the outcome has not yet been determined, a ‘no contest’ will be declared, all bets become void, and bettors are refunded. On the other hand, if the market has already been determined, then the bet stands.

Can I bet on specific rounds or outcomes in BKFC matches?

You can only bet on the total number of rounds in the fight, how the fight will end, or who will win the fight.

Are there any statistical models or algorithms available for BKFC betting predictions?

Algorithms or statistical models are just strategies developed by certain individuals who try to understand sports betting. But then the uncertainty of matches makes the fights unpredictable by individuals or any existing algorithms. ALT Sports Data recently secured a partnership to provide betting data and analytics on BKFC events; you can check out their statistical models.

Where to Bet on the 2024 F1 Championship

With our in-depth analysis and expert insights, you’re equipped to make strategic betting decisions. Visit our partner sportsbooks to access special deals that will elevate your betting experience as you anticipate the upcoming fights. As the excitement builds for the 2024 season, seize the opportunity to place your futures wagers and be part of the action from the very beginning. Join us at NXTbets as we dive deep into the world of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship betting.
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