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How and Where to Bet on Nitrocross Online

As if anyone needed another reason to watch Nitrocross. Now, with the addition of our partnership with DraftKings, you’ll now be able to bet on your favorite drivers and races. Here’s how and where to get started with online rally race betting, plus a few things you should know and consider before making your first bet.

Where to bet on Nitrocross

To place your first online Nitrocross bet, you’ll need an online sportsbook account. There are often lots to choose from, and one of the most popular approaches is to create accounts with all of them. This is because some sportsbooks will offer different signup, deposit, or welcome bonuses, which are a nice incentive when you’re just starting out. Not only that, some sportsbooks will offer different odds or betting options, so it’s beneficial to have a few places to choose from, especially when you’re quickly looking to make a wager.
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If you’re looking to wager on Nitrocross, check out our Partner Sportsbooks. They are the first books to offer bets on Nitrocross, and as betting on the sport becomes more distributed we’ll continue to add additional sportsbooks carrying the Nitrocross odds.

Types of sports bets to make on nitrocross

Nitrocross Futures Bets

Futures are bets you can make well in advance of an event or overall competitions or tournaments. Also known as Outrights, Futures betting markets cover events days, weeks, or months before they take place. Winning these kinds of wagers is a bit difficult since so many things can change before the event happens, such as cancelations, athlete or team updates, or even injuries. That being said, a futures bet can have a significant payoff if you get it right, making these types of online bets one of the most popular.

Nitrocross Overall Winner Bets

For most races, the main type of wager available is simply to choose the overall winner for the entire event.

Nitrocross Top 3 Bets

Sometimes, instead of choosing just an overall winner, betting sites will let you wager on the top three competitors. Naturally, this is particularly common in events that have a race format, like rally. Though you’re still pretty likely to run into it during other types of competition, too.

Nitrocross Prop Bets

When you place a prop wager, you are simply betting on something that is unrelated to the final outcome of the event. Right now, proposition bets for nitrocross races are not super popular. However, as the sport continues to grow and gain notoriety, it’s possible that prop bets will become more commonplace – especially in unique circumstances such as Nitrocross. For example, you could bet on when someone will take their joker lap.

Nitrocross Head-to-head Bets

In this type of bet, you’re simply choosing between two athletes and deciding which one will perform the best. This opens up a ton of possibilities instead of just focusing on the overall event winner. Often times these pairings are set beforehand by the sportsbooks. Then it’s up to you to make the call in terms of which one you think will come out on top.

Strategies and things to consider when betting on nitrocross

Obviously there are a ton of factors that go into who emerges victorious at rally car events. What we can do is provide stats and odds to help you along the way, as well as some things to consider.

Know the drivers

The driver is arguably the most important part of winning a race. Drivers who are not only able to maintain speed and post fast lap times but also do it consistently and avoid mistakes are flat-out more likely to win.

Teams and cars

A well-prepared car with the right setup can make a big difference in a nitrocross event. The car’s suspension, tires, and power delivery are key factors to consider when predicting a winner. Teams and drivers who have experience with a particular type of car, or who have spent more time preparing for the event, are more likely to perform well.

Weather and track conditions

The conditions on the track can have a big impact on the outcome of a nitrocross event. Drivers who are able to adapt to changing weather and track conditions, such as rain or mud, may have an advantage over those who struggle to maintain control in these conditions. Additionally, the track layout, with its various obstacles, can also play a big role in determining the winner.

Experience and strategy

Experience also plays a big role in predicting a winner. Drivers with more experience in Nitrocross events are better equipped to handle the challenges of the sport and can apply that knowledge to their driving. Additionally, the strategy of the team and driver can also make a big impact, for example, the choice of the joker lap and how to use it can give a big advantage to the driver. Furthermore, drivers familiar with their local circuits will have a distinct head-start against their fellow competitors.

Nitrocross events & formats

In the most common nitrocross event format, drivers compete in a series of heats, with the fastest drivers advancing to the final race. During each heat, drivers must navigate the course as quickly as possible while competing with other drivers and multiple obstacles throughout. At the end of the event, the driver with the fastest overall time is declared the winner.


Nitrocross is one of the most recognizable events in rallycross, and for good reason. Each track is custom-designed and built to provide one-of-a-kind experiences for both drivers and fans. Course layouts are more challenging and technical, featuring bigger jumps that can reach over 100 feet, as well as tighter corners, and more. The athlete list is a powerful lineup of global superstars racing in spectacular locations around the world.
Not just stopping there, in 2022, Nitro RX continued to progress the sport by unveiling the next generation of electric race cars.
Some Nitrocross events also feature a “Joker Lap” rule which mandates that drivers complete an alternate route on the track once per race, which is typically longer and more challenging. This often allows other drivers to make up time and potentially advance in the standings.
At the end of each heat, points are awarded based on the position of the drivers in each race, with the overall winner determined by the driver who has accumulated the most points throughout the event.