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The Best Action Sports Events and Series for Online Betting

Action sports have become increasingly popular among fans in recent years, and with the rise of online sports betting, these events have become even more exciting to watch. Here are some of the most thrilling action sports events that currently allow online sports betting:

Nitro Rallycross

This high-octane rallycross event is a fan favorite, featuring some of the top drivers in the world racing on a mix of dirt and asphalt tracks. With unique tracks featuring mandatory jumps, this event is a thrilling spectacle for motorsports fans. Nitro Rallycross has become one of the most exciting events to watch and bet on in recent years, with a strong following of fans and a roster of elite drivers competing in each race. Fans can place bets on individual drivers, the overall winner of the event, and more.

World Surf League

Surfing is one of the most popular action sports in the world, and the World Surf League (WSL) is the premier professional surfing competition. The WSL features the world’s best surfers competing on some of the most iconic waves around the globe. Fans can bet on individual heats and the overall winner of each event. With high stakes and intense competition, the World Surf League is a must-watch for any surfing fan.

Street League Skateboarding

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) is the world’s premier skateboarding competition, featuring the world’s top street skaters competing on a custom-designed course. With high-flying tricks and gravity-defying stunts, SLS is a true spectacle for skateboarding fans. Fans can bet on individual skaters or the overall winner of the event. SLS has become a popular event for both hardcore skateboarding fans and casual viewers, with its exciting format and elite talent.

Formula Drift

Formula Drift is a popular motorsport that features drivers competing in high-performance cars, drifting around tight corners and obstacles. The sport has gained a following in recent years, with a growing number of fans tuning in to watch drivers push their cars to the limit. Fans can place bets on individual drivers or the overall winner of the event. With its fast-paced action and skilled drivers, Formula Drift is an exciting sport to watch and bet on.

There’s more to come!

There are obviously plenty of other action sports events that could be exciting to watch and bet on once odds are offered by sportsbooks. Here are a few that we think could be particularly interesting.
If you’re into mountain biking, Red Bull Rampage features some of the world’s best mountain bikers competing on massive outdoor courses is a top contender for a new addition to the world of sports betting.
Professional bull riding, aka PBR, could be a fantastic addition to the options out there currently on sportsbooks. This event sees riders trying to stay on top of bucking bulls for as long as possible.
We of course have to mention the Winter X Games, which showcases some of the best snowboarders and skiers in the world competing at the highest level in multiple events such as halfpipe and slopestyle. It goes without saying that both Summer and Winter X would make for fantastic action sports events to place bets on.
For those who are fans of the two-wheeled variety of motorsports, don’t worry, we will have you covered. Both Motocross and Supercross are on the list of events to be added to sportsbooks soon, as well. We’ve detailed out everything you need to know in order to bet on MX and SX as well.
There are also new twists on traditional sports such as the Major Arena Soccer League, which features fast-paced, high-scoring soccer matches played on a smaller, indoor field.
Online sports betting has made watching action sports even more exciting than before. From high-speed rallycross to thrilling surf competitions, there are plenty of exciting events to enjoy, with more soon on the way.

Where to Bet on Action Sports Online

To get started with betting on action sports online, you’ll need an account with a sportsbook that offers these types of bets. There are a few to choose from, check out our Sportsbook Partner Offers now.
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