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Best Bets: 2024 Supercross Indianapolis Pre-Event Odds Analysis

Best Bets: 2024 Supercross Indianapolis Pre-Event Odds Analysis

The ninth round of the Supercross Championship in Birmingham brought not just the thrill of high-speed competition, but also a revealing glimpse into the evolving dynamics of this fiercely contested season. Jett Lawrence’s dominance was undisputed, as he effortlessly navigated the rain-affected track to clinch victory, while Cooper Webb faced an unprecedented challenge that saw him narrowly avoiding a collision with a trackside official. Ken Roczen’s relentless pursuit for the podium showcased the depth of talent in the field, making it clear that the championship is far from decided.

As we turn our sights to Indianapolis for Round 10, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Lawrence appears to be in control, yet the competition remains tight with Webb, Roczen, and a surging Justin Cooper hot on his heels. The track conditions in Indianapolis, coupled with the athletes’ heightened focus in the latter half of the season, promise an event filled with strategic battles and heart-stopping moments.

In our upcoming betting analysis, we’ll delve into how Birmingham’s outcomes influence the odds for Indianapolis, examining the nuances that could tip the scales. From Lawrence’s tactical mastery to Webb’s resilience and the potential dark horse performances, we’ll provide bettors with insights into where the smart money could be. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at what promises to be another electrifying round of Supercross action.

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Schedule and How to Watch Supercross Indianapolis 2024

The next stop in the Supercross series takes us to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN, on March 16, 2024 at 3:30 EDT. This event, the 10th of 17 regular season rounds, promises to be a pivotal moment in the championship race, offering riders a chance to make their mark in one of the season’s key battles. If you can’t be there in person, you can catch all the action-packed races of the 2024 Supercross Championship live on Peacock, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of this exhilarating season.

For those interested in betting, keep your eye on NXTbets for real-time odds and pricing updates throughout the season.

Odds Subject to Change

Please note, the odds provided herein reflect the raw probability odds for this analysis and are based on the information available at the time of publishing. Different sportsbooks may adjust these odds based on market conditions, bettor behaviors, and other factors that could influence the betting landscape. For a deeper understanding of why odds for alternative sports betting change and how it might affect your betting strategy, we encourage you to read our detailed article: Why Do Alternative Sports Betting Odds Change?. Make informed decisions and always check the latest odds with your sportsbook before placing bets.

Best Bets and Picks for Supercross Indianapolis 2024

Top Picks and Bets for Supercross Indianapolis 2024

As we approach the Indianapolis event, focus sharpens on the leading contenders who have showcased exceptional skill and determination throughout the season. Their mastery and form set the stage for what promises to be a fiercely competitive race.


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Jett Lawrence



Eli Tomac



Ken Roczen




Jett Lawrence‘s dominance in Birmingham, securing his fourth win of the season, showcased not just his raw talent but a maturity beyond his rookie status. His victory, achieved under the added challenge of rain-soaked conditions, solidified his position as the favorite for Indianapolis at odds of -323. Lawrence’s ability to navigate and adapt to the demanding track conditions in Birmingham speaks volumes about his readiness for the challenges that Indianapolis will bring. His consistent performance this season, underscored by his leadership in the standings, makes him a prime candidate for bettors looking for reliability and the excitement of supporting a phenomenal rookie campaign.

Eli Tomac, listed at +970 odds, brings a narrative of resilience and seasoned expertise. His performance in Birmingham, overcoming a challenging start to fight his way up, encapsulates the grit and determination that define his racing style. Currently 4th in the standings, Tomac’s season has been punctuated by a series of strong performances, including four second-place finishes that showcase his competitive edge, though notably lacking a statement win. For bettors, Tomac represents a high-reward option, leveraging his knack for mounting comebacks and his potential to leverage experience into his first victory of the season in Indianapolis.

Ken Roczen, at +1368 odds, epitomizes the resilient underdog poised for surprises. His journey to the podium in Birmingham, overcoming a difficult track, highlights his grit. Sitting fifth but fueled by a notable victory in Glendale last month, Roczen’s performances suggest he’s a contender to watch in Indianapolis. For bettors, Roczen offers the allure of backing a racer with a track record of defying odds and clinching unexpected wins. His blend of underdog status and proven ability makes him a tantalizing bet for those seeking value and a potential high return.

Outsider Picks for Supercross Indianapolis 2024

The Indianapolis event also presents a golden opportunity for the underdogs, whose potential for breakthrough performances could offer unexpected twists. These racers, brimming with ambition, are poised to make their mark and defy the odds.


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Chase Sexton



Aaron Plessinger



Cooper Webb



Justin Cooper




In the betting landscape for Indianapolis, Chase Sexton, standing at +1592 odds, is a prime candidate for those eyeing a blend of proven track record and potential for imminent success. As the 2023 Supercross champion and currently third in the standings, Sexton’s stature as one of the sport’s premier athletes is undisputed. Indianapolis represents a critical point for him to stage a major season breakthrough, making his odds particularly appealing for bettors seeking a mix of reliability and the promise of a timely resurgence.

Aaron Plessinger, marked at +1683 odds, brings the intrigue of a dark horse to the betting table, thanks to his memorable win in San Diego earlier this season. Sitting seventh in the championship race, that victory signals Plessinger’s capacity to surprise and seize the moment under varied conditions. His odds present a tempting proposition for bettors looking to back a competitor with a proven ability to emerge victorious against the odds, especially on a track like Indianapolis that could level the playing field.

Cooper Webb, with +2046 odds, is more than just a contender; he’s a racer with two significant wins this season, highlighting his ability to capitalize when it counts. Currently second in the standings, Webb’s achievements this season suggest he’s a strong candidate to further close the gap in the championship race. His odds are enticing for bettors who value a racer with a blend of strategic depth and the experience of clinching victories under pressure, making him a noteworthy pick for Indianapolis.

Justin Cooper, at +2142 odds and eighth in the standings, is on an upward swing, demonstrated by his career-best finish in Birmingham. This recent form uplift positions him as an intriguing outsider for Indianapolis. Bettors looking for a sleeper with the momentum and potential to upset the established order might find Justin Cooper an appealing option, especially given his recent performances suggest he’s hitting his stride at the right moment.

Expert Pick for Supercross Indianapolis 2024

Our expert pick, Chase Sexton, stands out not only for his championship pedigree but also for the attractive potential returns he offers bettors. Sexton’s proven track record, highlighted by his adaptability and technical prowess, suggests he’s primed for a standout performance in Indianapolis. Choosing Sexton is a strategic move, leveraging his competitive edge for higher betting value. His ability to excel in critical moments makes him a great pick, combining the allure of a solid racer with the promise of lucrative returns.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Dive into the heart of the competition with our Head to Head matchups odds section, where the excitement of direct competition comes to life. Explore the table below to discover the odds for each matchup and calculate your potential winnings from a $20 wager. Whether you’re backing a favorite or rooting for an underdog, these head-to-head battles offer a unique opportunity to engage with the race and potentially boost your winnings.



Payout on $20 Wager

Eli Tomac



Ken Roczen



Eli Tomac



Chase Sexton



Ken Roczen



Chase Sexton



Chase Sexton



Aaron Plessinger



Ken Roczen



Aaron Plessinger



The matchups table reveals some of the most anticipated duels in the Indianapolis event, with Eli Tomac‘s confrontations against Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton being particularly noteworthy. Tomac, a consistent performer this season, is seen as the favorite in both matchups, reflecting his solid track record. However, Roczen and Sexton are not to be underestimated, each bringing their own strengths to the race, especially Sexton, who is our expert pick and could provide surprising value against Tomac. The close odds between Roczen and Sexton indicate a highly competitive race, where betting could go either way. Additionally, the matchups involving Aaron Plessinger show he’s a strong competitor, capable of holding his own against both Sexton and Roczen, which might offer an intriguing option for bettors looking for closely matched, potentially high-reward bets.

Post-Daytona Futures Update


Champion Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Jett Lawrence



Cooper Webb



Chase Sexton



Eli Tomac



Ken Roczen



The championship futures odds have undergone significant shifts following the Birmingham event, most notably with Jett Lawrence‘s odds tightening from -250 to -590, reinforcing his dominance in the championship race. Cooper Webb, moving into second place with +1834 odds, shows a considerable improvement, reflecting a stronger perceived chance of clinching the title. Chase Sexton and Eli Tomac experienced the most dramatic changes; Sexton’s odds widened from +1144 to +3563, and Tomac’s from +617 to +4325, suggesting their paths to the championship are now seen as more challenging. Ken Roczen‘s odds also expanded significantly, moving from +10317 to +8030, indicating a decreasing likelihood of him capturing the championship. These adjustments reflect the impact of recent performances and the evolving narrative of the championship battle.

Where to Bet on Supercross Indianapolis 2024

Bets for Supercross Indianapolis can be placed at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check the latest odds and promotions before placing your bets. If you’re new to the betting scene, check out NXTbet’s comprehensive SuperMotocross Betting Guide

With the upcoming 10th round of the 2024 Supercross season, the anticipation surges, setting the stage for an exhilarating showcase of high-flying action and intense competition. The Indianapolis race is expected to provide diverse betting opportunities for fans and enthusiasts alike. As the excitement grows, we emphasize responsible betting practices, encouraging our readers to savor the thrill of the races and navigate the strategic intricacies of Supercross betting with mindfulness and caution.


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