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Best Bets: 2024 WSL Championship Tour Futures Odds Analysis

As the world waves goodbye to the exhilarating 2023 WSL Championship Tour, all eyes now eagerly turn to the horizon of the 2024 season. Last year was a masterclass of talent, tenacity, and thrill-a-minute action, with each surfer carving their narrative in the vast ocean. Now, the stage is set for another chapter of this aquatic saga. The question on everyone’s mind: who will rise, who will fall, and who will be crowned the ultimate wave master by the end of the tour?
For the adrenaline junkies and the strategic minds alike, this is not just about the passion for surfing. The betting arena is buzzing with anticipation, as aficionados pore over stats, analyze trends, and seek that perfect wager. As we stand on the precipice of a new season, we’ll dive deep into a comprehensive betting analysis, unraveling the odds and offering insights that could turn the tides in your favor. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newbie looking to ride the wave, this guide promises to be your compass in the vast sea of WSL Championship odds. The 2024 season beckons, and with it, a whirlwind of possibilities. Let’s get into it!
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Schedule and How to Watch the 2024 WSL Championship Tour

Looking to follow the 2024 WSL Championship Tour? Check out the full season schedule here. The action kicks off with the Pipe Pro in Oahu on January 29th and concludes with the WSL Finals at Lower Trestles on September 6th. To catch every thrilling moment live, simply head over to the WSL official site. Stay updated, support your favorites, and don’t miss a single wave of this exhilarating tour!

Best Bets and Picks for the 2024 WSL Championship Tour – Men’s Division

As we cast our gaze over the prospects for the 2024 WSL Championship Tour, the Men’s Division is rife with talent and potential champions. Here’s a deep dive into our top picks and underdogs based on last season’s performances and the upcoming odds:

Top Picks and Bets – Men’s Division

Driver Champion Odds Champion Odds
Filipe Toledo +311 $82.20
Jack Robinson +480 $116.00
Gabriel Medina +692 $158.40
Holding the mantle as the reigning champion from the 2023 season, Filipe Toledo’s odds are well justified. His consistent performances, including standout moments such as clinching the first place at the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro, have solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with. With an impressive total of 58,300 points last year, he’s the surfer everyone’s got their eyes on. However, champions often have a target on their backs, and the pressure of defending the title can be immense. Will Toledo be able to replicate his magic?
Jack Robinson, a powerhouse of raw talent, finished the 2023 tour on a high note. He made his mark with a first-place finish early in the season, and despite some mid-tour hiccups, he showcased resilience by coming back for a solid 5th place finish. With odds at +480, Robinson presents a tantalizing bet for those looking for a blend of calculated risk and potential high return. His agility and knack for reading the waves might just be the edge he needs.
Lastly, Gabriel Medina, a seasoned surfer with a history of dominance in the circuit, had a comparatively subdued 2023, especially with a 9th-place streak during the mid-season. However, writing him off would be a grave mistake. With champion odds of +692, he offers an intriguing value bet. Medina’s experience, coupled with his hunger to reclaim a top spot, can be a deadly combination.

Outsider Picks – Men’s Division

Driver Champion Odds Payout on $20
Ethan Ewin +739 $167.80
Griffin Colapinto +919 $203.80
John John Florence +978 $215.60
While the favorites typically garner much of the limelight, the allure of the WSL Championship Tour lies in its unpredictability. It’s here that the outsiders, often overlooked, possess the potential to craft their own legacy, offering bettors lucrative opportunities and the thrill of the underdog story.
Ethan Ewing, coming in with odds of +739, is one such contender. Despite facing an injury last season, Ewing’s overall performance was outstanding. With a 2nd place finish in one of the tour events, he showcased his potential to challenge the elites. Healthy and rearing to go, the new season might just be where Ewing transitions from a dark horse to a genuine title contender.
Griffin Colapinto, priced at +919, is another surfer who’s been on the radar but hasn’t quite clinched the crown. With a diverse skill set ranging from powerful carves to impressive aerial maneuvers, Colapinto’s 3rd place finish in the previous season hints at a surfer on the brink of something monumental. The upcoming tour might just be his canvas to paint an awe-inspiring journey.
John John Florence, a name synonymous with surfing royalty, finds himself with outsider odds of +978. While recent years haven’t been as dominant for Florence, it’s imperative to remember the prowess he possesses. With multiple championships under his belt, Florence’s blend of experience and raw talent makes him a potential upset in the making.

Expert Pick for the 2024 WSL Tour – Men’s Division

Griffin Colapinto (+919)
Griffin Colapinto’s performance in the latter stages of the 2023 tour, securing 1st and 2nd place finishes at the Surf Ranch and El Salvador Pros, respectively, signals his upward momentum. This Californian surfer has consistently shown adaptability across different wave terrains, whether executing intricate maneuvers in hollow barrels or showcasing flair in smaller wave conditions. With odds of +919, this isn’t just a shot in the dark—it’s an informed bet on a surfer whose trajectory is aligned with championship potential. Given his recent form and evident hunger for the title, placing faith in Colapinto for the 2024 season seems like a savvy wager.

Best Bets and Picks for the 2024 WSL Championship Tour – Women’s Division

As the new WSL Championship Tour beckons, the women’s division presents a trifecta of surfing luminaries, each with their distinct narrative, prowess, and claim to the throne. Their track record from the previous season offers both tantalizing insights and a promise of exhilarating showdowns in the waves ahead.

Top Picks and Bets – Women’s Division

Driver Champion Odds Payout on $20
Caroline Marks +349 $89.80
Carissa Moore +387 $97.40
Tyler Wright +396 $99.20
Starting with Caroline Marks, boasting odds of +349. Caroline’s performance last year was nothing short of mesmerizing. Claiming the top spot in the final standings, she showcased both consistency and an ability to rise to the occasion. Her young age belies a maturity in the water, and her fearless approach to big waves makes her a top pick for many. Her win in the finals is a testament to her championship caliber, and she will undoubtedly be approaching this season with the confidence of a defending champion.
Close on her heels is the phenomenal Carissa Moore at +387. Moore’s illustrious career and her consistency last year, where she grabbed multiple 1st place finishes, speaks volumes about her championship DNA. Her fluid style, combined with an innate ability to read waves, makes her a perpetual threat in any competition. Given her track record, counting her out would be a bettor’s folly.
Lastly, but by no means the least, is Tyler Wright with odds of +396. Wright’s performance last season showcased her resilience and ability to bounce back. Her multiple podium finishes highlight that she’s not just in the game; she’s playing to win. With a blend of strength, strategy, and style, Tyler is a force to be reckoned with and could very well be the dark horse in this top trio.

Outsider Picks – Women’s Division

Driver Champion Odds Payout on $20
Molly Picklum +1079 $235.80
Caitlin Simmers +1262 $272.40
Stephanie Gilmore +1606 $341.20
When we dive deeper into the talent pool of the women’s division, there emerge names that, while not the bookies’ favorites, have the potential to upset the apple cart and deliver spellbinding performances. These outsider picks bring with them a unique blend of talent, experience, and sheer will to carve their legacy on the waves.
First up is Molly Picklum with odds of +1079. Molly’s last season showcased her burgeoning talent and her ability to hold her own against seasoned competitors. She consistently finished in the top spots, which is a testament to her skill and determination. As a rising star, Molly’s upward trajectory suggests that she’s on the cusp of breaking into the elite tier, and this season might very well be her breakthrough.
Next is Caitlin Simmers at +1262. Caitlin’s journey last year was a testament to her mettle. Last year, she secured her maiden CT victory in Portugal and another in Rio, indicating her readiness to take on the big guns of the sport. Her blend of precision and agility, combined with her hunger to climb the ranks, makes her a tantalizing choice for those wanting an outside bet with a credible shot at glory.
Lastly, we have the legendary Stephanie Gilmore at +1606. The odds might place her as an outsider, but those familiar with the world of professional surfing know the magic she brings to the waves. A multiple-time world champion, Stephanie’s experience is unparalleled. While her last season might not have been her best, writing off a surfer of her caliber would be a grave oversight. She possesses the knowledge, skill, and determination to make a stellar comeback, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her clinch the top spot against the odds.

Expert Pick for the 2024 WSL Tour – Women’s Division

Carissa Moore (+387)
Our expert pick for this season is Carissa Moore.Analyzing the value proposition, Moore presents an enticing balance between proven performance and lucrative betting odds. She not only dominated several events last year but has consistently showcased adaptability across varying wave conditions. A seasoned competitor, Moore’s refined technique coupled with her innate reading of the waves makes her a solid bet. Investing in her is not just about backing a champion but also recognizing the value she brings to the table.

Where to Bet on the 2024 WSL Championship Tour Futures

Prepare for the electrifying 2024 WSL Championship Tour! The tide is high, and as the world’s best surfers gear up to battle the waves, the anticipation becomes palpable. To place your bets, check out the exclusive offers at our partnered sportsbooks, ensuring you’re well-equipped to join in on the excitement. For those hungry for deeper insights, make NXTbets your go-to. Not only do we have a comprehensive WSL Championship Tour Betting Guide, but our Best Bets articles will be released throughout the season, offering event-specific odds analysis and invaluable insights. Every swell, every carve, every critical moment will be amplified, not just for the surfers but for everyone invested in the sport.
As we journey through iconic surf spots and watch legends rise, the betting landscape will constantly evolve. Don’t miss out on the pulse of the action; immerse yourself in a season where passion for surfing and the thrill of betting converge. The 2024 WSL Championship Tour promises to be a wave of emotions; ride it with us!
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