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Best Bets: BKFC 57 Hollywood Pre-Event Odds

After the resounding success of BKFC 56 in Salt Lake City, the bare-knuckle boxing spotlight now shifts to Hollywood, Florida for BKFC 57. Hosted at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on February 2, 2024, this event is set to build on the excitement and intensity that defined its predecessor. BKFC 56’s memorable bouts, including ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry’s victory for the BKFC King of Violence Title, world title defenses by Christine Ferea and Kai Stewart, and Mick Terrill’s heavyweight triumph, captivated a global audience and raised the stakes for what’s to come.
As BKFC 57 approaches, it presents a new array of matchups and betting opportunities, each carrying its unique blend of intrigue and potential. This event promises not just high-octane fights but also a deep dive into the dynamics of bare-knuckle boxing that both fans and bettors relish. Our pre-event analysis at NXTbets will offer insights into the fighters, odds, and strategies, equipping you with everything you need to engage with BKFC 57 fully. Get ready for another thrilling chapter in the BKFC saga, where skill, strategy, and sheer will collide in the ring.
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Schedule and How To Watch BKFC 57

BKFC 57 is set to take place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL, on February 2nd, 2024 at 6PM EST. The event promises an action-packed night of bare-knuckle combat with a stacked card featuring both main card and preliminary bouts. To watch from the comfort of your home, find out where to watch live on BKFC’s site. Don’t forget to check out NXTbets for the latest odds updates and comprehensive post-event analysis, helping you stay on top of all the action and insights from BKFC 57.

Best Bets and Picks for BKFC 57

The Main Card

Take a look at the Main Card matchups and odds in the table below for BKFC 57. It’s a chance to dive into the upcoming fights and explore the betting possibilities across different weight classes.
**Please Note Odds Are Subject To Change Per Sportsbook**
Class Fighter 1 F1 Odds F2 Odds Fighter 2
WW Luis Palomino -217 +217 Austin Trout
LW Bryce Henry -335 +335 Robbie Peralta
LHW John Michael Escoboza -122 +122 Isaac Doolittle
FEW Bryan Duran +133 -133 Louie Lopez
BW Alberto Blas -175 +175 Daniel Alvarez
BW Chris Garcia -141 +141 Albert Inclan
HW Leonardo Perdomo -300 +300 Bobby Brents
WFW Christine Vicens -144 +144 Sydney Smith
FEW Justin Ibarrola -163 +163 Landon Williams
FEW Edgard Plazaola -113 +113 Darrick Gates
Analyzing the main card of BKFC 57 reveals a slate of intriguing matchups, each offering its own narrative and betting implications. Let’s delve deeper into a few key fights, examining the odds and what they might indicate about the expectations and dynamics at play.
In the welterweight class, Luis Palomino (-217) faces Austin Trout (+217). Palomino, a dominant figure in BKFC, is understandably the favorite here. His aggressive style and proven track record make him a formidable opponent. However, Trout’s underdog status at +217 shouldn’t be overlooked. With a background in traditional boxing, Trout might bring a technical approach that could pose challenges to Palomino, especially if he can effectively manage the distance and pace.
The lightweight bout between Bryce Henry (-335) and Robbie Peralta (+335) is another highlight. Henry, a rising star in BKFC, enters as a significant favorite. His undefeated record and dynamic performances have rightly earned him this status. Peralta, an experienced fighter with a solid MMA background, faces longer odds. His all-around combat experience and the fact that he’s yet to be defeated in bare-knuckle boxing could make him a sleeper pick for an upset.
At light-heavyweight, John Michael Escoboza (-122) versus Isaac Doolittle (+122) presents a nearly even matchup. Escoboza’s slight edge in the odds may stem from his height and reach advantage, potentially allowing him to control the fight from a distance. Doolittle, however, has shown resilience and versatility in his BKFC tenure, suggesting this fight could be closely contested.
In the featherweight division, Bryan Duran (+133) goes up against Louie Lopez (-133). This fight is interesting as Duran, despite being an underdog, holds a record for consecutive knockouts in BKFC. Lopez, on the other hand, is the favorite, likely due to his experience and status as the number one contender in the division. This bout could hinge on whether Duran can land his powerful strikes or if Lopez can outmaneuver and outlast him.
In the women’s flyweight division, Christine Vicens (-144) takes on Sydney Smith (+144). Vicens enters as a slight favorite, possibly due to her striking prowess or BKFC record. Smith, however, with odds not far off, could present a challenge if she manages to dictate the fight’s tempo and leverage her skills effectively.


Let’s shift our focus to the Prelims section, where the undercard fighters will also be vying for victory. Check out the table below for the preliminary matchups and odds at BKFC 57.
**Please Note Odds Are Subject To Change Per Sportsbook**
Class Fighter 1 F1 Odds F2 Odds Fighter 2
BW Ryan Reber -156 +156 Derek Perez
CW Steve Townsel -100 +100 Leo Bercier
FLW Matt Russa -170 +170 Justin Street
At BKFC 57, the prelims kick off with a standout bantamweight bout, as Ryan Reber (-156) faces Derek Perez (+156). Reber, slightly favored, brings a compelling mix of power and tactical finesse, solidifying his status as the No. 3 contender in the division. Perez, while an underdog, is not far behind in the odds, indicating his potential to challenge Reber’s dominance with a strategic and resilient approach.
The cruiserweight matchup between Steve Townsel (-100) and Leo Bercier (+100) promises a tightly contested duel. Their even odds reflect a balanced encounter, where tactical adaptability and resilience could tip the scales.
In the flyweight class, Matt Russa (-170) meets Justin Street (+170) in a bout where Russa is favored, likely due to a perceived edge in experience or technical skill. Street, as the underdog, has an opportunity to defy expectations and showcase his capabilities.
These prelim battles at BKFC 57 offer a thrilling prelude, each with its narrative and potential for upsets, setting an exhilarating stage for the main event.

Expert Pick for BKFC 57

In the main card of BKFC 57, the lightweight showdown between Bryce Henry and Robbie Peralta presents an intriguing value bet. Henry, a rising star, is heavily favored (-335), but Peralta’s experience and knockout power (+335) make him a compelling underdog choice. Peralta’s ability to finish fights and his seasoned background in combat sports offer excellent value for those looking to capitalize on the potential upset. Betting on Peralta provides a chance to secure a significant return on investment if his striking prowess prevails.

Where to Bet on BKFC 57

Now that you’re armed with the latest odds and expert picks for BKFC 57 Hollywood, it’s time to place your bets. NXTbets has partnered with a number of reputable sportsbooks to ensure that you have a seamless betting experience. To bet on BKFC 57, check out partnered sportsbooks. Simply follow the links to register an account, deposit funds, and start betting. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the show!
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