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Best Bets: BKFC 59 Albuquerque Pre-Event Odds Analysis

Best Bets: BKFC 59 Albuquerque Pre-Event Odds Analysis

In the gritty world of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, BKFC 58 in Sofia, Bulgaria, set the stage for an unforgettable night of raw, unbridled combat, showcasing the sport’s global appeal and the fighters’ unparalleled toughness. With a backdrop of a sold-out Arena Sofia, the event was a thrilling testament to the sport’s growing popularity, featuring a main event where Toni Markulev clinched a unanimous decision victory over Kaloyen Kolev in a bout that had fans on the edge of their seats. The night was filled with spectacular moments, from Dominik Estorer’s dramatic first-round KO to the resilience shown by Mehdi Barghi and the pure knockout power of Stanoy Tabakov, highlighting the diverse talent pool BKFC harbors.

Now, BKFC 59 shifts the spotlight to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where John “The Magician” Dodson defends his BKFC World Flyweight Championship against Dagoberto Aguero. With Dodson’s penchant for first-round finishes pitted against Aguero’s knockout power, anticipation runs high. Meanwhile, Donald Sanchez faces Dallas Davison in a pivotal middleweight bout, and Will “The Brown Bomber” Santiago takes on James “Knucklehead” Dennis in a highly anticipated welterweight matchup. As the excitement builds, informed betting strategies become essential, offering a chance to capitalize on the diverse talent and thrilling matchups BKFC 59 has to offer.

Prepare for a deeper dive into the pivotal matchups, where we’ll provide essential insights leading up to fight night. BKFC 59 isn’t merely a showcase of physical strength but a battleground brimming with betting prospects, where astute strategies, timing, and boldness could transform predictions into profitable outcomes.


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Schedule and How To Watch BKFC 59

BKFC 59 is set to ignite the ring at Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, NM on Friday, March 29, 2024, starting at 6:00 PM. Fight fans can anticipate a thrilling evening of bare-knuckle action as fighters clash in the heart of the Land of Enchantment for an unforgettable showdown.

To watch from the comfort of your home, find out where to watch live on BKFC’s site. Don’t forget to check out NXTbets for the latest odds updates and comprehensive post-event analysis, helping you stay on top of all the action and insights from BKFC 59.

Odds Subject to Change

Please note, the odds provided herein reflect the raw probability odds for this analysis and are based on the information available at the time of publishing. Different sportsbooks may adjust these odds based on market conditions, bettor behaviors, and other factors that could influence the betting landscape. For a deeper understanding of why odds for alternative sports betting change and how it might affect your betting strategy, we encourage you to read our detailed article: Why Do Alternative Sports Betting Odds Change?. Make informed decisions and always check the latest odds with your sportsbook before placing bets.

Best Bets and Picks for BKFC 59

The Main Events

As we edge closer to BKFC 59, the Main Events segment is poised to captivate audiences with tales of resilience, tactical mastery, and explosive confrontations. These pivotal battles not only highlight the apex of bare-knuckle boxing talent but also present a complex and thrilling arena for bettors, keen on deciphering the nuances that could sway the outcomes in favor of the bold.




Payout on $20


John Dodson



Dagoberto Aguero




Donald Sanchez



Dallas Davison



FLW: John Dodson (-141) vs. Dagoberto Aguero (+106)
John Dodson, with a flawless BKFC record of 3-0-0 and a background as a UFC title challenger, enters this fight as the defending BKFC World Flyweight Champion. His electrifying speed and knockout power have made him a favorite among fans, with odds sitting at -141 signaling his favored status. Dagoberto Aguero, however, is no ordinary challenger. With a professional boxing record of 15-2-0 and a victorious BKFC debut, his technical prowess and knockout capability, reflected in his +106 odds, present a real threat to Dodson’s reign. This fight is a classic striker versus boxer matchup, with Dodson’s dynamic attack up against Aguero’s pressure-heavy and refined technique. Betting on this match offers a thrilling opportunity to wager on either Dodson’s continued dominance or Aguero’s ascension in the BKFC ranks.

MW: Donald Sanchez (-174) vs. Dallas Davison (+130)
The co-main event features another fascinating matchup between Donald Sanchez, an MMA veteran with a BKFC record of 2-1-0, and the pure bare-knuckle boxer Dallas Davison. Sanchez, with a storied career across various combat sports platforms, brings a well-rounded game and a technical fighting style to the squared circle. His experience and versatility are reflected in his odds of -174, making him the favorite against Davison, who sits at +130. Davison, known for his knockout power and counter-striking strategy, poses a unique challenge to Sanchez. This fight promises not just a test of skill but also of strategy and heart, making it a captivating draw for bettors looking for a blend of technical mastery and raw power.

The Undercard

The Undercard at BKFC 59 sets the stage with a diverse array of fighters, each carrying their own story of ambition and determination into the squared circle. This portion of the card offers a rich tapestry for betting enthusiasts, where the potential for upsets and breakout performances makes every fight an opportunity to witness the unexpected unfold.




Payout on $20


Will Santiago



James Dennis




Kyle McElroy



Nick Kohring




Lorenzo Coca



Ruben Warr




Marc Entenberg



Van Vo




Anthony Sanchez



Justin Street



WW: Will Santiago (+116) vs. James Dennis (-154)
Will Santiago brings a disciplined striking game honed at Jackson Wink, aiming to outmaneuver James Dennis’s renowned knockout capability. Santiago’s plan is to utilize his jab and superior footwork to maintain distance, while Dennis, with a track record of rapid finishes, will look for openings to deploy his power punches. This bout not only highlights Santiago’s tactical precision against Dennis’s aggressive pursuit of knockouts but also presents a compelling betting opportunity, with intriguing dynamics for bettors to analyze and capitalize on.

LHW: Kyle McElroy (+141) vs. Nick Kohring (-190)
Kyle McElroy’s tale of transformation has morphed him into a fighter with a more thoughtful approach to combat, ready to test his evolved skill set against Nick Kohring’s known aggressive, finish-oriented style. Kohring enters the BKFC arena with a background that includes a pressure-heavy game, aiming to dominate early. The matchup highlights McElroy’s resilience and strategic planning against Kohring’s innate ability to close fights swiftly.

LW: Lorenzo Coca (+160) vs. Ruben Warr (-217)
Lorenzo Coca, transitioning with a focus on technical striking and clinch work, faces Ruben Warr, who prioritizes precision and strategic combinations. Coca’s strategy involves leveraging his power across the bout, while Warr will look to employ his kickboxing background to control the fight’s tempo and land calculated strikes, making for a clash of differing tactical approaches.

FEW: Marc Entenberg (-213) vs. Van Vo (+156)
Marc Entenberg, coming off a successful BKFC debut, faces Van Vo, who brings a unique blend of Aikido and Taekwondo to the ring. Entenberg’s disciplined approach to striking is set against Vo’s adaptability and unconventional tactics. The fight presents a study in how traditional martial arts skills translate into the bare-knuckle boxing format, with both fighters showcasing distinct styles.

BW: Anthony Sanchez (-141) vs. Justin Street (+106)
Anthony Sanchez aims to leverage his agility and tactical striking against Justin Street, who is known for his “take one to give one” style, favoring brawls that end in knockouts. Sanchez’s strategy includes using his movement and precision to control the fight, while Street will look for opportunities to land heavy, fight-ending blows, setting up a classic speed versus power scenario.

The Prelims

The BKFC 59 Prelims offer a series of matchups that promise intense action and intriguing betting angles. Here’s a snapshot of the fighters stepping into the Squared Circle:




Payout on $20


Felipe Chavez



Leandro Torres




Manuel Otero



Michael Furnier




Austin Lewis



Josh Richey



WW: Felipe Chavez (-111) vs. Leandro Torres (-120)

This welterweight clash is nearly even in the odds, reflecting the closely matched skills of both fighters. Felipe ‘Flip’ Chavez, with a background in MMA and a noted grappling prowess, brings a clinch-heavy, pressure-oriented approach to his BKFC debut. Leandro Torres, the first Argentine in BKFC, brings a well-rounded skill set, high fight IQ, and effective jabbing from distance. This fight could hinge on Chavez’s ability to close distance against Torres’s striking and range management.

HW: Manuel Otero (+199) vs. Michael Furnier (-277)

In the heavyweight division, newcomer Manuel Otero steps in as the underdog against Michael Furnier, who seeks to bounce back from a previous loss in BKFC. Otero’s technical, come-forward style will be tested against Furnier’s blend of careful shot selection and powerful striking. Bettors might find value in Otero’s resilience and technicality or Furnier’s experience and finishing ability.

FLW: Austin Lewis (-217) vs. Josh Richey (+160)

Austin Lewis, entering the BKFC ring from a background in MMA, favors a technical approach that emphasizes fundamentals and movement. Josh Richey, despite his record, brings an aggressive, pace-pushing style that could challenge Lewis’s outside game. This flyweight bout might pivot on Lewis’s ability to maintain distance and utilize his striking efficiently against Richey’s forward pressure and pocket presence.

Expert Pick for BKFC 59

Our Expert Pick is John Dodson. Beyond his impressive BKFC and UFC pedigree, Dodson’s agility and experience in high-stakes matches give him a distinctive edge. His ability to deliver powerful strikes while navigating the ring with unparalleled speed makes him a formidable opponent for Aguero. Despite Aguero’s commendable boxing skills and power, Dodson’s adaptability and fight IQ should see him maintaining his undefeated streak in BKFC, offering a solid bet with a promising return on investment.

Where to Bet on BKFC 59

Now that you’re armed with the latest odds and expert picks for BKFC 59 Albuquerque, it’s time to place your bets. NXTbets has partnered with a number of reputable sportsbooks to ensure that you have a seamless betting experience. To bet on BKFC 59, check out partnered sportsbooks. Simply follow the links to register an account, deposit funds, and start betting. For those venturing into BKFC betting for the first time, we highly advise perusing our Official BKFC Betting Guide for valuable insights and tips. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the show!

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