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Best Bets: F1 Mexico City Grand Prix 2023 Pre-Event Odds

As the dust settles over the Circuit of the Americas, the F1 circus doesn’t pause for breath, already turning its gaze towards the iconic turns of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. The Austin race was nothing short of spectacular, where Max Verstappen showcased his tactical brilliance, carving his way from P6 to stand atop the podium for his milestone 50th F1 victory. But it wasn’t just about Verstappen’s prowess; Lando Norris had us on the edge of our seats, hinting at his maiden win, while behind-the-scenes, strategy miscues thwarted Hamilton’s chase.
Yet, as dramatic as the race was, the aftershocks were seismic. The disqualification of Hamilton and Leclerc due to technical infringements sent ripples through the paddock, rewriting the race outcome and setting the stage for further drama.
Now, as we pivot to Mexico City, the stakes are higher. Every turn, every overtaking maneuver carries the weight of championship implications. What strategies will teams employ? Who will shine under the Mexican sun? It’s time to gear up and delve deep into the odds and insights, ensuring you’re equipped with the best betting analysis as the F1 Grand Prix of Mexico beckons.
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Schedule and How to Watch the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix 2023

The F1 Mexico Grand Prix will span three days, from October 27th – 29th. The event schedule is as follows:
October 27
  • Practice 1: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
  • Practice 2: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
October 28
  • Practice 3: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Qualifying Round: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
October 29
  • Grand Prix: 2:00 PM
If you can’t make it in person, you can watch live on ESPN or follow the event on social media for real-time updates. Check out the official event page to see the event schedule in your timezone. To stay up to date on odds and previous results, be sure to check NXTbets.

Best Bets and Picks for the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix 2023

As the F1 Mexico Grand Prix approaches, our experts have analyzed the data and statistics to bring you our best picks and strategic bets for this race.

Top Picks and Bets for the F1 Mexico Grand Prix

Driver Event Winner Top 6 Finish
Max Verstappen -400 -900
Sergio Perez +750 -550
Lewis Hamilton +1200 -550
Lando Norris +1600 -450
George Russell +2800 -400
Max Verstappen‘s recent triumph in Austin marks his dominance this season, reflected in the current standings with a colossal 466 points. His -400 odds for event winner in Mexico isn’t surprising; Verstappen and his Red Bull machine have been virtually unstoppable. With a solid track record and the momentum from the U.S. Grand Prix, it’s hard to bet against him, even with those odds. For a top-6 finish, his odds of -900 are reflective of a near certainty, making it a safer, albeit less lucrative, option.
Sergio Perez, the Mexican driver, will have a home advantage, and with 240 points currently under his belt, he’s demonstrated his prowess behind the wheel. His +750 odds for a win offers good value, especially if Red Bull continues to find the sweet spot with their car setup in Mexico’s unique conditions.
Mercedes’ strategy missteps in Austin might still be fresh, but Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time world champion for a reason. At +1200, these are some of the longest odds we’ve seen for Hamilton in recent memory, possibly presenting an enticing opportunity. His capability to bounce back and adapt is proven, and while his recent form might seem off-kilter, discounting him entirely would be a mistake.
Lando Norris showcased his potential at the Circuit of the Americas. Leading the race initially, he signaled that his first win isn’t far off. Currently holding 159 points, Norris has consistently challenged the top tier. The +1600 odds reflect an element of unpredictability, but considering his recent form, Norris could offer a rewarding bet.
George Russell has been a beacon of consistency for Mercedes, ensuring they remain competitive in the constructors’ standings. With 143 points and a recent 5th place finish in Austin, Russell’s +2800 odds for a win might seem stretched, but his -400 odds for a top-6 finish in Mexico are reflective of his consistent season and Mercedes’ affinity for the Mexican track.

Outsider Bets for the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix

As the anticipation for the Mexico City Grand Prix builds, the spotlight often hovers around the podium regulars. However, every Grand Prix is an arena where the underdogs, equipped with talent and a sprinkle of luck, can defy the odds. Here are our top under-the-radar picks for this event:
Driver Event Winner Top 6 Finish Payout on $20 Top 6 Wager
Charles LeClerc +2800 -225 $28.89
Oscar Piastri +3000 -165 $32.12
Carlos Sainz +3500 -190 $30.53
Charles LeClerc found himself entangled in controversies after the disqualification in Austin, but there’s no denying his capabilities on the track. The Ferrari driver, holding 151 points in the season, has demonstrated moments of brilliance and has been a consistent challenger. His odds of +2800 for an event win in Mexico might seem ambitious given Ferrari’s fluctuating form this season. However, a top-6 finish is well within reach, as the odds of -225 suggest. The prancing horse team has shown sporadic surges in power, and LeClerc could just capitalize on that in Mexico.
Oscar Piastri is relatively new to the F1 landscape but has been turning heads with his sheer talent. While a DNF in Austin was a setback, his overall performance for McLaren this season, accumulating 83 points, underscores his potential. The +3000 odds for a win encapsulates the unpredictability associated with a newer driver on the grid, but the -165 odds for a top-6 finish are testament to the trust pundits place in his emerging talent.
Carlos Sainz is another Ferrari driver who, with 171 points, has often outperformed his more seasoned counterpart, LeClerc, this season. His ecstatic win in Singapore was a testament to his prowess, but a dampened performance in Qatar and subsequent races has adjusted his odds to +3500 for the win in Mexico. However, one can’t overlook his capability to bounce back, and the -190 odds for a top-6 finish make him an intriguing outsider choice.

Expert Pick for the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix

Sergio Perez for a Top 6 Finish at -550.
Perez’s recent performances and consistent form this season underline his capability as a top-tier driver. Being second in the championship rankings, he’s not just riding the coattails of his team or car, but making decisive contributions on track. While the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez presents its own set of challenges, Perez has shown adaptability and resilience in varied conditions this season. Betting on him for a top-6 finish isn’t just a nod to his current form, but an acknowledgment of his comprehensive skill set.

Where to Bet on the F1 Mexico City Grand Prix 2023

With our thorough analysis and top picks for the Mexico City Grand Prix at your fingertips, it’s time to lock in your bets. Head over to our premier partner sportsbooks for exclusive offers, enhancing your wagering journey for this iconic race. Bet wisely and get ready to be captivated by the pulse-pounding action of the Formula One Mexico City Grand Prix at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Let every rev and roar ignite your racing passion!
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