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Best Bets: F1 United States Grand Prix 2023 Pre-Event Odds

The aftermath of the F1 Qatar Grand Prix is still reverberating through the racing world. Max Verstappen triumphed once more, deftly navigating through a race infused with pitstop pandemonium due to a three-stop strategy, instigated by tyre safety concerns. Oscar Piastri showcased his burgeoning talent, claiming the second spot while George Russell’s impressive recovery highlighted Mercedes’ resilience. The collision between the Mercedes duo at the opening corner was the twist that set the stage for Verstappen’s unassailable lead.
As we marinate in the thrill of Qatar, the anticipation for the upcoming F1 United States Grand Prix in Austin is soaring. The iconic Circuit of The Americas awaits, where the combination of high-speed straights and intricate turns promises another spectacle of speed, skill, and strategy. Every twist and turn under the Texan sun will be an opportunity for drivers to etch their names into the annals of motor racing history.
Stay tuned as we delve into an intricate betting analysis, offering insights, odds, and expert picks for every enthusiast. Our meticulous breakdown is geared to equip you with the essential tools to navigate through the options and make informed wagers. The clash of titans on American soil promises not just exhilarating racing action but also an opportunity for betting enthusiasts to cash in on the spectacle!
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Schedule and How to Watch the F1 United States Grand Prix 2023

The F1 United States Grand Prix will span three days, from October 20th – 22nd. The event schedule is as follows:
October 20
  • Practice: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Qualifying Round: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
October 21
  • Sprint Shootout: 10:30 PM – 11:14 PM
  • Sprint: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
October 22
  • Grand Prix: 12:00 PM
If you can’t make it in person, you can watch live on ESPN or follow the event on social media for real-time updates. Check out the official event page to see the event schedule in your timezone. To stay up to date on odds and previous results, be sure to check NXTbets.

Best Bets and Picks for the F1 United States Grand Prix 2023

As the F1 United States Grand Prix approaches, our experts have analyzed the data and statistics to bring you our best picks and strategic bets for this race.

Top Picks and Bets for the F1 United States Grand Prix

Driver Event Winner Top 6 Finish
Max Verstappen -450 -1000
Oscar Piastri +1200 -550
Lando Norris +1200 -550
Sergio Perez +1600 -300
Lewis Hamilton +2200 -350
As the F1 circus touches down in Austin for the United States Grand Prix, the echoes of Max Verstappen’s recent victories in Qatar and Japan still reverberate. Holding the fort at the pinnacle of the driver standings, Verstappen’s -450 odds of clinching another victory are as much a testament to his dominant form as they are indicative of Red Bull’s engineering prowess.
Yet, the asphalt of the Circuit of the Americas could be where narratives twist. Oscar Piastri, the McLaren rookie, has been cutting through the ranks with finesse. His second-place finish in Qatar wasn’t just a personal triumph but a clarion call to the betting world. With odds of +1200 for a win and -550 for a top 6 finish, Piastri, ranked 9th, is the dark horse worth every bettor’s scrutiny.
Lando Norris, Piastri’s teammate, is another intriguing prospect. Seated 7th in the standings and armed with similar odds as Piastri, Norris’ consistent showings on the track make him a solid bet for those looking beyond the Red Bull hegemony.
Sergio Perez, 2nd in the standings, has +1600 odds for the win, a reflection of the misstep in Qatar but also a nod to his innate capability to rebound. And then there’s Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes stalwart, 3rd in the rankings, carries +2200 odds for the win. The collision in Qatar was a blow, but Hamilton’s history is littered with triumphant comebacks.
As we gear up for the spectacle in Austin, the stakes are as high as the adrenaline. It’s a blend of Verstappen’s continued dominance, the rise of new stars like Piastri, and the unwavering resilience of seasoned champions like Hamilton and Perez. Each driver, each turn, each lap under the Texan sun isn’t just a race to the finish line but a dance with destiny, echoing the unpredictability and the unyielding thrill that is Formula 1.

Outsider Bets for the F1 United States Grand Prix

As the anticipation for the United States Grand Prix in Austin builds, the spotlight often hovers around the podium regulars. However, every Grand Prix is an arena where the underdogs, equipped with talent and a sprinkle of luck, can defy the odds. Here are our top under-the-radar picks for this event:
Driver Event Winner Top 6 Finish Payout on $20 Top 6 Wager
George Russell +2200 -350 $25.71
Charles LeClerc +2500 -165 $32.12
Carlos Sainz +2800 -150 $33.33
George Russell, the Mercedes driver who currently sits 8th in the standings, has displayed commendable skill and determination. With odds of +2200 for the event winner and -350 for a top 6 finish, Russell is a testament to latent potential awaiting the opportune moment. His resilience in overcoming adversities, such as the recent collision in Qatar, underscores a driver with the mettle to turn tides.
In the scarlet corner of Ferrari, Charles LeClerc, who is 6th in the standings, holds +2500 odds for clinching victory and -165 for a top 6 berth. The Monegasque driver’s tactical acumen and aggressive driving style signify an unyielding competitor. Every circuit is a canvas where LeClerc paints with bravado and precision – a blend that makes him a tantalizing option for bettors seeking value.
Carlos Sainz, holding a promising 5th position in the standings, comes with odds of +2800 for the win and -150 for a top 6 finish. After a triumphant victory at the Singapore Grand Prix, Sainz’s lackluster performance in Qatar looms. However, his proven capability to seize victories renders him a viable contender in Austin.

Expert Pick for the F1 United States Grand Prix

Oscar Piastri’s odds of -550 for a Top 6 finish offer notable value. The young McLaren driver has consistently demonstrated skill and composure beyond his years. With two consecutive podium finishes, including an impressive second place in Qatar, Piastri is showing a remarkable uptrend. The United States Grand Prix presents another platform for him to capitalize on his form, and his consistent performance makes this wager particularly appealing for those seeking a balanced risk-to-reward ratio.

Where to Bet on the F1 United States Grand Prix 2023

With our thorough analysis and top picks for the United States Grand Prix at your fingertips, it’s time to lock in your bets. Head over to our premier partner sportsbooks for exclusive offers, enhancing your wagering journey for this iconic race. Bet wisely and get ready to be captivated by the pulse-pounding action of the Formula One United States Grand Prix at the legendary Circuit of The Americas. Let every rev and roar ignite your racing passion!
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