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Best Bets: Formula Drift 2024 Long Beach Pre-Event Odds Analysis

Best Bets: Formula Drift Long Beach Pre-Event Odds Analysis

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As the 2024 Formula Drift season gears up for its opener in Long Beach on April 12th-13th, the stage is set for an exciting showdown to kick off the seasson. Coming off a historic 2023 season that saw Chelsea DeNofa clinch the championship amidst a tumultuous finale at Irwindale Speedway, the drift community is buzzing with anticipation. DeNofa’s exit, coupled with Nick Noback’s remarkable victory in the final round, has reshuffled the deck of contenders, injecting fresh excitement into the competition.

Noback, emerging as a formidable force with his first career win, is undoubtedly one to watch, potentially setting the tone for a breakthrough season. Yet, the spotlight also shines on veterans like Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis, whose consistent performances and second-place finish in the championship underscore his threat to the title.

As the engines roar to life in Long Beach, the question on everyone’s lips is whether a new dynasty will emerge or if the veterans will reassert their dominance. With the blend of raw talent and seasoned skill lining up, the 2024 Formula Drift season opener is poised not just to begin a new chapter but it has the potential to redefine the landscape of the sport The drift scene is on the edge of its seat, ready for the tire smoke to settle and the next drift king to rise.


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Schedule and How to Watch Round 1: Streets of Long Beach

The Formula Drift Round 1: Long Beach event spans two action-packed days from April 12th-13th. The event schedule is as follows:

April 12

  • Practice 1: 8:00AM - 9:30AM PST

  • Practice 2: 10:00AM - 11:30AM PST

April 13

  • Venue Opens: 8:00 AM PST

  • Top 32: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM PST

  • Top 16: 2:30 PM - 10:00 PM PST

To catch all the  action, tune in to the official Formula Drift live stream on their website or follow the event on social media for real-time updates. To stay up to date on odds and previous results, be sure to check NXTbets.

Best Bets and Picks for Formula Drift Long Beach

As the Formula Drift Long Beach event approaches, we've thoroughly analyzed the data and statistics to bring you our top picks and best bets for the upcoming competition.


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Fredric Aasbo



James Deane



Matt Field



Fredric Aasbo, with odds set at +1107, enters as a formidable force in the drift arena. Aasbo’s track record of precision driving and tactical mastery has consistently placed him at the forefront of the competition. Last season's performances, marked by aggressive yet controlled runs, have only solidified his position as a favorite. His ability to navigate the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of drifting competitions underscores a promising outlook for the Long Beach event.

James Deane, not far behind with odds of +1154, is another competitor to watch closely. Deane’s reputation for delivering under pressure and his remarkable skill set, highlighted by last season’s daring maneuvers and strategic driving, positions him as a strong contender. His knack for pushing the limits while maintaining poise makes him a threat to any lead, promising an exhilarating display of talent at Long Beach.

Matt Field, with odds of +1245, rounds out our top picks as a dark horse capable of upsetting the established hierarchy. Field’s performances last season were a testament to his resilience and drive, showcasing his ability to claw back into contention from challenging positions. With a blend of raw power and finesse, Field is set to bring an intense level of competition to Long Beach, potentially capturing the spotlight.

Outsider Bets for Formula Drift Long Beach

As the drift community turns its eyes towards the upcoming event in Long Beach, anticipation builds not just for the frontrunners but also for those skilled drivers whose odds suggest they might be flying under the radar this season. These drivers, known for their prowess and potential to disrupt the expected outcomes, are poised to make significant impacts based on their past performances.


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Aurimas Bakchis



Ryan Tuerck



Simen Olsen



Aurimas Bakchis, with odds at +1288, stands out as a prime candidate to watch. Bakchis has demonstrated time and again his ability to blend precision with aggressive driving tactics, making him a formidable opponent on the track. His past performances, marked by a consistent climb through the ranks and the ability to challenge the top contenders, highlight his potential to excel in Long Beach. Bakchis is positioned to turn heads and potentially outperform his odds.

Ryan Tuerck, entering with odds of +1383, brings to the table a blend of experience and a daring approach to drifting that has earned him a dedicated fan base. Tuerck's performances in previous seasons have showcased his capacity for innovation on the track, often pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a drift car. This innovative spirit, combined with his technical skill, makes Tuerck a threat to the status quo and a driver capable of climbing the ranks in Long Beach, surprising those who may underestimate him based on his odds.

Simen Olsen, with the longest odds among our picks at +1574, embodies the essence of a driver with untapped potential. Olsen's journey in the drift scene has been characterized by steady improvement and moments of brilliance that hint at his capacity to break through. His performances, while perhaps not as consistently high-profile as some of his peers, have shown flashes of brilliance that suggest a looming breakthrough. 

As the event in Long Beach approaches, the anticipation for what these skilled, albeit less highlighted, drivers can achieve adds an exciting layer of unpredictability to the competition. Bakchis, Tuerck, and Olsen, each with their own unique strengths and past performances, stand ready to challenge the narrative and possibly rewrite the standings, making the event a must-watch for any drift enthusiast.

Heat Winner

Heat Winner Odds

Heat 1: Jeff Jones (-198)

Heat 1: Joao Barion (+198)

Heat 2: Diego Higa (-102)

Heat 2: Ryan Litteral(+ 102)

Heat 3: Adam Lz (-281)

Heat 3: Mike Power (+281)

Heat 4: Rudy Hansen (-130)

Heat 4: Kyle Mohan (+130)

Heat 5: Andy Hateley (-213)

Heat 5: Hiroya Minowa (+213)


Championship Winner Picks

As the 2024 Formula Drift crescendos to its grand season opener at Long Beach Speedway, the spotlight now intensely focuses on the contenders vying for the championship crown. Let’s take a detailed look at the odds for our top championship contenders.


Champion Odds

Payout on $20 Wager

Fredric Aasbo



James Deane



Ryan Tuerck



Aurimas Bakchis



Fredric Aasbo: With odds of +630, Aasbo stands as a formidable challenger. A history of clinical precision and high-intensity driving has seen him rise to the top in past seasons. His experience in managing complex drift battles and pulling off wins under immense pressure makes him not just a contender for Long Beach but a stalwart pick for the season’s championship race. His adaptability and tactical acumen will be key assets as he aims to turn those odds into a prophetic championship title.

James Deane: Deane, with odds at +691, is another strong contender. Known for his seamless execution and consistent podium finishes, he has built a reputation as a driver who excels in sustaining peak performance throughout a season. Deane’s technical skill set and relentless pursuit of perfection on the track mean that his sights will be firmly set on leveraging every round, including Long Beach, to cement his position as a season-long title threat.

Ryan Tuerck: Tuerck, coming in with odds of +761, combines inventive flair with rock-solid reliability. A driver known for his dynamic driving style and the capacity to deliver under pressure, he’s turned heads in previous seasons with his sheer will to climb the ranks. Tuerck’s versatility on varying circuits makes him a genuine contender to watch at Long Beach and throughout the season as he chases the elusive championship crown.

Aurimas Bakchis: Bakchis enters with longer odds at +894, but he’s renowned for upsetting the drift hierarchy. His tactical intelligence and ability to capitalize on the tiniest of margins have earned him numerous accolades. Bakchis has a knack for peaking when it counts, and while he may start as an outsider in the odds, his tenacity and proven track record could very well propel him to the forefront of the championship contention as the season unfolds.

As these talented drivers gear up for Long Beach, their previous victories and hard-fought battles foreshadow the intense competition that awaits. The stage is set, the odds are in, and fans are poised for a season of spectacular drifts, heart-stopping finishes, and the emergence of a champion forged in the smoke-filled arenas of Formula Drift.

Where to Bet on Formula Drift Long Beach

Looking to elevate the thrill of the Formula Drift Long Beach season opener? Place your bets with ease and confidence using our partnered sportsbooks. For detailed insights, strategies, and tips to maximize your betting experience, make sure to check out the official NXTbets Formula Drift Betting Guide. With real-time odds and expert insights at your fingertips, making informed bets on the action-packed event has never been simpler. 

Whether you’re eyeing the frontrunners or considering an outsider bet, we’ve got you covered. Remember to bet responsibly and prepare to immerse yourself in the intensified excitement as the drift kings battle it out at Long Beach Speedway. Happy betting!


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