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Best Bets: PBR Austin Pre-Event Odds

In the heart of Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena, the PBR Team Series witnessed unforgettable moments. The host team, Nashville Stampede, orchestrated a dramatic walk-off win against the Missouri Thunder, igniting the passions of their hometown fans. But it wasn’t just the Stampede making waves; the Arizona Ridge Riders delivered the night’s most significant upset, halting the undefeated run of the Austin Gamblers.
By the end of the Nashville showdown, both the Texas Rattlers and the Nashville Stampede remained unscathed in the standings. Yet, with the Austin Gamblers tasting defeat for the first time this season, the leaderboard dynamics shifted dramatically.
Now, as the excitement from Nashville begins to wane, all eyes are on Texas. The PBR Team Series is headed to Austin’s Moody Center, a venue poised to see more adrenaline-packed action and potential upsets.
Now, as the excitement from Nashville begins to wane, all eyes are on Texas. The PBR Team Series is headed to Austin’s Moody Center, a venue poised to see more adrenaline-packed action and potential upsets.
As we approach PBR Austin, several intriguing narratives are emerging. The Austin Gamblers, after their Nashville setback, are poised to rebound on their home turf. The Nashville Stampede, buoyed by their recent victory, aims to dominate in Texas. Additionally, after the Ridge Riders’ surprise triumph in Nashville, there’s anticipation around which team might emerge as the unexpected stars in Austin.
With these tantalizing narratives unfolding, fans and bettors alike are on the edge of their seats. The rodeo spectacle in Austin promises intense competition, unpredictable outcomes, and moments that will be etched in PBR history. Strap in as we dissect these compelling narratives and prepare for the rodeo showdown in Austin.
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Schedule and How to Watch PBR Austin

The high-stakes PBR Austin event is set to electrify the Moody Center in Austin, TX from August 25th to 27th. The action kicks off at 7:45 PM CDT on the 25th, continues at 6:45 PM CDT on the 26th, and culminates with a 1:45 PM CDT showdown on the 27th. If you can’t make it in person, you can still catch every thrilling second of the competition by watching the live stream on Pluto. For those placing bets, keep your eye on NXTbets to stay current with real-time odds updates. Be a part of the 2023 PBR Austin action, whether from the stands or from the comfort of your own home

Best Bets and Picks for the PBR Austin

With the opportunity to place bets on the Overall Team Winner and Head-To-Head Matchups, a myriad of betting possibilities beckons PBR fans. Here are our top picks and dark horse selections for the PBR Austin event:

Top Picks and Bets for PBR Nashville

Team Event Winner Odds
Austin Gamblers +400
Arizona Ridge Riders +500
Carolina Cowboys +500
The Austin Gamblers, at +400 odds, stand out as favorites. This reflects their historic strength, including their dominant run through most of the season, and the expectation of a strong comeback on home turf after their unexpected setback in Nashville. Their home advantage could be a determining factor in these favorable odds.
The Arizona Ridge Riders, meanwhile, have odds of +500. Their recent headline-making win over the undefeated Gamblers in Nashville surely plays a role in their elevated standing. This victory showcases their potential to once again disrupt the predictions and emerge as surprise victors in Austin.
Equally positioned at +500 are the Carolina Cowboys. Their consistent season performance, coupled with their close standings in the regular season after PBR Nashville, underlines their contender status.
Given the Gamblers’ recent defeat and the Ridge Riders’ surprising win, the odds for PBR Austin suggest a thrillingly close competition, with the top teams having the potential to claim the title. With these dynamics in play, PBR Austin promises to be an event full of suspense and unexpected turns.

Outsider Picks for PBR Austin

Team Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Texas Rattlers +514 $122.80
Kansas City Outlaws +580 $136.00
Missouri Thunder +698 $159.60
Analyzing the outsider picks for PBR Austin provides a deep dive into potential underdog successes. The Texas Rattlers, with odds of +514, lead this group. Their recent win on opening night of PBR Nashville Stampede Days, where they emerged with the highest scoring game, suggests that they are a team on the rise. A successful wager on the Rattlers could yield a healthy $122.80 on a mere $20 bet, indicating a favorable risk-reward ratio for the informed punter.
Close behind are the Kansas City Outlaws at +580. Though they faced a defeat in Nashville, their close competition record this season and their history of resilient comebacks in tight spots adds weight to their outsider status. A $20 wager on them can secure a payout of $136.00, underscoring their value proposition.
The Missouri Thunder, at +698, are the long-shots in this trio. Despite their recent challenges, such odds offer a high reward potential, with a $20 bet promising a handsome return of $159.60.
In essence, while these teams are viewed as outsiders, their recent performances and the potential high payouts attached to their odds make them enticing options for those looking to capitalize on dark horses in PBR Austin.

Head to Head Picks

Matchup(Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Carolina Cowboys v. Texas Rattlers -123
Missouri Thunder v. Arizona Ridge Riders -127
Oklahoma Freedom v. Nashville Stampede -113
Austin Gamblers v. Kansas City Outlaws -129

Expert Pick for PBR Austin

The Texas Rattlers demonstrated their potential with a resounding victory on the opening night of the PBR Nashville Stampede Days, recording the highest scoring game. While considered outsiders for PBR Austin, their recent form suggests they’re a team on the ascent. Given their promising performance, combined with a substantial payout of $122.80 on a $20 wager, the Rattlers present the best value. Betting on them could yield a lucrative reward, with a balance of risk and potential upside.

Futures Odds for the PBR Team Series Championship

As we gear up for the PBR Austin, let’s take a moment to look beyond, to the grand finale of the PBR Team Series season. The championship is slated for October 20th – 22nd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, promising an adrenaline-pumping culmination to a season of top-tier bull riding action.
Here are the futures odds for the PBR Team Series Championship:
Team Win-Loss Odds
Austin Gamblers 7-1 +300
Carolina Cowboys 5-3 +450
Kansas City Outlaws 4-4 +540
Texas Rattlers 4-4 +550
Oklahoma Freedom 6-2 +600
Nashville Stampede 1-7 +720
Arizona Ridge Riders 1-7 +740
Missouri Thunder 2-6 +830

Where to Bet on PBR Austin

You can place your bets for the PBR Austin at our affiliated sportsbooks. Remember to check the latest odds and promotions before placing your wager. If you’re new to the rodeo betting scene, NXTbet’s comprehensive Bull Riding Betting Guide is a must-read. As always, remember to bet responsibly and within your limits.
The 2023 PBR Austin not only promises a thrilling spectacle for bull riding fans, but also a heart-pounding opportunity for the betting community. Whether you’re backing a favored team or taking a risk with a less-expected pick, the event guarantees a roller-coaster ride of excitement.
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