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Best Bets: 2024 PBR Unleash The Beast Los Angeles Pre-Event Odds Analysis

The PBR Unleash The Beast series roared through Salt Lake City, where Koltin Hevalow clinched his first event win, ascending to third in the standings. Hevalow’s performance, along with strong showings from Alex Cerqueira and Cort McFadden, set the stage for an electrifying upcoming event in Los Angeles. As the UTB circuit heads to the City of Angels, anticipation builds for what could be a pivotal point in the season.
Bettors and fans alike are buzzing, analyzing every potential angle for the upcoming matchups. With the top riders separated by mere points, each ride carries the weight of potential glory or defeat. The Los Angeles event becomes not just a test of skill, but of mental fortitude, as athletes like Cassio Dias and Austin Richardson look to maintain their lead, while Hevalow aims to continue his ascent.
Our betting analysis will delve into the intricacies of the riders’ performances, comparing historical data and current form. Get ready for an expert breakdown of the frontrunners, the potential underdogs, and how the previous event’s results might just predict the surprises to come in Los Angeles. Stay tuned as we bring you the sharp-edge analysis you’ve come to expect, setting the stage for what’s sure to be another thrilling chapter in the PBR saga.
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Schedule and How to Watch PBR Los Angeles

Get ready for an electrifying showdown as PBR Los Angeles takes center stage at the Crypto.com Arena on February 16th and 17th, 2024. With its glitzy backdrop and star-studded lineup, this event promises non-stop action and adrenaline-fueled thrills. As the world’s top bull riders converge in the City of Angels, fans can anticipate two days packed with heart-stopping rides and fierce competition. Don’t miss out on the excitement as the best in the business vie for glory in the heart of Los Angeles.
Want to be part of the action? RidePass on Pluto TV has got you covered with live broadcasts. For those keeping an eye on the odds, NXTbets will have analysis and updates throughout the series. Join the excitement of PBR Unleash The Beast, whether you’re cheering from the arena seats or the comfort of your own home.

Best Bets and Picks for PBR Los Angeles

Top Picks and Bets

Heading into the high-stakes arena of Los Angeles, the “Top Picks and Bets” section hones in on the frontrunners poised to leave their mark. With Cassio Dias looking to reclaim his dominance, Jose Vitor Leme eyeing a significant comeback, and Wingson Henrique da Silva as the wildcard, the stage is set for a showdown that could redefine the standings and reward those who back the leading contenders.
Rider Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Cassio Dias +325 $85
Jose Vitor Leme +550 $130
Wingson Henrique da Silva +675 $155
Cassio Dias, leading the standings, hasn’t hit the top 5 since his win in Chicago over a month ago, hinting at a thirst to reclaim his early-season glory with odds at +325. As the frontrunner, anticipation is high for Dias to showcase his hallmark resilience and competitive edge in Los Angeles, aiming to rekindle his winning ways and widen his margin at the top of the rankings.
Jose Vitor Leme, now in his second event back after an injury hiatus, comes in with odds of +550. His recent return adds an element of anticipation as he aims to reclaim his position atop the bull riding world. With fresh determination and his eyes set on making up for lost ground, Leme’s presence in Los Angeles could very well defy expectations, making him a pivotal figure to watch for those betting on a significant comeback.
Wingson Henrique da Silva, sitting at 12th with odds of +675, remains the enigmatic competitor. Despite less frequent appearances, his potential for high-scoring rides lurks as an untapped well, positioning him as a high-value pick for those betting on an under-the-radar performer ready to seize his moment on the big stage.

Outsider Picks

In the bull riding world, where unpredictability reigns supreme, the “outsider picks” section shines a spotlight on those who defy the odds. With riders like Joao Ricardo Vieira, Dalton Kasel, and Eduardo Aparecido, we delve into the high-stakes gamble of backing the underdogs, each carrying the potential for significant payouts and the promise of thrilling upsets.
Rider Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Joao Ricardo Vieira +750 $170
Eduardo Aparecido +1600 $340
Leonardo Castro Ferreira +1800 $380
Joao Ricardo Vieira, currently 7th in the standings, embodies the rugged determination synonymous with bull riding. With odds of +750, his season’s narrative swings between thrilling highs and tough lows, capturing the spirit of the sport. His knack for seizing the moment underlines his potential as a savvy pick for Los Angeles.
Eduardo Aparecido, holding strong at 4th in the standings, showcases a blend of veteran savvy and relentless ambition, underscored by his +1600 odds. His standout performances in St. Louis and Chicago hint at a rider who’s not just consistent but capable of seizing the spotlight when it matters most, making him an underdog with a puncher’s chance at victory.
Leonardo Castro Ferreira, a newcomer in the PBR scene, marked a significant milestone with his first career premier series event win at the PBR Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic in Sacramento, showcasing his talent by being the only rider to secure qualified rides on all bulls, propelling him from 47th to 10th in the world rankings. This victory firmly positions him as a notable dark horse for PBR Los Angeles. Despite experiencing a dip with a 15th-place finish in Salt Lake City, Ferreira’s journey indicates a bright future. His current odds of +1800 reflect his underdog status, yet his breakthrough in Sacramento and quick rise in the standings highlight a competitor with significant potential and the ability to surprise, making him an intriguing prospect for bettors.

Head-to-Head Matchups

In the thrilling world of professional bull riding, head-to-head matchups offer bettors unique opportunities to capitalize on the dynamic competition between riders. Below, we break down the odds and potential payouts for $20 bets on key matchups, including the anticipated duel between Cassio Dias and Leonardo Castro Ferreira, as well as Joao Ricardo Vieira versus Wingson Henrique da Silva.
Rider Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Cassio Dias
Leonardo Castro Ferreira
-170 $31
+125 $45
Joao Ricardo Vieira
Wingson Henrique da Silva
+100 $40
-130 $35

Expert Pick for PBR Los Angeles

Eduardo Aparecido stands out as the best value bet. Ranked 4th, his odds at +1600 signal a significant opportunity. Eduardo has displayed remarkable consistency, highlighted by standout performances in key events. This consistency, combined with his competitive spirit and ability to shine in high-pressure situations, makes him a compelling pick. His track record suggests he’s poised to capitalize on any slip-ups by the frontrunners, offering bettors a lucrative return on investment for a relatively low risk.

PBR UTB Futures Update

Rider Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Cassio Dias -345 $25
Jose Vitor Leme +1200 $260
Wingson Henrique da Silva +1200 $260
Dalton Kasel +1500 $320
Joao Ricardo Vieira +1500 $320
Following the PBR UTB SLC event, the futures odds have undergone intriguing shifts. Cassio Dias, despite maintaining his lead, saw a slight adjustment to -345, indicating continued confidence in his championship prospects. Jose Vitor Leme and Wingson Henrique da Silva, both with odds of +1200, remain steady, suggesting bettors anticipate their potential to make waves in future events. Dalton Kasel and Joao Ricardo Vieira, each at +1500, have seen a slight improvement, reflecting their consistent performances and growing confidence among bettors in their ability to challenge the frontrunners.

Where to Bet on PBR Los Angeles

Armed with these insights, prepare to place your bets on PBR Los Angeles. Secure the latest futures odds and special promotions at our affiliate sportsbooks to place your bets. Dive into our exclusive PBR Betting Primer for comprehensive analyses and betting tactics. Whether you’re backing the seasoned champions or rooting for the rookies, each ride promises a pulse-pounding experience. With the world’s top riders vying for supremacy, every buck and spin presents a chance to win big. Engage in the spectacle where raw rodeo action meets the strategic play of betting!
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