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Best Bets: 2024 WSL Hurley Pro Sunset Beach Pre-Event Odds Analysis

The Banzai Pipeline Pro ignited the 2024 World Surf League Championship Tour with stunning performances, setting the stage for an electrifying season. Caitlin Simmers and Barron Mamiya stole the spotlight, each clinching victories in their divisions through displays of exceptional skill and bravery against the legendary Pipeline waves. Simmers made history with a Perfect 10, a first for a woman at Pipeline, marking her as a formidable contender this season. Mamiya’s Perfect 10 and victory over John John Florence in a thrilling all-Hawaiian final showcased his deep connection with the break and his potential to dominate the tour.
The event was also notable for Filipe Toledo’s withdrawal, reshaping the championship race and betting landscape. His absence opens up the field, adding an extra layer of excitement for bettors looking to capitalize on the shifting dynamics.
As the tour progresses to the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach, anticipation is building not just for the surfing action but also for the betting opportunities. With the early shake-up at Pipeline setting a dynamic tone, our betting analysis will dive into the implications of these results, offering insights and strategies for those looking to engage with the Championship Tour through a betting lens. Stay tuned for expert tips and analysis that could turn the tides in your favor.
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Schedule and How to Watch Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024

The Hurley Pro Sunset Beach, the eagerly anticipated second stop on the World Surf League’s Championship Tour, is scheduled to run from February 12th to 22nd. Midway through the event window, an immense swell is forecasted, promising waves with faces ranging from 35 to 45 feet, setting the stage for what could be a historic showdown at Sunset. However, challenging wind and weather conditions might impact the contest’s timing. The latter half of the waiting period looks promising for more favorable conditions, with an eastward wind shift expected to groom the massive swells into perfect setups for competition. Stay tuned for updates as the event approaches. To catch every thrilling moment live, simply head over to the WSL official site.

Best Bets and Picks for Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024 – Men’s Division

Top Picks and Bets – Men’s Division

As we shift our focus from the gripping battles witnessed at the Banzai Pipeline Pro to the eagerly anticipated Sunset Beach Pro, the men’s division presents a captivating landscape filled with anticipation and strategic analysis. Additionally, the unexpected withdrawal of Felipe Toledo from the remainder of the tour has injected an element of unpredictability, shaking up the competitive landscape and creating new opportunities for other surfers to shine.
Surfer Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
John John Florence +400 $100
Gabriel Medina +648 $149.60
Jack Robinson +658 $151.60
Among the frontrunners and top betting choices, John John Florence emerges as a compelling figure, backed by solid +400 odds. Despite narrowly missing out on victory at Pipeline, Florence’s innate understanding of the North Shore’s intricacies and his consistent track record on the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour position him as a formidable contender for the upcoming event at Sunset Beach. As a surfing icon poised for a triumphant year, Florence’s impressive 7800-point performance at the Pipeline Pro underscores his determination to cement his status as the man to beat this season.
Gabriel Medina, boasting odds of +648, is another contender poised to make waves. His adaptable style and tactical acumen across various wave conditions make him a perennial threat on the tour. With a penchant for delivering clutch performances when it matters most, Medina’s presence in the lineup is sure to keep fans and bettors alike on the edge of their seats.
Jack Robinson enters the fray with odds set at +658, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to the mix. Known for his fearless approach and knack for threading through challenging barrels, Robinson’s rise in the surfing world has been nothing short of meteoric. As he continues to refine his craft and gain experience on the elite stage, Robinson represents a dark horse capable of staging upsets and captivating audiences with his daring maneuvers.

Outsider Picks – Men’s Division

As we delve into the realm of outsider picks for the men’s division of the upcoming Sunset Beach Pro, the field is ripe with potential dark horses capable of making waves and defying the odds.
Surfer Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Griffin Colapinto +776 $175.20
Ethan Ewing +862 $192.40
Italo Ferreira +1138 $247.60
Griffin Colapinto, with enticing odds of +776, arrives at Sunset Beach with momentum following a strong showing at Pipeline. While he may not have clinched the victory, Colapinto’s impressive performance at one of surfing’s most challenging breaks underscores his potential to excel in diverse conditions. Coming off a breakout season, Colapinto poses a legitimate threat to the established favorites and could emerge as a dark horse contender at Sunset Beach.
Ethan Ewing, with odds set at +862, emerges as a compelling contender after his remarkable performance at Pipeline. Coming off a strong tour himself, where he secured 2nd place in the 2023 WSL Finals, Ewing enters Sunset Beach in peak form. His resilient approach and standout performances in the earlier rounds demonstrate his ability to excel under pressure. With Sunset Beach presenting new challenges, Ewing’s recent form positions him as a sleeper pick with the potential to upset the competition and leave a lasting impression.
Italo Ferreira, with odds at +1138, rounds out the list of outsider picks following his notable performance at Pipeline. While he may not have secured the win, Ferreira’s dynamic surfing and fearless approach were on full display, highlighting his potential to excel in challenging conditions. As an Olympic gold medalist and former world champion, Ferreira possesses the experience and skill set to capitalize on the opportunities presented at Sunset Beach, making him a wildcard to watch in the upcoming event.

Expert Pick for Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024 – Men’s Division

As anticipation builds for the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024, all eyes are on the men’s division for insights into potential winners. With the competition heating up after the thrilling action at Pipeline, expert analysis points to John John Florence as a frontrunner for victory. Armed with his unparalleled knowledge of North Shore waves and a relentless competitive spirit, Florence emerges as a compelling pick to dominate the challenging conditions at Sunset Beach.

2024 WSL Futures Update – Men’s Division

Surfer Champion Odds Payout on $20
Gabriel Medina +590 $138.00
John John Florence +636 $147.20
Ethan Ewing +738 $167.60
Griffin Colapinto +835 $187.00
Jack Robinson +905 $201.00
Barron Mamiya +1115 $243.00
Connor O’leary +1705 $361.0
Following the Banzai Pipeline Pro, the 2024 WSL futures odds for the men’s division have shifted, reflecting the early dynamics of the championship race. Notably, the withdrawal of Felipe Toledo, the champion of the 2023 WSL Tour, is expected to have a significant impact on the competition landscape. Gabriel Medina leads with odds of +590, closely trailed by John John Florence at +636. Ethan Ewing‘s strong showing at Pipeline has improved his odds to +738, making him a contender to watch. With each surfer poised to capitalize on their strengths and seize the window opened by Toledo’s departure, the upcoming Sunset Beach Pro could be a major turning point as the race for the championship title intensifies.

Best Bets and Picks for Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024 – Women’s Division

Top Picks and Bets – Women’s Division

Surfer Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Tyler Wright +259 $71.80
Caroline Marks +394 $98.80
Johanne Defay +513 $122.60
The Banzai Pipeline Pro’s thrilling conclusions cast a spotlight on key surfers to watch at the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach, stirring the betting landscape with intriguing possibilities. Tyler Wright, despite a ninth-place finish at Pipeline, remains a standout choice at odds of +259 for bettors. Her proven track record in demanding surf conditions suggests that her recent performance might not fully reflect her potential for success at Sunset Beach, offering a strategic bet for those aware of her prowess.
Caroline Marks, who secured a fifth-place tie at Pipeline, emerges with odds of +394, positioning her as an enticing option. Her adaptability and resilience, demonstrated across various conditions, hint at her undervalued potential for the Sunset event. Marks’ aggressive style and strategic savvy in navigating heavy waves make her odds a tempting proposition for bettors looking for a surfer with both consistency and the capability for top-tier finishes.
Johanne Defay, also finishing fifth at Pipeline, is listed at +513, highlighting her as a promising underdog for Sunset Beach. Defay’s consistent performance and skill in complex conditions offer a solid basis for those considering her as a bet, especially given her favorable odds. This suggests an opportunity for high returns for bettors seeking to capitalize on a surfer with proven ability and a knack for strategic competition.

Outsider Picks – Women’s Division

Surfer Event Winner Odds Payout on $20
Molly Picklum +683 $156.60
Sophie McCulloch +733 $166.60
Gabriela Bryan +862 $192.40
Molly Picklum, with odds of +683, stands out as a formidable contender for the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach. Her remarkable second-place finish at the Pipeline Pro, highlighted by a perfect 10-point ride, underscores her adeptness in handling challenging surf conditions. This performance not only showcases her competitive prowess but also signals her potential to excel at Sunset Beach, a venue known for its demanding waves. Bettors eyeing value beyond the favorites might find Picklum’s odds particularly appealing, given her proven ability to perform under pressure and her rising trajectory in the surfing world.
Sophie McCulloch, positioned at +733, represents an intriguing option for those looking deeper into the field. Despite a quieter showing at the Pipeline Pro, McCulloch’s potential for a standout performance at Sunset Beach cannot be overlooked. Her odds suggest a cautious optimism among bettors, hinting at her capacity to outperform expectations. McCulloch’s skill set and readiness to capitalize on the unique challenges of Sunset Beach make her a smart pick for bettors seeking a dark horse with significant upside potential.
Gabriela Bryan, with odds of +862, is poised as an underdog with a promising chance to disrupt the established hierarchy. Her ninth-place tie at Pipeline masks a competitive spirit and talent capable of rising to the occasion. Sunset Beach’s unpredictable conditions present an opportunity for Bryan to leverage her strengths and deliver a performance that belies her outsider status. For bettors willing to take calculated risks, Bryan offers a high-reward option, embodying the unpredictability and excitement inherent in surfing competitions.

Expert Pick for Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024 – Women’s Division

Our pick for the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach is Molly Picklum, who offers unparalleled value. Beyond her impressive Pipeline performance, her adaptability to diverse wave conditions stands out. This adaptability, combined with her rising momentum, makes her an excellent bet. In the context of Sunset Beach, where conditions can dramatically vary, her ability to excel across a spectrum of surfing challenges positions her as a high-value choice for bettors seeking a blend of performance reliability and potential return.

2024 WSL Futures Update – Women’s Division

Surfer Champion Odds Payout on $20
Caroline Marks +306 $81.20
Tyler Wright +312 $82.40
Molly Picklum +684 $156.80
Gabriela Bryan +942 $208.40
Johanne Defay +1074 $234.80
Sally Fitzgibbons +1621 $344.20
Caitlin Simmers +1721 $364.20
Following the Banzai Pipeline Pro, the 2024 WSL futures odds for the women’s division have seen significant adjustments, reflecting the early dynamics of the championship race. Caroline Marks, now leading with odds of +306, and Tyler Wright at +312, are positioned as the front-runners, their performance at Pipeline reinforcing their status as top contenders. Molly Picklum‘s impressive showing has notably improved her odds to +684, marking her as a rising threat. Meanwhile, Caitlin Simmers, despite a stellar victory at Pipeline, remains an intriguing long shot at +1721, suggesting potential value for bettors willing to back an emerging star with proven capability to win on the tour’s biggest stages.

Where to Bet on the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach 2024

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