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Best Bets: SLS San Diego 2024 Pre-Event Odds Analysis

Best Bets: SLS San Diego 2024 Pre-Event Odds Analysis

The Street League Skateboarding (SLS) 2024 season is in full swing after a thrilling debut of the APEX event format in Las Vegas two weeks ago. Japan’s Yuto Horigome emerged victorious in a dominant wire-to-wire performance, while American Alex Midler and Brazil’s Felipe Gustavo rounded out a hotly contested podium separated by the slimmest of margins.

Now, the world’s premier street skateboarders descend upon San Diego for the next stop on the road to the SLS Super Crown World Championship. With valuable season points on the line and the Paris Olympics looming just months away, expect the competition to reach a fever pitch as skaters look to stake their claim and build momentum. Ahead of the event, let’s dive into the betting odds, break down the top contenders, and spotlight some potential dark horses that could shake up the field.

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Schedule and How to Watch SLS Apex San Diego 2024

SLS San Diego will take place on April 20 at the California Training Facility, the former training ground of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. The event schedule is as follows (all times in PT):

  • 11:00 AM – Doors Open

  • 12:00 PM – Knockout Rounds

  • 5:30 PM – Women’s Final

  • 7:00 PM – Men’s Final

If you can’t be there to watch in person, you can watch it live on Rumble. For those with a keen betting eye, remember to tune into the high-stakes drama and keep an eye on NXTbets for live odds updates.

Odds Subject to Change

Please note, the odds provided herein reflect the raw probability odds for this analysis and are based on the information available at the time of publishing. Different sportsbooks may adjust these odds based on market conditions, bettor behaviors, and other factors that could influence the betting landscape. For a deeper understanding of why odds for alternative sports betting change and how it might affect your betting strategy, we encourage you to read our detailed article: Why Do Alternative Sports Betting Odds Change?. Make informed decisions and always check the latest odds with your sportsbook before placing bets.

Best Bets and Picks for SLS San Diego 2024

Top Picks and Bets for SLS San Diego

As we gear up for the intense competition at SLS San Diego, three skaters stand out as the top contenders for the crown:


Event Winner Odds

Payout On $20

Yuto Horigome



Nyjah Huston



Gustavo Riberio



Leading the pack of betting favorites is none other than Yuto Horigome (+135), the reigning Olympic gold medalist and most recent SLS APEX Las Vegas winner. Horigome’s dominant performance in Vegas showcased his unrivaled consistency, as he landed three jaw-dropping tricks, each earning scores above 9 points. His aggressive yet technically precise skating style, coupled with his ability to perform under pressure, makes him a force to be reckoned with. Horigome’s deep bag of tricks and unwavering focus give him a distinct advantage over his competitors, making him the clear front-runner to secure back-to-back SLS victories.

Hot on Horigome’s heels is the living legend himself, Nyjah Huston (+249). Despite battling back from a torn ACL in 2022, Huston has proven that he is still a serious contender, notching podium finishes in his last three SLS appearances. His unparalleled competitive drive, mental toughness, and ability to perform under immense pressure make him a perennial threat to claim the top spot. As Huston continues to refine his technique and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of street skating, he remains a formidable opponent capable of winning on any given day.

Rounding out the top contenders is Gustavo Ribeiro (+489), the rising 23-year-old Portuguese star who has been making waves on this year’s SLS tour. His impressive runner-up finish at the SLS event in Paris earlier this year showcased his innovative approach, stylish execution, and unwavering determination. Ribeiro’s ability to land technically challenging tricks with apparent ease and his knack for thriving under pressure make him a serious threat to upset the established order. As he continues to gain valuable experience and refine his skills, Ribeiro is poised to become a permanent fixture at the top of the SLS leaderboard and challenge for the top spot in San Diego.

Outsider Picks for SLS San Diego

While the top picks are expected to perform well, these three underdogs have the potential to shake up the podium in San Diego:


Event Winner Odds

Payout On $20

Felipe Gustavo



Giovanni Vianna



Kelvin Hoefler



One skater who could potentially shake things up in San Diego is Felipe Gustavo (+727), who narrowly missed out on a second-place finish at the Las Vegas APEX event. Despite losing the tiebreaker to Alex Midler, Gustavo’s performance showcased his consistency, technical prowess, and deep bag of tricks. With 15 career podium finishes in SLS events, Gustavo brings a wealth of experience and competitive savvy to the table. If he can put together a flawless run and land his signature tricks with precision and style, Gustavo has the potential to claim his first SLS event win since 2019.

Another outsider to keep an eye on is Giovanni Vianna (+2051), the Brazilian up-and-comer who represents the future of street skating. While he didn’t compete in the Las Vegas APEX event, Vianna did land a solid 4th place in Paris and looks to be in great form this year. His smooth, effortless style and growing confidence have earned him a reputation as one of the most promising young skaters on the SLS tour. As he continues to expand his trick repertoire and gain valuable experience competing against the world’s best, a breakthrough performance could be just around the corner.

Finally, don’t sleep on the two-time SLS Super Crown Champion, Kelvin Hoefler (+2640). At 31 years old, the Brazilian legend may be one of the older skaters in the field, but his wealth of experience, technical mastery, and unparalleled style make him a serious threat to the favorites. Hoefler’s ability to land incredibly difficult tricks and his penchant for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on a skateboard set him apart from his competitors. If he can bring his A-game to San Diego and tap into his deep well of competitive experience, Hoefler has the potential to upset the odds and claim a spot on the podium.

Expert Pick for SLS San Diego

When it comes down to it, it’s hard to pick against Yuto Horigome (+135). His sky-high confidence and unmatched ability to deliver in pressure-packed moments give him the slight edge over a stacked field of worthy contenders. Look for Horigome to fend off a fierce challenge from Huston and some of the young guns to secure back-to-back SLS wins.


Qualifying Heat Winner Picks



Money Line

Payout per $20

Heat 1

Gustavo Ribeiro



Kairi Netsuke



Dashawn Jordan



Matt Berger



Vincent Milou



Heat 2

Nyjah Huston



Felipe Gustavo



Kelvin Hoefler



Carlos Ribeiro



Alex Midler



Heat 3

Yuto Horigome



Shane O’Neill



Braden Hoban



Jamie Foy



The Heat 1 betting odds heavily favor Portugal’s Gustavo Ribeiro at -165, and for good reason. The 23-year-old phenom has been on a tear lately, showcasing his innovative style and consistency. Japan’s Kairi Netsuke (+311) and USA’s Dashawn Jordan (+494) are the most likely to challenge Ribeiro, but both Matt Berger and Vincent Milou look overmatched as heavy +1624 underdogs.

In Heat 2, Nyjah Huston (-148) is the clear favorite, but veteran Felipe Gustavo (+214) could give him a run for his money if he lands his signature technical tricks. Kelvin Hoefler (+734) is an intriguing value pick, while Carlos Ribeiro and Alex Midler face long odds at +1654.

Heat 3 features the most lopsided odds, with Yuto Horigome an overwhelming -310 favorite. Australia’s Shane O’Neill (+445) and USA’s Braden Hoban (+585) have the talent to keep things interesting, but anything less than a Horigome victory would be a major upset. Jamie Foy (+1475) rounds out the heat as a long shot.

Where to Bet on SLS San Diego 2024 

Wagers for the SLS San Diego event can be placed at our partnered sportsbooks. Be sure to review the most recent odds and promotions before locking in your bets. If you’re stepping onto the betting scene for the first time, don’t miss NXTbet’s exhaustive Skateboarding Betting Guide. As always, bet wisely and within your means.

The stage is set for another dramatic chapter in this year’s SLS saga. Will Horigome maintain his blistering pace, or will we see a new face emerge at the top of the podium? Tune in on April 20 to find out.


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