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Best Bets: SLS Tokyo 2023 Pre-Event Odds

In the 2023 SLS Championship Tour kickoff in Chicago on April 29th, Brazilian Olympic medalists Kelvin Hoefler and Rayssa Leal reigned supreme, claiming top honors in a nail-biting finale. Leal, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic silver medallist, successfully defended her 2022 title, securing her fifth consecutive SLS win to the delight of the spirited crowd at Wintrust Arena.
Kelvin Hoefler, another silver medalist from Tokyo 2020, dominated the men’s event, shaking up the leaderboard. American skateboarding sensation Nyjah Huston made a triumphant return after a one-year hiatus due to an ACL injury, securing a respectable third place.
The night wasn’t kind to men’s defending champion, Gustavo Ribeiro from Portugal, who finished last among the finalists. Olympic champ Horigome Yuto missed the mens final due to stomach sickness, while the women’s competition saw Tokyo 2020 gold medalist Nishiya Momiji placing second, edged out by the unstoppable Leal.
2023 marks a thrilling chapter in the saga of Street League Skateboarding (SLS) as it makes its Asian debut in Tokyo. Coming hot off the heels of the Chicago showdown, the world’s skateboarding elite are primed to dazzle on an unprecedented stage. Tokyo 2023 isn’t just another event; it’s a reimagined, immersive spectacle set to revolutionize street skateboarding in Asia.
As anticipation builds, so do the questions. Who will rule the Tokyo streets? Who’ll be the dark horse? For answers, look no further than NXTbets. Our analysts have poured over the data and will bring you the most insightful pre-event odds analysis. In the high-stakes world of SLS, we’ve got your back, helping you make smart, informed bets. Tokyo 2023 is about to change the game – get ready for a wild ride!

Schedule and How to Watch SLS Tokyo 2023

On August 12th, doors swing open at 11:00 am JST, with the exhilarating action kicking off at 12:00 pm JST. In Pacific Time, this translates to a 7:00 pm (August 11th) door opening, and an 8:00 pm start. If you can’t make it to Tokyo, you can watch it live on Rumble. For those with a keen betting eye, remember to tune into the high-stakes drama and keep an eye out for live odds updates. This is one spectacle you won’t want to miss!

Check out Street League Chicago Men’s Final below to get ready for what’s about to unfold in Tokyo.

Best Bets and Picks for SLS Tokyo 2023

Bettors have a plethora of betting opportunities with options to wager on the Overall Event Winner and Opening Round Heat Winners. Here are our prime and dark horse selections for the event:

Top Picks and Bets for SLS Tokyo

Skater Event Winner Odds
Kelvin Hoefler +225
Nyjah Huston +615
Yuto Horigome +750
Lucas Rabelo +1000
Dashawn Jordan +1000
Topping our list of favorites for the SLS Tokyo event is Kelvin Hoefler, with odds standing at +225. Fresh off a stellar victory in Chicago and as a previous Olympic silver medalist, Hoefler’s track record of consistent high-level performances makes him a compelling choice for Tokyo.
Nyjah Huston, returning to form after an ACL injury and securing third place in Chicago, is second on the list at +813. His experience and tenacity could yield a significant payoff for those willing to back the accomplished veteran.
Japanese powerhouse Yuto Horigome is pegged at +750. Playing on home turf, Horigome could be a dark horse capable of upstaging the frontrunners. Likewise, American Dashawn Jordan, despite not being a finalist in Chicago, is the fifth pick with odds of +1000. Jordan’s aggressive style and potential for big moves could yield a profitable long shot for bettors willing to gamble on an underdog.

Opening Round Heat Winner Picks

The winners’ odds for the opening round heats are as follows:
Heat Favorite Heat Winner Odds
1 Lucas Rabelo +220
2 Dashawn Jordan +125
3 Nyjah Huston +115
4 Yuto Horigome +115

Outsider Picks for SLS Tokyo

While the spotlight often shines on the favorites, there are skaters in the field who, despite longer odds, can potentially steal the limelight in Tokyo:
Skater Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Braden Hoban +1500 $300
Felipe Gustavo +1800 $360
Ryan Decenzo +2500 $500
Braden Hoban, with odds at +1500, could be a surprise package in Tokyo. Although not as well-known as some of the more established names, Hoban’s unbridled talent and fearless style could propel him towards an unexpected strong finish.
Felipe Gustavo, entering with odds of +1800, is another to watch. His technical prowess and capability to perform complex tricks under pressure may make him a sleeper contender.
Finally, we have Ryan Decenzo, coming into Tokyo at odds of +2500, but buoyed by a fantastic second-place finish at SLS Chicago. Decenzo’s strong performance in Chicago speaks volumes about his potential to disrupt the expected order. His fearless approach and consistent performances make him a potential dark horse in Tokyo.

Expert Pick for SLS Tokyo

Our expert pick for the SLS Tokyo 2023 is Nyjah Huston (+615 Event Winner). The American skateboarding legend, who recently marked his powerful return at SLS Chicago with a third-place finish, has once again underscored his prowess on the global stage. Huston’s ability to overcome adversity is a testament to his indomitable spirit. Huston’s extraordinary technical skills and expert execution of each trick place him as a formidable contender in any competition. Moreover, his top-three finish in Chicago points to a positive trajectory that could extend into the Tokyo event. Although Huston might not be leading the odds, his consistent track record, unmatched resilience, and the renewed confidence from his successful return in Chicago make him our standout choice for the SLS Tokyo 2023.

Where to Bet on SLS Tokyo 2023

Wagers for the Street League Skateboarding Tokyo event can be placed at our partner sportsbooks. Be sure to review the most recent odds and take advantage of our exclusive sign up offers before locking in your bets. If you’re stepping onto the betting scene for the first time, don’t miss NXTbet’s exhaustive Skateboarding Betting Guide. As always, bet wisely and within your means.
The 2023 SLS Tokyo competition isn’t just a roller-coaster ride for skateboarding aficionados; it’s a thrilling venture for the betting enthusiasts as well. Whether you’re backing the crowd favorite or taking a gamble on an underdog, the tournament promises a captivating, high-energy spectacle.
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