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Best Bets: WSL 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro Pre-Event Odds

At the Corona Open J-Bay, the 9th stop on the 2023 WSL Championship Tour, top surfers showcased their skills at the iconic Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. With challenging three-to-five foot waves as the backdrop, Lakey Peterson and Filipe Toledo eventually emerged as champions. Peterson, battling her way to her fifth Championship Tour title, had tough bouts against formidable opponents like Caitlin Simmers, Caroline Marks, Tyler Wright, and the impressive Molly Picklum. Picklum, in particular, caught attention as she surpassed legends Stephanie Gilmore and Carissa Moore, making her way to the finals. On the men’s side, Toledo, the reigning World Champion, wasn’t the only standout. Ethan Ewing, last year’s winner, produced commendable performances against renowned competitors like Jordy Smith and Gabriel Medina before facing Toledo in the final. The event wrapped up with Peterson narrowly edging out Picklum 14.70 to 13.50, and Toledo securing a decisive win over Ewing, 18.76 to 12.60.
We’re charging into the 10th stop of the World Surf League Championship Tour – the 2023 WSL SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro. Teahupo’o, known for its punishing waves, stands as the final hurdle before surfers hit the Rip Curl WSL Finals. With nine tour stops behind them, the world’s top surfers are preparing to face off at ‘The End of the Road’. This Tahitian challenge will be the defining moment for both seasoned pros and daring newcomers, marking the grand climax of the tour’s regular events.
The stakes are monumental. Not only are surfers vying for the Tahiti Pro crown, but they’re also battling for the crucial points that could secure them a shot at the finals. Every ride, every wave could be the difference between making history and missing out. Expect hard-charging performances, high-stakes wipeouts, and intense rivalry. So buckle up and brace for impact – the 2023 WSL SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro is here. This is where the journey to the Rip Curl WSL Finals heats up!
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Schedule and How to Watch the 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

The SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro is slated to roll from August 11th to 20th, kicking off at 1PM EST. Die-hard fans can catch every wave live, as the World Surf League’s official website will be streaming the event every day within the event’s span.
For those who enjoy adding an extra layer of excitement to the sport, placing surfing bets on the event could be an exciting option. Be sure to watch the event live and keep tabs on NXTbets for real-time updates on odds data.

Best Bets and Picks for the Men’s 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

With Overall Event Winner, Heat Winner, and Head-to-Head bets available, bettors have a variety of betting options to choose from. Here are our top and outsider picks for the Men’s portion of the event:

Top Picks and Bets for the Men’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

Athlete Event Winner Odds
Filipe Toledo +436
John John Florence +466
Joao Chianca +628
Ethan Ewing +780
Griffin Colapinto +856
Leading the betting favorites is Filipe Toledo, priced at +436. After a commanding win at the Corona Open J-Bay, Toledo is once again the man to beat. His consistent performance on the Championship Tour and his ability to tackle the challenging waves in Jeffreys Bay make him a top contender for Tahiti.
John John Florence is close behind with odds of +466. Even though he didn’t make it to the podium at J-Bay, his previous performances and reputation for dominating in big wave conditions make him a promising pick for the Tahiti Pro.
Joao Chianca, coming in at +628, is another surfer to watch. While he hasn’t had a victory on the tour this year, his dynamic style and prowess in heavy waves are factors that can’t be overlooked.
Ethan Ewing, the previous year’s J-Bay winner, is priced at +780. His previous stellar performances and his runner-up finish at J-Bay suggest he could surprise many in Tahiti.
Lastly, Griffin Colapinto at +856 rounds up the top five. Known for his air game and fluid style, Colapinto is a dark horse that could offer a significant return on investment for those willing to back him.

Outsider Picks for the Men’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

While top contenders often grab headlines, every competition has its sleepers ready to defy expectations. Here are three surfers poised to potentially upset the field:
Athlete Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Gabirel Medina +975 $215
Yago Dora +1042 $228.40
Leonardo Fioravanti +1424 $304.80
With odds of +975, Gabriel Medina’s past accolades as a world champion should not be overlooked. His prowess, especially in high-pressure scenarios, makes him a formidable contender.
Yago Dora, carrying odds of +1042, currently sits 5th in the world rankings. His deft maneuvers and adaptability on the waves have been consistently impressive, setting him up as a strong presence in this contest.
Coming off the momentum of a recent finals berth, Leonardo Fioravanti is priced at +1424. Fioravanti’s recent achievement suggests he’s on an upward trajectory, and his strategic wave choices could see him pull off a surprise at the Tahiti Pro. This makes him an enticing bet for those willing to back the underdog with potential.

Expert Pick for the Men’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

Our expert pick for the Men’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro 2023 is John John Florence (+466 Event Winner). This Hawaiian powerhouse, known for his uncanny ability to tame heavy waves, is perfectly suited to the challenging conditions of Teahupo’o. His consistent performances throughout the year and the finesse with which he’s approached diverse wave conditions underline his adaptability and supreme talent.
Florence’s innate understanding of the ocean and his surgical precision in picking waves makes him an unmatched contender. And let’s not forget, after not quite reaching the podium at Rio, he’ll be hungry for a top finish. Moving up in the rankings after every event, the energy and drive Florence brings to the water is infectious. While he might not hold the top odds, his sheer talent, experience, and the motivation to solidify his position at the pinnacle of surfing make him our top pick for the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro 2023.

Opening Round Heat Winner Picks

The winners’ odds for the opening round heats are as follows:
Heat Favorite Heat Winner Odds
1 Joao Chianca -148
2 Griffin Colapinto -149
3 Ethan Ewing +100
5 Yago Dora -122
6 Gabriel Medina -135
7 John John Florence -165
8 Jack Robinson +110

Head-To-Head Matchups

Matchup (Favorites are in bold) Winner Odds
Ethan Ewing v. Jack Robinson -250
Griffin Colapinto v. Jack Robinson -178
John John Florence v. Filipe Toledo -120
Filipe Toledo v. Joao Chianca -200
Filipe Toledo v. Ethan Ewing -159
John John Florence v. Griffin Colapinto -158
John John Florence v. Jack Robinson -255
Filipe Toledo v. Griffin Colapinto -120
Filipe Toledo v. Jack Robinson -211
John John Florence v. Joao Chianca -270
Joao Chianca v. Jack Robinson EVEN ODDS
Ethan Ewing v. Griffin Colapinto -250
John John Florence v. Ethan Ewing -120
Joao Chianca v. Ethan Ewing -115
Griffin Colapinto v. Joao Chianca -146

Best Bets and Picks for the Women’s 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

Here are our top and outsider picks for the Women’s portion of the tournament:

Top Picks and Bets for the Women’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

Athlete Event Winner Odds
Carissa Moore +333
Tyler Wright +558
Molly Picklum +630
Vahine Fierro +657
Caroline Marks +667
Leading the charge is Carissa Moore, with odds of +333. Moore’s command over powerful reef breaks, a hallmark of Teahupo’o, is almost unparalleled. Her rich history of multiple world titles and consistently stellar performances makes her the surfer to beat, echoing the confidence that bookmakers and surf enthusiasts have in her.
Close on Moore’s heels, we find Tyler Wright, priced at +558. Wright’s resilience and adaptability have seen her tackle various challenges head-on in past competitions. As a two-time World Champion, she’s no stranger to pressure and has the prowess to deliver in Tahiti.
Young guns like Molly Picklum, with odds of +630, represent the new guard of women’s professional surfing. Her explosive energy and recent upswing in form could make her a lucrative pick for those looking beyond the veterans. Vahine Fierro (+657), a local Tahitian wildcard, has a deep understanding of the Teahupo’o break, which might just play to her advantage.
Lastly, Caroline Marks, at +667, brings to the table her youthful vigor and a technical brilliance that has seen her rise swiftly in the global rankings. Marks, who has already made a name for herself by winning major events in the past, can never be counted out.

Outsider Picks for the Women’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

Athlete Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Caitlin Simmers +974 $214.80
Lakey Peterson +988 $217.60
Gabriela Bryan +1364 $292.80
Caitlin Simmers, with event winner odds of +974, is a young talent bursting with potential. Known for her progressive maneuvers, she has the toolkit to defy the odds at Teahupo’o.
Lakey Peterson at +988 is not just an outsider but also a surfer riding the wave of recent success. Fresh off a triumphant victory at J-Bay, her confidence is likely sky-high. With her aggressive yet graceful approach, she could leverage her momentum to deliver a standout performance in Tahiti.
Lastly, Gabriela Bryan, priced at +1364, is rapidly making her mark on the tour. While considered a long shot, her recent outings suggest that underestimating her would be a mistake. As the event unfolds, any of these surfers could defy expectations, making them fascinating picks for those willing to gamble.
Our top recommendation for the Women’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro is Tyler Wright (+558 Event Winner). Wright, a two-time World Champion, has a history of showcasing her prowess in powerful waves, making Tahiti’s Teahupo’o a suitable playground for her talents. She possesses the rare combination of raw power and intricate finesse which she often uses to carve her way through heavy reef breaks.
Over the years, Tyler’s resilience and ability to adapt to varying conditions have earned her numerous accolades. Moreover, her consistent track record and recent performances indicate she’s in peak form. While Carissa Moore might be leading the odds, Wright’s determination and experience, especially in high-pressure scenarios, place her in a prime position to clinch a win at this prestigious event. Given all these factors, Tyler Wright emerges as our expert pick for the Women’s SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro.

Opening Round Heat Winner Picks

The winners’ odds for the opening round heats are as follows:
Heat Favorite Heat Winner Odds
1 Molly PIcklum +141
2 Carissa Moore +102
3 Tyler Wright -105
4 Caroline Marks +135

Head-To-Head Matchups

Matchup(Favorites are in bold) Winner Odds
Carissa Moore v. Tyler Wright -178
Carissa Moore v. Molly Picklum -190
Carissa Moore v. Vahine Fierro -343
Carissa Moore v. Caroline Marks -130
Tyler Wright v. Molly Picklum -208
Tyler Wright v. Vahine Fierro -308
Tyler Wright v. Caroline Marks -135
Molly Picklum v. Vahine Fierro -189
Caroline Marks v. Molly Picklum -140
Vahine Fierro v. Caroline Marks -123

Where to Bet on the 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

The 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro promises not just excitement for surf fans, but also an exciting opportunity for the betting community. Whether betting on the favorite or taking a risk with an outsider, the event is sure to be an epic experience.
If you’re looking to add some extra excitement to the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro, head over to check out NXTBets exclusive sign up offers with our vetted & approved partners and make your picks now. Keep an eye on the most recent odds and promotions to make the most informed wager. Betting rookies, fear not – NXTbet’s detailed Surfing Betting Guide is your ticket to understanding the ropes. Remember, always gamble responsibly and within your comfort zone.
Beyond the surf spectacle, the 2023 SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro offers the betting community a thrilling avenue to engage. Whether you’re backing a top seed or an underdog, the event ensures an unforgettable betting experience on top of the surf action.
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