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Best Bets: Spring Creek National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

At the 2023 Southwick National, rookie Jett Lawrence showcased pure class, leading every lap of both motos and extending his incredible unbeaten run in the AMA Pro Motocross National Championship Series. Lawrence’s dominance on the sandy track puts him a commanding 67 points ahead in the championship.
Chase Sexton gave a commendable performance, claiming second place in both motos, while Dylan Ferrandis wrapped up the podium despite finishing a full 50 seconds behind Lawrence. Aaron Plessinger was left in the dust, finishing fourth and more than half a minute behind Ferrandis.
The fight for fifth place ended in a five-way tie, with Garrett Marchbanks rising to the occasion with his second-place finish in moto 2, marking his first top five finish of the season. Hot on his heels were José Butron, hometown hero Chris Canning, Adam Cianciarulo, and Ty Masterpool. On the flip side, Jason Anderson started strong but ended up slipping to a disappointing tenth place overall.
As the sand settles at Southwick, we now look forward to the 2023 Spring Creek National. Set to ignite the picturesque town of Millville, Minnesota, the 7th stop on the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship Tour is not one to miss. Get ready to witness jaw-dropping action at the legendary Spring Creek Motocross Park. Known for its challenging terrain, steep hills, and formidable obstacles, this iconic track will push riders to their limits, ensuring electrifying battles and heart-stopping moments.
For those seeking to add an extra level of excitement, the 2023 Spring Creek National presents a golden opportunity for strategic betting. Stay tuned as we provide you with exclusive pre-event odds, expert analysis, and invaluable insights to help you make calculated wagering decisions.
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Schedule and How to Watch the 2023 Spring Creek National

On July 15th, gates open at 8:00am MST, with racing commencing at 11:00am MST. For those who can’t attend in person, find out where to watch live on the official Pro Motocross website. If you’re considering placing betting on MotoGP, remember to tune in to the action and look out for odds and pricing updates from NXTbets.
Check out James Stewart’s Expert Analysis ON ‘ BUBBAS WORLD SOUTHWICK MX REWIND’ To get valuable insights into the riders, their strengths and weaknesses, the tracks and what to look out for in this weekends Pro Motocross race at Spring Creek.

Best Bets and Picks for the 2023 Spring Creek National

With Overall Event Winner and Podium Finish (top three) bets available, a wealth of betting options await bettors. Here are our top and outsider picks for the event:

Top Picks and Bets for the Spring Creek National

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds
Jett Lawrence -600 -4999
Chase Sexton +350 +235
Adam Cianciarulo +800 +240
Dylan Ferrandis +800 +254
Aaron Plessinger +800 +314
Jett Lawrence, the roaring rookie sensation, is leading the charge into the Spring Creek National. His unstoppable streak makes him the safest bet for high-stake returns, given his current dominant form.
Chase Sexton, who captured second place in both motos at the Southwick National, is another strong contender. With winner odds at +350, an outright win bet might be more of a long shot, but his +235 podium odds provide a lucrative payout opportunity given his recent consistency.
Adam Cianciarulo, despite a five-way tie for fifth place at Southwick, carries event winner odds at +800 and podium odds at +240. He’s an intriguing bet for those willing to wager on a comeback story.
Lastly, Dylan Ferrandis and Aaron Plessinger, both with high-risk, high-reward odds of +800 for event winner each, and +254 and +314 for a podium finish respectively, provide tantalizing options. Their previous consistency, reflected by Ferrandis’ third place and Plessinger’s fourth place at Southwick, offers a chance for a profitable payout on a podium finish.

Outsider Picks for the Spring Creek National

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds
Chris Canning +6000 +684
Garrett Marchbanks +6000 +730
Fredrik Noren +35,000 +1679
First up, Chris Canning, standing 24th in the overall championship standings, carries podium odds of +684. After tying for fifth place at Southwick, Canning is demonstrating he’s capable of a strong finish. A speculative $20 bet on Canning could yield a total return of $156.80, given his potential for an impressive performance.
Next, Garrett Marchbanks, currently ranked 9th overall in the championship, proved his mettle at Southwick with a notable second-place finish in the second moto. Despite carrying odds of +6000 for an outright win, his recent form suggests he could break into the podium places. A bold $20 bet on Marchbanks, with his podium odds of +730, could reward bettors with a total return of $166.
Finally, Fredrik Noren, positioned 8th in the championship standings, brings long odds of +35,000 for event winner and +1679 for a podium finish. While Noren didn’t shine at Southwick, his overall standing indicates he’s no stranger to top-level performances. An adventurous $20 bet on Noren could result in a significant total payout of $355.80. These long odds cater to those looking for high risk, high reward bets.

Head-To-Head Picks

Matchup(Favorites are in Bold) Winner Odds
Chase Sexton vs. Adam Cianciarulo -125
Chase Sexton vs. Dylan Ferrandis -125
Chase Sexton vs. Aaron Plessinger -130
Chase Sexton vs. Ty Masterpool -135
Chase Sexton vs. Jason Anderson -145
Adam Cianciarulo vs. Dylan Ferrandis Even Odds
Adam Cianciarulo vs. Aaron Plessinger -125
Adam Cianciarulo vs. Ty Masterpool -125
Adam Cianciarulo vs. Jason Anderson -130
Dylan Ferrandis vs. Aaron Plessinger Even Odds
Dylan Ferrandis vs. Ty Masterpool -120
Dylan Ferrandis vs. Jason Anderson -125
Aaron Plessinger vs. Ty Masterpool -120
Aaron Plessinger vs. Jason Anderson -125
Ty Masterpool vs. Jason Anderson -120

Odds Without Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence’s dominance this season has been astounding. So far, the rookie sensation out of Australia has yet to lose a single lap, let alone moto, in the entire 2023 tour, and may be on his way to an exceedingly rare “perfect season.” Because his performance seems to be leaving competitors in the dust, sportsbooks are offering bets with odds that exclude Jett from the calculation to keep things interesting. This means you can place bets on who will be runner-up in the 2023 Spring Creek National. Jett-less odds for our picks are given below.

Top Picks Without Jett Lawrence

Athlete Event Winner Odds without Jett
Chase Sexton -110
Adam Cianciarulo +400
Dylan Ferrandis +400
Aaron Plessinger +400

Outsider Picks Without Jett Lawrence

Athlete Event Winner Odds without Jett
Chris Canning +1000
Garrett Marchbanks +1500
Fredrik Noren +3000

Expert Pick for the Spring Creek National

Dylan Ferrandis is our expert pick for the upcoming event, despite not carrying the favorite’s tag. As one of the world’s most formidable motocross talents, his consistent podium finishes demonstrate his undying determination and world-class skills. His recent third-place finish at the Southwick National was a significant display of his prowess.
With his winning momentum on the rise, and with odds of +400 for the win (without Jett Lawrence) and +254 for a podium finish, a bet on Ferrandis could result in a nice payout. Ferrandis sits second in the overall standings, 67 points behind the leader, proving his track record of top performances throughout the series. This seasoned motocross star is primed for a standout performance, and bettors should take note.

Where to Bet on the 2023 Spring Creek National

Bets for the Pro Motocross Spring Creek National can be placed at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check the latest odds and promotions before placing your bets. If you’re a newbie to the betting scene, check out NXTbet’s comprehensive Motocross Betting Guide. As always, bet responsibly and within your limits.
The 2023 Pro Motocross Spring Creek National promises not just excitement for motocross fans, but also a thrill-filled opportunity for the betting community. Whether betting on the favorite or taking a risk with an outsider, the event is sure to deliver a high-octane experience.
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