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Best Bets: WLD Atlanta 2023 Pre-Event Odds

The anticipation is palpable as the world turns its gaze to Atlanta, Georgia, the illustrious stage for the World Long Drive Championship. Power and precision will be on full display as elite athletes, including Kingsport’s champion Jack Smith and the formidable Kyle Berkshire, converge to battle for the coveted title. In the women’s division, the air is thick with expectation for another monumental clash between long drive titans like Sandra Carlborg and Phillis Meti.
With the iconic Atlanta skyline serving as a backdrop, every swing and soaring drive will not just be a contest of distance but a bid for eternal glory in the annals of this prestigious sport. As the athletes prepare and the fans’ excitement reaches fever pitch, we are also gearing up to deliver an incisive betting analysis, poised to offer invaluable insights for those eager to stake their claim in this high-stakes showdown.
The stage is set; legends will rise, and histories will be written. Every drive is a step closer to glory. Stay tuned.
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Schedule and How to Watch WLD Atlanta 2023

Atlanta is set to host the electrifying World Long Drive Championship from October 18th-22nd. As the city pulsates with anticipation, athletes from the Open, Senior, and Women’s Divisions are gearing up to showcase a blend of power and precision. Check out the full schedule here. If you can’t witness the spectacle in person, catch every drive and cheer on the official WLD YouTube Channel. Witness legends in the making and epic confrontations; the greens are calling.

Best Bets and Picks for Men’s WLD Atlanta 2023

Here are our prime picks and dark horse selections for Atlanta:

Top Picks and Bets for Men’s WLD Atlanta

Golfer Event Winner Odds Long Driver Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Kyle Berkshire +238 +139 EW: $67 LD: $47
Justin James +594 +365 EW: $138 LD: $93
Martin Borgmeier +740 +675 EW: $168 LD: $155
Leading the charge is Kyle Berkshire, with an impressive 1055 WLD points. The odds favor him at +238 for the event winner and +139 for the long driver. His unparalleled performance at Kingsport, delivering a jaw-dropping 401-yard drive, is evidence of his dominant presence. While he didn’t secure the Kingsport title, his seamless fusion of power and finesse makes him a prime contender.
Not far behind is Justin James. Boasting a WLD ranking of third with 900 points, his odds stand at +594 for event-winning and +365 for the long driver. Past events have showcased his signature 390-yard drives and unwavering determination. This combination could very well see him rise to the occasion in Atlanta, offering bettors a tantalizing prospect.
Martin Borgmeier, with his 980 WLD points, shouldn’t be underestimated. Holding odds of +740 to clinch the event and +675 as the long driver, Borgmeier’s spectacular 396-yard drive at Kingsport showcased his impeccable form. While he might be perceived as an underdog compared to Berkshire and James, his meticulous execution might serve as a game-changer.

Outsider Picks for Men’s WLD Atlanta

Golfer Event Winner Odds Long Driver Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Zack Holton +1063 +1329 EW: $232 LD: $285
Colton Castro +1270 +2532 EW: $274 LD: $526
Josh Koch +1686 +777 EW: $337 LD: $175
Ranked fifth in the standings, Zack Holton carries a mix of finesse and raw power. His odds of +1063 to win and +1329 for the longest drive reflect a potential dark horse who might defy expectations and shake up the leaderboards.
Colton Castro, sitting at the seventh spot, brings to the table an impressive track record and a hunger to climb higher. His odds stand at +1270 for the event winner and a substantial +2532 for the long driver. Castro’s playstyle and determination make him a pick worth considering for those looking to hedge their bets.
Not to be sidelined, Josh Koch, ranked fourth, is a formidable contender. With odds of +1686 for event winner and a contrasting +777 for the longest drive, Koch’s agility and strategic gameplay could set him apart in Atlanta.

Expert Pick for Men’s WLD Atlanta

Considering the value offered against his proven track record, Justin James emerges as the best value bet. Ranked third in WLD points, he has showcased clutch performances with drives like the notable 390-yard at past events. While his event-winning odds of +594 might seem a stretch against front-runners like Berkshire, James’ adaptability and fierce competitive spirit mean he’s poised for a standout performance in Atlanta. Betting on James offers an enticing balance between potential return and calculated risk.

Best Bets and Picks for Women’s WLD Atlanta 2023

Top Picks and Bets for Women’s WLD Atlanta

Golfer Event Winner Odds Long Driver Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Phillis Meti +313 +291 EW: $62 LD: $78
Monica Lieving +331 +199 EW: $86 LD: $59
Sandra Carlborg +585 +675 EW: $137 LD: $155
The Women’s WLD Atlanta event promises a thrilling clash of titans with Phillis Meti, Monica Lieving, and Sandra Carlborg leading the pack. Phillis Meti, with her unmatched 750 WLD points, displayed formidable prowess at WLD Kingsport, narrowly finishing second to the iconic Sandra Carlborg. This consistency positions her as a solid contender for Atlanta.
Monica Lieving, fresh off her remarkable 340-yard drive at Kingsport and possessing an impressive 687.5 WLD points, is a force to reckon with. Her blend of precision and power could propel her to the pinnacle in Atlanta.
Sandra Carlborg, the seasoned champion, is another name that can’t be sidelined. Despite her longer odds, her history of clinching titles and her performance at Kingsport, where she bested Meti, showcases her caliber.
As the WLD Atlanta event unfolds, the atmosphere is rife with anticipation. With each golfer bringing a unique skill set to the tee, the championship is anyone’s game.

Outsider Picks for Women’s WLD Atlanta

Golfer Event Winner Odds Long Driver Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Devon Casazza +599 +468 EW: $139 LD: $113
Kelly Rudney +1120 +942 EW: $244 LD: $208
Gabi Powel +1251 +3126 EW: $270 LD: $645
In the arena of Women’s WLD, the Atlanta championship is shaping up to be a thrilling contest, especially when focusing on potential outsiders with the prowess to upset the expected order. Devon Cassazza, currently ranked third with 617.5 WLD points, cannot be overlooked. While she sits comfortably within the top trio, she boasts a potential that, when realized, could upset her more favored counterparts.
Kelly Rudney, who has amassed 552.5 points to secure the fourth position, is another contender. Her blend of consistency and prior experience might just see her defy the +1120 event winner odds and +942 long driver odds attached to her name.
Gabi Powel, holding the fifth rank with 455 points, is an intriguing proposition. While the odds might seem stacked against her, especially with her long odds of +3126 for the long driver, surprises aren’t new in sports. Given the right conditions and a touch of luck, Powel could emerge from the shadows to challenge her higher-ranked peers.

Expert Pick for Women’s WLD Atlanta

Monica Lieving, second in the WLD standings with 687.5 points, offers an impressive balance between risk and potential payout. Her commendable performance at WLD Kingsport, where she registered a powerful 340-yard drive, showcases her peak form heading into Atlanta. Given her proximity to the top rank and her consistent performances, the +331 odds present an excellent value proposition for bettors looking for a blend of safety and reward.

Where to Bet on WLD Atlanta 2023

Bets for the WLD Atlanta 2023 can be placed through our affiliated sportsbooks. Always consult NXTbets for the freshest odds and exclusive promotions before locking in your wagers. This year’s WLD Championship is more than just a showcase of long drive prowess; it’s a pulsating arena for betting enthusiasts. Whether you’re rooting for the frontrunners or hedging on an outsider, anticipate a heart-racing, adrenaline-filled spectacle.
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