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  • World Long Drive - Ultimate Guide Article

    World Long Drive – Ultimate Guide

    The World Long Drive Championship may be a familiar event to golfers and enthusiasts but not beginner sports lovers. It’s also possible that even for those familiar with the championship, some may not understand certain aspects, which we intend to change. Long drive events add some flair to normal golfing, making it more intense and …

  • How to Bet on World Long Drive Competitions

    How to Bet on World Long Drive Competitions

    If you are a sports bettor looking for a new opportunity to wager in a blooming sport, look no further! The World Long Drive has become a very popular sport among golf aficionados who want to engage with the sport beyond traditional competitions. The appeal of the World Long Drive to golf enthusiasts can be …

  • Results & Betting Payouts Recap: World Long Drive Atlanta 2023

    The World Long Drive Championship in Atlanta has concluded, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspiring drives and fierce competition. Kyle Berkshire defended his title with a display of sheer power, etching his name once more into the annals of the long drive elite. Amid the exhilarating clashes of the titans on the tee, each competitor …

  • Best Bets: WLD Atlanta 2023 Pre-Event Odds

    The anticipation is palpable as the world turns its gaze to Atlanta, Georgia, the illustrious stage for the World Long Drive Championship. Power and precision will be on full display as elite athletes, including Kingsport’s champion Jack Smith and the formidable Kyle Berkshire, converge to battle for the coveted title. In the women’s division, the …

  • Best Bets: WLD Kingsport 2023 Pre-Event Odds

    Following the electrifying WLD West Bountiful event in Utah, the golfing world is still buzzing. Bryce Verplank emerged as the top performer, launching a colossal 439-yard drive, closely followed by Jack Smith at 430 yards. Though Smith managed to accumulate more aggregate distance, it was Verplank’s singular strike that stole the limelight. Zack Holton showcased …