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Supercross Racing Betting - Ultimate Guide

Supercross Racing Betting – Ultimate Guide

Think of Supercross as a newer, more refined version of motocross (the original form of dirt bike racing). What is the difference between Supercross and Motocross? Motocross is a sport that occurs on long courses majorly consisting of naturally-existing terrain and dirt, whereas Supercross involves manually hauling dirt into stadiums. In a nutshell, Supercross brings the bumping, jumping, and turning of dirt bikes closer to the fans.

If you are a sports bettor, you are probably here because you want to know how to place bets on Supercross races. Well, we’ve got you covered! In a world with numerous sportsbooks, you can bet on almost every sport, including Supercross racing. The good news is that NXTbets has even partnered with some of these sportsbooks, so be sure we’ll point you in the right direction! Now, let’s talk about how the sport takes place, the betting techniques, and any other information you should know about Supercross betting.

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Understanding Supercross Racing

You must comprehend how the sport works before engaging in any betting activities. How will you choose the best betting market if you don’t know what the qualifiers or the points-scoring system entail? Keep reading as we take you through the unique features of Supercross racing!

What Makes Supercross Racing Unique?

Three features come to mind when differentiating Supercross from other dirt bike racing sports – the classes, track, and qualification method.

Supercross Track

Have you ever been to a Supercross track? It is the epitome of the evolution of dirt bike racing. The track features obstacles such as rhythm sections (different combinations of irregular jump series), triple jumps (happens when a rider overcomes three jumps in a row via a single leap of 70 feet and above), and whoop sections (where riders glide over the top of brutal bumps).

The nature of the track means that you have to be a professional to traverse the obstacles. It takes approximately 500 truckloads of dirt to build a Supercross track successfully. The soil can be muddy, rutted, sandy, soft, or any required combination.


The races are divided into two classes: the 250 Class and the 450 Class. The 250 class primarily features younger riders riding on the 250cc four-stroke motorcycles. It is also split into two regions (East and West), which crown their champions independently. 

On the other hand, the 450 class consists of more experienced riders rocking the 450cc four-stroke motorcycles. If you are a dirt bike racing enthusiast, you have certainly heard of riders like Jett Lawrence, Chase Sexton, Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb, and Ken Roczen.

The numbers referred to when talking about the bikes are the engine sizes (250 and 450). The higher the number, the bigger and better the engine is – the 450cc has better power and torque. The downside is that they are also more to control. 

The current 250cc and 450cc bikes used in the Supercross races are produced by:

  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • KTM
  • Husqvarna
  • GasGas

These bikes are not the everyday motorcycles you purchase from your local dealership. They are highly modified and cannot be handled by an average bike rider. Supercross bikes are capable of generating up to 70 hp and weigh approximately 220 pounds. This means the bikes have a better power-to-weight ratio than those of high-level NASCAR vehicles.

Qualification Method

Qualification in the 250 class and the 450 class more or less follows a similar format:

  • Both classes have a Main Event, which lasts for twenty minutes plus one lap for the 450 class and fifteen minutes plus one lap for the 250 class.
  • Only a maximum of 22 riders can fit at the starting gate.
  • There are two sessions: the afternoon practice sessions and the night program. Only the top 40 from each class make it from the afternoon practice sessions to the night program.
  • The riders will then participate in a heat race – there are two heat races per class (this is because of the number of riders that can be accommodated at the starting gate). 
  • From there, the riders who qualify from the heat races proceed directly to the main event.
  • If a rider in the 450 class fails to qualify, there is a second chance (semi-final race) and a third chance (last chance qualifier).
  • Riders in the 250 class who don’t qualify through the heat races have one more shot at proceeding to the main event – the last chance qualifier.
  • Those who do not qualify for the main event are done for the night and do not receive any series points.

Alternative Format – Triple Crown

  • The ‘Triple Crown’ takes place on 3 unique races on the season tour are deemed to operate under the ‘Triple Crown’ format. The qualifying works differently for Triple Crown races. Instead of doing heat races and a single main event, the qualifying races happen earlier in the day and the event consists of 3 shortened main event races of the top 22 riders on the day. Whoever has the best performance across all 3 main events is the overall winner of the Triple Crown race.

The Supercross Racing Calendar and Events

Every bit of information about the sport might help turn a bet loss into a win – the event location is also important. Track bias is a crucial aspect of betting that many punters often ignore. Have you ever seen how the performance of some Formula One drivers remains consistent when racing at a particular location? For instance, no other driver, besides Max Verstappen, has won the Dutch Grand Prix since reintroduction to the Formula One calendar. 

You can do a background check on the drivers’ or manufacturers’ performances when racing on certain tracks. For example, when racing at Anaheim, Yamaha seems to have a decent record in both classes. Such things can help you make informed decisions when betting on Supercross events – of course, the driver matters too, but digging for that extra information might just be the luck you need to win your bet.

Participants in Supercross Racing

If you are a punter doubling up as a Supercross fan, you definitely know who the top Supercross riders are. But for those who are interacting with this sport for the first time, this is an eye-opener on the best riders or manufacturers to watch out for. 

Riders’ profiles or records significantly shape the final outlook of your betting slip. More often than not, people always go for a rider with the most points or wins in a competitive season. The top point scorers (ranked based on the respective classes) of the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship are:

450SX Points Standings

  • Chase Sexton – 372 points
  • Eli Tomac – 339 points
  • Cooper Webb – 304 points

250SX West Standings

  • Jett Lawrence – 223 points
  • R.J. Hampshire – 186 points
  • Levi Kitchen – 156 points

250SX East Standings

  • Hunter Lawrence – 241 points
  • Haiden Deegan – 183 points
  • Max Anstie – 182 points

We are not saying you should strictly bet for the drivers mentioned above – these are just some of the best riders that should be on your radar.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria in Supercross racing are quite similar to the typical criteria in other motorsports. For instance, if you are a Formula One fan, you’ll notice similarities in how the judges determine the winners of the races.

The criteria used in Supercross are:

Finishing Order: This is where a winner is determined simply by the finishing position – the first participant to cross the finishing line at the lapse of the designated number of laps is declared the winner. 

Disqualifications: There are some set codes of conduct and rules that riders are expected to uphold at all times. Good sportsmanship is also a non-negotiable trait in the sports industry. Any violation of the set regulations may result in the disqualification of a rider from the race.

Time Penalties: Penalties are often issued based on the riders’ conduct during the race. For instance, dangerous driving will always result in a time penalty, which is imposed either immediately or at the end of the race.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Bet on Supercross Racing

Is betting on Supercross racing lucrative? You will never know if you don’t try it. Generally, people consider sports betting to be profitable (if you use the right strategies). We’ll eventually get to some of the best strategies you can implement when betting on Supercross events – for now, let’s talk about why it is a potential cash cow for punters.

Interesting and Unique Betting Markets

Supercross features some interesting betting markets that increase your chances of winning. For instance, there are the ‘top 3’ and ‘prop bet’ markets – the top 3 market allows you to predict the riders who’ll potentially finish in the first three slots of the overall event, whereas the prop bet market lets you predict outcomes unrelated to the event such as the time taken to recite the national anthem.

As you can see, these are way simpler markets that require you to do a little bit of research and observe the event proceedings. However, it does not mean you’ll be guaranteed a win – they just improve your chances of winning.


Unlike other sports, Supercross is more direct and beginner-friendly. There will be some struggle when you start, but with the right strategies and a good grasp of the rules, you should be good to go. 

At some point, we were all novices in a field we now have extensive experience in. The best thing that can happen at the beginner level is getting a guide that delivers sufficient information and effective strategies to overcome potential challenges. For beginners in Supercross betting, this is it!

Great Opportunity to Make Money

If your daily source of income can’t comfortably sort your bills, you can try betting on Supercross as a supplement. However, only use what you can afford to lose when betting. Sometimes, you might get too excited after a few wins and decide to place a lump sum bet. Despite having interesting markets, betting on Supercross is still a form of gambling – limit your betting amount, do thorough research, and hope for the best.

Supercross is Thrilling and Exciting

An extra level of excitement kicks in when you are watching races you’ve placed bets on. Imagine seeing the participant you placed a ‘winner’ bet on taking a lead in the race. You’ll probably jump around and yell in excitement. But remember to be cautious and responsible when gambling – you have to control your emotions if the outcome is negative.

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How to Bet on Supercross Racing

If you are still reading, you now have a good grasp of the features of Supercross racing and why it is a great betting option worth exploring. This is where it gets even better – let’s talk about how to bet on Supercross events and the best strategies you should adopt.

Where to Bet on Supercross Events

The first step is to identify a sportsbook that offers favorable betting markets on Supercross events. After that, proceed to create an account and then make a deposit. It is often advisable to identify and create accounts on multiple sportsbooks to utilize the deposit promotions, signup bonuses, and varying betting markets. 

Luckily for you, we have already identified the best sportsbooks offering bets on Supercross races. You can sign up with our sportsbook partners and enjoy the latest signup offers! Our list of sportsbook partners also informs you about the available sportsbooks in your specific state.

Types of Supercross Bets

Supercross has a variety of betting markets that are distinct from other sports. Here are some of the common types of bets you’ll come across:

Overall Winner Bets

This is the most common type of bet across all sports and games. It allows you to choose who will win the overall event for the respective Supercross classes. It may sound easy until every participant looks like a winner to you. You have to do extensive research and performance analysis to be confident enough to settle on an overall winner.

Bets on Future Events

If you go through the Supercross Championship website, you’ll notice that the venue and dates of the 2024 events have already been listed. Did you know that there are sportsbooks that offer betting markets on upcoming events? The downside, however, is that so much can change in so little time. But then the potential reward for betting on future events (if you are correct) can also be appealing.

Podium Finish Bets

The podium finish bet is also known as the ‘top 3’ bet. This is where you simply predict which riders will finish in the first three positions. This bet is much safer than picking an overall winner, as it gives you a margin of error. Choosing the best three riders is definitely easier than picking a single winner.

Head-to-Head Bets

This market is probably the most interesting bet you can place on Supercross races. It involves waging on who’ll finish ahead of the other between two competitive riders.

Prop Bets

A prop bet is a bet you wage on outcomes other than those that arise from the actual race – for example, the winner’s home country.

Factors Influencing Supercross Betting

The odds in Supercross betting tend to fluctuate in the days or weeks leading to the event. This means that sportsbooks must regularly update their odds for the different betting markets. Some of the factors that influence the fluctuation of these odds include:


One of the biggest influences in any sport is injuries – when a participant is injured, their involvement is suspended. The best part about this information is that it is usually availed to the public by the respective teams. You just need to keep up with the latest news on the Supercross website and other top commentaries.

If you keenly follow the qualifiers, you’ll also be able to notice a participant’s involvement or absence.

Additionally, you should consider the injuries or surgeries a rider went through during the off-season period. This will inform the odds bookmarkers assign them – you should also consider it when placing bets.

Team Changes

A new level of pressure suddenly shows up whenever there is a change in a team’s setup or bike manufacturer/brand. These changes may positively or negatively impact how riders perform – it requires them to adapt or suffer poor performances. You must not overlook these changes at the start of a new season or throughout the season.

Watch out for upcoming riders who just secured new contracts with their teams. New signings in every sport always come with an extra level of pressure – everyone always expects them to perform, especially if the contract involves huge sums of money.

In addition, imagine a rider who has been using Yamaha his entire life but is required to transition to another brand due to team changes. Sometimes, the new ride just seems off from the onset of the season, and a rider might struggle to adapt.

Performance and Reliability of the Bikes

The performance and reliability of the bikes significantly affect the odds. Sportsbooks will often check the relative speed of the bikes during the practice sessions as they adjust their odds. You should try to keep up with these developments when waging on the races.

Practice Sessions

You should always monitor the practice sessions prior to the actual race. It is safe to say that most races are either won or lost during these sessions – they get to inform you about the in-form riders and those having a bad day.

Performance Statistics

The influence of performance history and statistics on betting odds is massive – you could say it is one of the primary influences (if not the biggest). Bookmarkers will look at how the riders previously performed on certain tracks and the bike used at the time. They keep track of these statistics consistently as they evaluate every rider’s probability of success. Of course, the riders’ current form also counts during the estimation of odds – a rider on a hot streak or with a great performance record will certainly have lower odds.

State of the Supercross Track

Every rider always has some luck when it comes to a particular track. It could be due to hometown advantage or basically the nature of the tracks – technical tracks require bikes with better handling, whereas long, straight tracks are built for powerful engines. These are some of the factors you should analyze before placing bets, especially if you choose to go for the overall winner bet.

Strategies for Successful Supercross Betting

The fact that we are talking about successful strategies does not insinuate that you will be guaranteed a win. However, these strategies will improve your chances of winning your bets on Supercross events:

  • Betting on future events or days before the race tends to have relatively higher rewards because the initial odds are always higher or lower before the qualifiers begin.
  • Sometimes, bookmarkers inflate the odds of underdogs to discourage punters from waging on them. Always look out for such value odds.
  • Try to bet on multiple markets to increase your chances of success.
  • Keenly monitor the progress of the qualifiers.
  • Look for any advantages or disadvantages arising from the track characteristics and weather conditions.
  • Watch out for any developments that might tilt a rider’s probability of winning – mechanical issues, injuries, and other latest news.
  • Ensure proper bankroll management – have a fixed budget and stick to it.
  • Remember to bet responsibly.

Advanced Supercross Betting Strategies

Advanced-Data Analysis in Supercross Betting

Technological advancements are making everyone’s lives better, including yours as a punter. Currently, there are advanced betting models that utilize data science and analytics to help you place bets with a higher probability of success. 

These advanced betting models do not rely on mere chance but on the strength of the data collected and analyzed. We are referring to data that gives you extensive knowledge of trends in the Supercross races and the forecast outcomes.

Whether or not you should adopt these models should not be subject to decision-making – we’d advise you to adopt them for strategic purposes. It gives you that extra bit of winning chances. For instance, real-time data analysis in live betting allows you to access live updates, statistical analyses, and visualizations of an ongoing race. It gives you an insight into the constantly changing circumstances so that you can make better betting choices.

Insider Insights and Expert Tips

It is not strange to see people mocking or questioning expert picks on the outcome of certain races. But remember that most of these Supercross betting experts are either former participants, coaches, or people with vast knowledge of the sport. They didn’t just become experts overnight – it took years of comprehending the sport for them to be able to give expert opinions. 

Believe it or not, these expert insights or tips could go a long way toward shaping a successful bet slip. It doesn’t matter whether or not the experts were ultimately right – their opinions are based on in-depth data analysis and understanding of the game dynamics. You would rather lose after relying on informed decisions rather than random picks or guesswork.

Ethical Betting, Safe Practices, and Regulations

What comes to your mind when you think about gambling? Money-making opportunity? Taxes? Many people rarely take time to think about the ethical implications of gambling. Let’s dig deeper into some of the ways you can engage in ethical betting, safe practices, and gambling regulations.

Ethical Considerations in Supercross Betting

There have been many debates on whether gambling, generally, should stay legal. People have raised issues of mental health, financial ruin, and family breakdown. According to some individuals, the harmful effects of gambling outweigh its benefits, hence the need to ban it to protect society.

On the other hand, some people believe that ethical betting can be promoted with proper regulatory mechanisms. Some of the ethical betting tips are:

  • Only bet what you are willing to lose – using money that is meant for other things such as school fees, rent, or any other crucial activity may result in a mental health breakdown. That is when you find yourself in a fix you can’t get out of, and the only way out becomes crime or suicide.
  • Set a limit and stick to it to prevent unnecessary losses.
  • Try not to be emotional about the bets you place – if possible, try to avoid participants you are emotionally attached to.

Safe Betting Practices

Safe betting practices entail responsible betting, which many people tend to ignore, either consciously or unintentionally. Some of the tips to keep your betting safe include:

  • Don’t chase your losses – once you’ve lost, let it go.
  • Take regular breaks to prevent gambling addiction.
  • Avoid gambling while drunk or under the influence of any drug.
  • Balance between betting and other activities – gambling should not impair your ability to socialize or be productive at work.

Betting Regulations and Legalities

Although technology has made betting easier, your participation may be restricted depending on where you live in the United States. This is mainly because sports betting is heavily regulated, and supercross betting is no exception. This means that before placing any bets, you must check whether the state you are living in has supercross betting regulations. 

Unlike in the past, the betting landscape in the United States has changed and promotes legal supercross betting. About 38 States have made gambling legal and live, while 1 state has laws, but they are not operational.

Therefore, if you live in these States, you can comfortably place your bets without worrying about supercross racing betting legality except where the laws have not been launched. 

On the other hand, about 5 US states have no betting legislation,  while 7 states have dead legislation. 

Betting safely on Supercross racing requires understanding betting regulations in the area and state that you live in. This is because illegal betting is an offense punishable under the gambling laws. Also, no one wants to bet knowing it would land them in jail.


Supercross betting can be a successful venture if you adopt the right strategies. First of all,  it is important to understand the rules of the game – know how the participants score or lose points. This ensures that you can comfortably explore all the betting markets offered by the bookmarkers.

However, you should never overlook the ethical considerations and safe practices in betting. Betting is not all there is to life; keep with other activities in your life and you won’t have to worry about addiction, mental health breakdown or financial ruin.

You should also remember that NXTbets has partnered with some of the best sportsbooks in the industry, which have enticing bonuses and promotions – don’t forget to check them out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you imagine if it suddenly starts raining before or during a Supercross race? Well, that means that the odds will shift in favor of bikes with better handling. So, yes, weather conditions also influence the fluctuation of betting odds.

There is no specific time that is best for betting. Whether you prefer betting on future events or live betting, you still have to do thorough research and performance analysis before making any decisions.

Form is one of the biggest influences of betting odds and decisions. Why would anyone bet on an out-of-form rider to win a race? In-form riders will always have lower odds because they have a higher chance of winning the race.

Yes, you can place live bets on the races as long as they’re offered by your preferred sportsbook.

Bookmarkers in the United States use American Odds. The formula for calculating payouts is: implied probability = negative odds/(negative odds + 100) * 100 for negative odds and implied probability = 100/(positive odds + 100) * 100 for positive odds.

Supercross betting is only legal in the States that have legalized gambling. If you check our partnerships section, you’ll see some of the sportsbooks in specific States. This allows you to see the States that have legalized Supercross betting.

Please refer to Affiliated Operators’ T&C. Void where prohibited. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.