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Best Bets: 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City Pre-Event Odds

Best Bets: 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City Pre-Event Odds Analysis

In the Nitrocross season opener in Oklahoma, Fraser McConnell dominated, securing his second Group E class victory. Starting in pole, McConnell skilfully held off a spirited challenge from Kris Meeke. Although extreme heat halved the final race to three laps, the extended MidAmerica Outdoors track ensured the action remained intense. A strategic maneuver saw McConnell sideline reigning champ Robin Larsson, allowing Meeke to surge to second. However, a bold play by Meeke resulted in a suspension failure, costing him a shot at the win. Larsson took second, and Kevin Eriksson capitalized on Meeke’s misfortune, claiming third. Conner Martell and Travis Pastrana rounded off the top five in a race that promised an electrifying Nitrocross season ahead.
Now, the high-octane spectacle of Nitrocross is set to blaze through Utah for the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the 2023 season. Set against Salt Lake City’s dramatic landscapes, this globally-acclaimed racing event brings the world’s top rally vehicles and drivers into one intense showdown. Here, rubber meets the rough in a heart-pounding test of speed, power, and gravity-defying airtime.
But the thrills don’t stop on the track. This article will also offer a deep dive into betting analysis for the event. For seasoned bettors and novices alike, this promises to add an extra layer of excitement to the spectacle. Whether you’re placing a wager on a seasoned champ or an up-and-coming daredevil, our in-depth analysis will guide you in making your picks. Be part of the thrill. Be part of the victory.
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Schedule and How to Watch the 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City

The Nitrocross tournament in Salt Lake City is set to rev up on August 18th and 19th. While the full event schedule remains to be announced, anticipation is already at fever pitch for what promises to be two days of dust-kicking, high-flying action. If you can’t make it to the track, you can catch all the pedal-to-the-metal action live on Rumble.
For those looking to ramp up the excitement even more by placing bets on the event, ensure you stay tuned to the live action and keep a keen eye on odds updates. Get ready for the roar of engines, the thrill of speed, and the pulse-pounding spectacle of Nitrocross.

Best Bets and Picks for the 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City

Bets for the 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City include options to wager on the event winner or engage in exciting head-to-head matchups.

Top Picks and Bets for Nitrocross Salt Lake City

Athlete Winner Odds
Fraser McConnell +452
Robin Larsson +604
Andreas Bakkerud +630
Travis Pastrana +669
Kevin Eriksson +726
Fresh off his triumphant run in Oklahoma, Fraser McConnell enters Salt Lake City with palpable momentum. His odds of +452, while seemingly conservative for a recent victor, speak to the immense respect the betting world holds for him in this competitive field. Robin Larsson, with odds at +604, remains a constant threat on the track. Given his championship pedigree, Larsson’s current odds underline the inherent unpredictability of Nitrocross, suggesting that value-seeking bettors might find an opportunity here.
Andreas Bakkerud, at +630, has consistently showcased his racing prowess. His victory in recent heats underscores his potential to challenge, if not topple, frontrunners. Travis Pastrana’s odds, sitting at +669, reflect his recent performances; he has demonstrated considerable skill, notably in Oklahoma, where he maintained composure during critical race moments. Kevin Eriksson, with odds of +726, has proven his mettle by seizing podium spots when the race dynamics shift. After his recent performance in Oklahoma, there’s anticipation about his potential in Salt Lake City.

Outsider Picks for Nitrocross Salt Lake City

Athlete Winner Odds
Oliver Eriksson +809
Oliver Bennett +843
Conor Daly +931
Oliver Eriksson, starting with odds at +809, might not be leading the pack in predictions, but seasoned Nitrocross enthusiasts know that his presence on the track cannot be sidelined. He has displayed bursts of brilliance in past races, and these odds might underestimate his potential to disrupt the usual front runners. Following closely, Oliver Bennett at +843 has consistently exhibited a blend of tenacity and skill. While he may not have been the center of the spotlight recently, Bennett’s racing acumen suggests he’s ripe for a standout performance, making him a compelling pick for those looking at the broader field.
Rounding out the outsiders, Conor Daly, with odds of +931, has showcased notable resilience on the track. With each race, he’s shown glimpses of a breakout performance, and these generous odds could mean a windfall for those bold enough to back him.

Head-To-Head Picks

Matchup(Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Robin Larsson v. Andreas Bakkerud EVEN
Robin Larsson v. Travis Pastrana EVEN
Andreas Bakkerud v. Travis Pastrana EVEN
Fraser McConnell v. Robin Larsson -135
Fraser McConnell v. Travis Pastrana -135
Fraser McConnell v. Andreas Bakkerud -135

Expert Pick for the Nitrocross Salt Lake City

Our top selection for the Nitrocross Salt Lake City showdown is Travis Pastrana. Pastrana’s rich history in motorsports, from motocross to rally, provides him a distinct edge in adaptability and racecraft. Recent races showcased his capability to not only navigate the technical aspects but also tactically approach the race’s dynamics. Despite his slightly longer odds (+669), he is always a threat to take the top spot and reward those who back him with a lucrative payout.
Salt Lake City’s track, with its blend of straightaways and sharp corners, aligns with Pastrana’s strengths. His mental fortitude, tested in numerous high-pressure situations, ensures he can handle any curveballs on race day. While many racers bring skill to the track, Pastrana adds an unparalleled blend of experience and adaptability. Betting on him isn’t just about his legendary status; it’s grounded in his consistent performance and vast expertise. Travis Pastrana stands as a solid choice for the anticipated race in Salt Lake City.

Where to Bet on the 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City

Place your nitro bets for the 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City at one of our sportsbook partners. Always remember to survey the latest odds and special sign-up promotions before locking in your bets. If you’re new to the high-octane world of rallycross betting, the comprehensive Nitrocross Betting Guide at NXTbets will set you on the right track. As with all forms of gambling, remember to bet responsibly and within your financial means.
The 2023 Nitrocross Salt Lake City isn’t just about the excitement on the dirt track. It’s also an enticing draw for the betting community. Whether you’re backing a renowned driver or taking a chance on a promising dark horse, the event promises a thrilling, pedal-to-the-metal betting experience.
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