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  • Nitrocross - How to Bet on High-Octane Races

    Nitrocross: How to Bet on High-Octane Races

    Nitrocross, formerly considered Nitro Rallycross, includes exciting motorsports that blend circuit and rally racing. Races mainly used mixed-surface tracks that are known for their challenging courses and big jumps. The FC1-X and Group E headline it. Nitrocross races are often described as high-octane due to the nature of the sport. Here’s why: Powerful Vehicles: Nitrocross features …

  • What Are Different Types of Bets You Can Place on Nitrocross?

    What Are The Different Types of Bets You Can Place on Nitrocross?

    Nitrocross betting has become an additional way for fans, enthusiasts, and experienced bettors to engage with the exciting sport. An in-depth understanding of the different types of Nitrocross bets available offers bettors a strategic advantage that boosts their winning potential. There are various betting choices on offer, including betting on the outright winner, podium finishes, …

  • Best Bets: Nitrocross Rounds 9 & 10 Las Vegas Pre-Event Odds Analysis

    The Nitrocross circuit’s northern expedition to Calgary unfolded into a tempestuous chapter, as unexpected Chinook winds transformed the icy battleground into a warm, slushy spectacle, leading to a significant reshuffle of the weekend’s events. The Stampede Park, renowned for its icy tracks, witnessed temperatures soaring into the mid-50s, prompting the consolidation of the races into …

  • Best Bets: Nitrocross Round 8 Calgary – Pre-Event Odds Analysis

    Riding high on the thrills of the Southern California event, Nitrocross gears up for an electrifying Round 8 in Calgary on February 2-3, promising high-octane action and strategic showdowns. The previous round at Glen Helen Raceway was a dramatic display of skill and nerve, where Oliver Eriksson clinched his first season victory, outmaneuvering Conner Martell …

  • Nitrocross Betting Promos and Signup Bonuses

    Nitrocross is growing fast in popularity and so is its attractive betting franchise that is packed with promos and signup bonuses. Nitrocross betting promos may include cash-back bonuses, reload bonuses, enhanced odds, and signup bonuses that could offer free bets or deposit matches.Betting promos and bonuses can improve your betting experience by reducing your risks …

  • Nitrocross Betting vs. Other Motorsports | Similarities and Differences

    Nitro Rallycross now Nitrocross is a new rallycross event created by Travis Pastrana, a rallycross driving legend. Rallycross itself as a series of events is a hybrid of circuit racing like F1 and rally. The difference between Nitrocross and other motorsports is that it uses faster cars than the two other racing categories from which …

  • How Does Nitrocross Betting Work? Nitrocross Betting Odds Explained

    Nitrocross, an action-packed rallycross series founded by Nitro Circus and rallycross legend Travis Pastrana in 2018, just concluded its thrilling 2022-23 season. Sanctioned by the US Auto Club, Nitrocross features intense racing on purpose-built courses with jumps and banked turns, captivating fans and building a dedicated betting niche where players can wager on the adrenaline …

  • Best Bets: 2024 Nitrocross Season Championship Futures Odds Analysis

    Best Bets: 2024 Nitrocross Season Championship Futures Odds Analysis Update The Nitrocross Southern California event at Glen Helen Raceway delivered an adrenaline-fueled spectacle, setting the stage for a gripping season ahead. Robin Larsson, racing for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing JC RX Cartel, clinched his third Group E victory of the 2023-24 season in a commanding …

  • Best Bets: Nitrocross Round 6 Pre-Event Odds

    The drama of Nitrocross continued to escalate in Round 5 at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix, where Robin Larsson’s masterful drive captured a well-deserved victory. Starting from the second position, Larsson showcased his mettle, holding off intense pressure from Travis Pastrana and Oliver Eriksson. In a display of strategic brilliance, he successfully defended …