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Best Bets: Formula Drift Irwindale FINALS Pre-Event Odds

At the Utah Motorsports Campus, Chelsea DeNofa emerged as the triumphant victor of Formula Drift Grantsville, marking his third victory of the 2023 season and extending his championship lead to a commanding 53 points. In a thrilling final, DeNofa and Matt Field showcased an exhilarating display of skill and precision. A high-speed collision into Outside Zone 1 set the stage for an intense battle, ultimately seeing DeNofa seize victory.
Matt Field’s second-place finish catapults him to second in the championship chase, yet the substantial gap to DeNofa poses a formidable challenge. Simen Olsen’s commendable third-place finish elevates him to third in the championship, retaining a slim, yet plausible, chance to clinch the title. Conversely, reigning champion Fredric Aasbo, now fourth in the standings, faces an uphill battle to recapture the crown, trailing by 81 points.
As the adrenaline rush of Grantsville fades, the air is thick with anticipation for the grand finale at Irwindale Speedway. With the 2023 Formula Drift PRO Championship hanging in the balance, every slide, every drift, and every point becomes a dramatic piece of a complex, thrilling puzzle. Join us as we break down the odds, evaluate the performances, and present in-depth betting analysis for the ultimate round. Irwindale beckons; who will rise to the occasion, defy the odds, and etch their name in the annals of Formula Drift history? Stay tuned. The crescendo of excitement, skill, and nerve is upon us!
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Schedule and How to Watch Formula Drift Irwindale

The Formula Drift Irwindale event spans two action-packed days from October 13th-14th. The event schedule is as follows:
October 13
  • Practice 1: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PST
  • Practice 2: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM PST
October 14
  • Venue Opens: 12:00 PM PST
  • Top 32: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM PST
  • Top 16: 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM PST
To catch all the high-octane action, tune in to the official Formula Drift live stream on their website or follow the event on social media for real-time updates. To stay up to date on odds and previous results, be sure to check NXTbets.

Best Bets and Picks for Formula Drift Irwindale

With the Formula Drift Irwindale event on the horizon, we’ve gone through the numbers and evaluated all the necessary data to provide you with our top selections and optimal bets for this showdown.
Driver Event Winner Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Fredric Aasbo +485 $117.00
Matt Field +651 $150.20
Ryan Tuerck +740 $168.00
Chelsea DeNofa +817 $183.40
Aurimas Bakchis +943 $208.60
Starting with Fredric Aasbo at +485, the reigning champion has had a rollercoaster season. Slipping to fourth after Grantsville, Aasbo will be hungry for redemption at Irwindale. He possesses the experience and skill to navigate the high-banked turns and tight infield, making him a strong contender.
Matt Field, at +651 odds, comes fresh off a second-place finish in Grantsville. As the current runner-up in the championship standings, he’s showcased impressive form and consistency, and a win at Irwindale could be the perfect way to close the season.
Ryan Tuerck‘s odds sit at +740. The driver has displayed commendable performances throughout the season and his recent battles, including his impressive run in Grantsville, where he reached the final four, show that he has what it takes to clinch the top spot.
Chelsea DeNofa, with odds of +817, remains the star of the season. Despite longer odds for this event, he’s clinched three wins, including the recent one in Grantsville, making him a serious threat at Irwindale.
Lastly, Aurimas Bakchis at +943 might seem like an underdog, but remember, he’s one of the only non-RTR drivers to claim victory this season. His aggressive style and precise drifts make him a wild card for the event.

Outsider Bets for Formula Drift Irwindale

Though the frontrunners frequently command attention, there are a multitude of skillful drivers carrying longer odds who may surprise everyone in Irwindale. Here are our premier dark horse selections for this event:
Driver Event Winner Odds Payout on $20 Wager
James Deane +1061 $232.20
Chris Forsberg +1209 $261.80
Dylan Hughes +1458 $311.60
James Deane, carrying odds of +1061, is an intriguing prospect. The RTR Motorsports driver has been consistent, albeit without a win this season. However, his prowess and technical ability, coupled with a deep understanding of the intricacies of drift dynamics, make him a potential threat. Irwindale’s complex layout could be where Deane turns the odds in his favor.
Chris Forsberg, a seasoned competitor with +1209 odds, possesses the skill and experience synonymous with podium finishes. Currently 8th in the championship standings, Forsberg has shown flashes of brilliance this season. His veteran instincts, paired with a machine finely tuned for performance, could see him navigate the House of Drift with the precision and flair needed to claim victory.
Dylan Hughes, the underdog with odds at +1458, shouldn’t be overlooked. Hughes has demonstrated a tenacious spirit and remarkable skill, despite not being a regular fixture on the podium. He’s a wild card, with the raw talent and determination that could see him make a significant impact at Irwindale.

Head-To-Head Picks

Matchup (Favorite in Bold)
Chelsea DeNofa (-102) vs. Aurimas Bakchis (+102)
Fredric Aasbo (-174) vs. Chelsea DeNofa (+174)
Matt Field (-151) vs. Chelsea DeNofa (+151)
Matt Field (-172) vs. Aurimas Bakchis (+173)
Fredric Aasbo (-114) vs. Matt Field (+115)
Matt Field (-166) vs. Ryan Tuerck (+167)
Ryan Tuerck (-111) vs. Aurimas Bakchis (+112)
Fredric Aasbo (-174) vs. Ryan Tuerck (+174)
Ryan Tuerck (-102) vs. Chelsea DeNofa (+102)
Fredric Aasbo (-185) vs. Aurimas Bakchis (+186)

Expert Pick for Formula Drift Irwindale

Matt Field at +651 is our top pick for the FD Irwindale. Coming off a strong second-place finish in Grantsville, Field has shown he can compete with the best. He’s currently second in the championship standings and has the skill and momentum to potentially claim victory at Irwindale. With a substantial payout and his proven track record this season, a bet on Field offers both value and a realistic shot at winning in this final intense round of competition.

Championship Winner Picks

As the 2023 Formula Drift PRO Championship crescendos to its grand finale at Irwindale Speedway, the spotlight now intensely focuses on the contenders vying for the prestigious championship crown. Let’s take a detailed look at the odds for our top championship contenders.
Driver Champion Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Chelsea DeNofa -755 $22.65
Matt Field +549 $129.80
Fredric Aasbo +1624 $344.80
Simen Olsen +2173 $454.60
Chelsea DeNofa, with -755 odds, is the man to beat. Holding the top spot with 464 points and boasting impressive victories this season, he is in a prime position. DeNofa’s aggressive yet controlled style has earned him a comfortable 53-point lead. However, in a sport where fortunes can turn on a dime, complacency is not an option.
Matt Field, second in line with 411 points and +549 odds, has shown his mettle this season. A 53-point deficit to DeNofa is significant but not insurmountable. Field’s mix of skill, precision, and aggressive attacking style makes him a constant threat. A victory at Irwindale could potentially see a swing in fortunes if DeNofa falters.
Simen Olsen, the rookie who has turned heads this season, sits at 387 points. With odds of +2173, and 77 points behind DeNofa, Olsen’s chances are slimmer but in the volatile world of drift racing, dismissing him would be premature. His raw talent and adaptability have been evident; a surprise at Irwindale isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.
Fredric Aasbo, a seasoned champion, is at a critical juncture. With 383 points and carrying +1624 odds, he is 81 points adrift of the top spot. Aasbo’s experience, technical prowess, and history of clutch performances, however, make him a silent assassin, capable of an upset.
Each contender is equipped with a distinct set of skills, and as they lock horns at Irwindale, every point earned will be a step closer to the coveted championship title. The stakes are sky-high; the anticipation, electric. Who will seize the moment? Irwindale is the final battleground.

Where to Bet on Formula Drift Irwindale

Looking to elevate the thrill of the Formula Drift Irwindale finale? Place your bets with ease and confidence using our partnered sportsbooks. For detailed insights, strategies, and tips to maximize your betting experience, make sure to check out the official NXTbets Formula Drift Betting Guide. With real-time odds and expert insights at your fingertips, making informed bets on the action-packed event has never been simpler.
Whether you’re eyeing the frontrunners or considering an outsider bet, we’ve got you covered. Remember to bet responsibly and prepare to immerse yourself in the intensified excitement as the drift kings battle it out at Irwindale Speedway. Happy betting!
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