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Results & Betting Payouts Recap: PBR Teams – Rattler Days

PBR Rattler Days in Fort Worth, TX has wrapped up, marking the end of an intense and thrilling competition. The Texas Rattlers defended their turf with style, leaving an indelible mark with a flawless victory. Amidst the whirlwind of rides and roars, every team showcased moments of brilliance and faced trials that tested their mettle and unveiled their strengths and weaknesses.
As the focus shifts to the grandeur of the upcoming Las Vegas Championship Finals, the echoes of the performances at Fort Worth linger, serving as both a reflection of the teams’ journey so far and a precursor to the riveting climax ahead.
For detailed insights and a breakdown of the Rattler Days’ outcomes, look no further. We’ve got every angle covered, from individual triumphs to team dynamics that could play a pivotal role in Las Vegas.
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PBR Rattler Days Full Results

Place Team W-L Total Points Pre-Event Odds
1 Texas Rattlers 3-0 875.75 +410
2 Kansas City Outlaws 3-0 783.25 +480
3 Nashville Stampede 2-1 685.25 +850
4 Carolina Cowboys 1-2 439 +440
5 Arizona Ridge Riders 1-2 344.25 +540
6 Austin Gamblers 1-2 265.75 +410
7 Oklahoma Freedom 1-2 176.5 +700
8 Missouri Thunder 0-3 263.25 +950

Stand Outs and Upsets

The Texas Rattlers stole the show at PBR Rattler Days. Although they were tied with the Austin Gamblers at +410 odds, they outshined expectations. A stellar 3-0 record and an impressive 875.75 points are proof of their top-tier performance. Brady Olsen’s 88.75-point ride in the tiebreaker was the cherry on top, underscoring their clutch performance under pressure, much to the delight of the home crowd.
The Kansas City Outlaws also had their moment in the sun. Coming into the event with longer odds (+480), they put up a good fight, going 3-0 and racking up 783.25 points. They gave the Rattlers a run for their money in the tiebreaker but fell just short, showcasing both their talent and the razor-thin margins that separate victory from defeat in this sport.
The impressive performance by the Nashville Stampede was the pleasant surprise of the event. Penciled in with +850 odds, they turned heads by pulling off a 2-1 record and amassing 685.25 points. Their third-place finish is a loud statement that they’re not to be overlooked.
Conversely, the Austin Gamblers have hit a rough patch. With a 1-2 record and only 265.75 points, they finished sixth – a surprise given their top billing. Coming off their similarly disappointing 1-2 finish in Arizona, this outcome has rattled their once untouchable status. However, every cloud has a silver lining – with their single victory, the Gamblers clinched the regular season title for the second year running. The PBR Championship title is now theirs to lose.

The Winners

The Texas Rattlers emerged as the champions of PBR Rattler Days, delivering a victory that bettors will not soon forget. Those who had the foresight to back the Rattlers were handsomely rewarded. With pre-event odds of +410, a $20 bet transformed into a payout of $82, exemplifying the lucrative opportunities that lie in the intricate dance of informed betting in the sphere of professional bull riding. It was a testament to the melding of skill, strategy, and just a touch of luck, transforming predictions into profitable outcomes amidst the dynamic environment of the competition.
Check out the table below for the total payouts on each head-to-head bet:
Matchup (Winner in Bold) Winner Odds Payout on $20 Wager
Carolina Cowboys vs. Missouri Thunder -165 $32.12
Austin Gamblers vs. Nashville Stampede +125 $45.00
Texas Rattlers vs. Oklahoma Freedom -155 $32.90
Kansas City Outlaws vs. Arizona Ridge Riders -135 $34.81

Looking Ahead

As teams regroup post-Rattler Days, anticipation builds for the PBR World Camping Team Series Championship Finals in Las Vegas. Two weeks of preparation will precede this climactic event, where skill and strategy meet in an electrifying showdown. For insights, predictions, and a comprehensive breakdown of team and player dynamics, NXTbets’ forthcoming Best Bets articles promise to be the essential companion for both novice and veteran PBR bettors. In the meantime, the official NXTbets PBR Betting Guide remains an invaluable resource, offering deep dives into player stats, team forms, and strategic insights designed to elevate your betting experience.
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