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Best Bets: Ironman National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

In the gripping Budds Creek National, Jett Lawrence continued his march towards a faultless 2023 Pro Motocross Championship season, clinching his tenth straight win. Despite the relentless pursuit from his rivals, the Australian prodigy held firm, achieving a hard-fought 1-1 finish. His path to perfection wasn’t without challenge, as racers like Aaron Plessinger, who secured a season-best runner-up finish, and Jason Anderson, whose consistent performances landed him third overall, kept the pressure high. Other notable racers like Chase Sexton and Justin Barcia showcased their skills, with Sexton recovering remarkably in the second moto. As the motocross community eagerly anticipates the season finale, the spotlight is on Lawrence, but competitors are not far behind, eager to make their mark. The concluding event is shaping up to be a clash of titans, as Lawrence aims for history and rivals seek to disrupt his perfect run.
The 2023 AMA Pro Motocross season crescendo approaches with its grand finale at Ironman Motocross in Crawfordsville, Indiana on August 26th. As the curtain prepares to fall on this exhilarating season, racers are set to push boundaries, vying for that coveted top spot. Dive into our curated insights for the Ironman National to enhance your event experience. With expert analyses, up-to-the-minute betting odds, and insider strategies, we aim to elevate your wagering journey.
For aficionados eager to amplify their thrill from America’s motorsport epicenter, the 2023 Ironman National presents an unparalleled betting arena. Stay with us for an unmatched blend of exclusive odds, seasoned perspectives, and strategic counsel, designed to refine your betting choices.
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Schedule and How to Watch the 2023 Ironman National

Ironman National takes place on August 26th, with doors opening at 8:00 am MST and the real action starting at 11:00 am MST. If you can’t join us at the location, you can catch the live coverage on the official Pro Motocross website. For those interested in placing wagers, it’s crucial to keep tabs on the live events and monitor NXTbets for any updates related to odds and wager values.

Best Bets and Picks for the 2023 Ironman National

With a variety of betting options, spanning from Overall Event Winner to bets on the Podium Finish (top three), a diverse array of wagering possibilities awaits bettors. Here are our preferred and dark horse selections for this event:

Top Picks and Bets for the Ironman National

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds
Jett Lawrence -826 -9900
Chase Sexton +920 -1135
Adam Cianciarulo +6150 +315
Jason Anderson +6150 +324
Dylan Ferrandis +6567 +352
Fresh off his incredible performance at Budds Creek, Jett Lawrence not only leads the pack but also stands tall in the season standings with a flawless 500 points. His unassailable form is reflected in his betting odds. At -826 for an event win and a whopping -9900 for a podium finish, Lawrence is clearly the man to beat.
Chase Sexton, currently fifth in the standings with 294 points, might be trailing Lawrence in terms of overall performance, but he remains a force to reckon with. With odds of +920 for a win and -1135 for a podium spot, Sexton is positioned as a potential dark horse. His resilient recovery in the second moto at Budds Creek is a testament to the kind of challenge he can pose to his competitors.
Adam Cianciarulo, Jason Anderson, and Dylan Ferrandis present interesting options for bettors. Cianciarulo, holding the fourth position in the standings with 298 points, and Anderson, currently ninth with 171 points, both share event-winning odds of +6150. Ferrandis, placed second in the standings with 379 points, is just a touch behind with odds of +6567 for the win. However, the story shifts a bit when we consider podium finishes. Cianciarulo’s odds stand at +315, Anderson’s at +324, suggesting a potential top-three finish isn’t out of the question. Ferrandis, with his stronger standing in the championship and +352 odds for a podium finish, might just be the racer who springs a surprise at the Ironman National and gives savvy bettors a lucrative payout.

Outsider Picks for the Ironman National

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Ty Masterpool +7043 +449 $109.80
Aaron Plessinger +7592 +619 $143.80
Garrett Marchbanks +7592 +1487 $317.40
At the Ironman National, while the big names are always of interest to our bettors, we’ve also been meticulously evaluating those who might be under the radar, but could bring substantial returns. Here’s a closer look at our outsider picks for the event:
Ty Masterpool has been on our radar, primarily given his consistent performance throughout the season. While his winning odds are set at +7043, reflecting the challenges he faces in clinching the top spot, we’ve evaluated his podium chances more favorably at +449. For bettors willing to place a $20 wager on Masterpool, there’s potential for a $109.80 return. It’s a reflection of our belief in his capability to exploit any opportunities that race-day presents.
Then there’s Aaron Plessinger, who, despite his strong third-place ranking with 350 points this season, has odds of +7592 for the win. This speaks to the competitive nature of this race. Yet, with his season-long consistency, his podium odds are pegged at +619. A $20 bet here could lead to a rewarding $143.80 payout. We believe that Plessinger’s overall prowess could just be the X-factor on race day.
Lastly, Garrett Marchbanks, another noteworthy racer, has been given similar winning odds as Plessinger at +7592. While he’s positioned seventh with 228 points this season, we’ve evaluated his chances for a podium finish at +1487. Risk-takers could be enticed by a tempting $317.40 return on a $20 bet. Marchbanks has the potential to defy expectations, and these odds reflect that sentiment.
Australian Jett Lawrence’s dominance in the 2023 tour has sportsbooks adjusting odds, focusing on the race for second place due to his unbeaten streak. Here are the revised odds excluding Lawrence’s unparalleled run.

Top Picks Without Jett Lawrence

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds
Chase Sexton -317 -2532
Jason Anderson +1752 +204
Dylan Ferrandis +1787 +206
Dylan Ferrandis +1787 +212

Outsider Picks Without Jett Lawrence

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Ty Masterpool +1983 +241 $68.20
Aaron Plessinger +2400 +303 $80.60
Garrett Marchbanks +4662 +740 $168.00

Head-To-Head Picks

Matchup(Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Adam Cianciarulo v. Jason Anderson EVEN
Adam Cianciarulo v. Dylan Ferrandis EVEN
Adam Cianciarulo v. Ty Masterpool -123
Adam Cianciarulo v. Aaron Plessinger -130
Jason Anderson v. Dylan Ferrandis EVEN
Jason Anderson v. Ty Masterpool -120
Jason Anderson v. Aaron Plessinger -125
Dylan Ferrandis v. Ty Masterpool -120
Dylan Ferrandis v. Aaron Plessinger -123
Ty Masterpool v. Aaron Plessinger -118

Expert Pick for the Ironman National

For those looking to strike a balance between risk and reward, Dylan Ferrandis is our recommended pick. His odds for an event win stand at +6567, but it’s his podium odds of +352 that truly catch the eye, especially given his consistent performance this season. A $20 wager on Ferrandis for a podium finish could yield a handsome $109.80 payout. Given his current second-place standing in the championship and his proven track record in super motocross, this isn’t just a shot in the dark. It’s a calculated bet on a racer with the tenacity to secure a top-three finish, with the added bonus of a lucrative return.

Where to Bet on the 2023 Ironman National

Bets for the Pro Motocross Ironman National can be placed at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check the latest odds and promotions before placing your bets. If you’re a newbie to the betting scene, check out NXTbet’s comprehensive Motocross Betting Guide. As always, bet responsibly and within your limits.
The 2023 Pro Motocross Ironman National promises not just excitement for motocross fans, but also a thrill-filled opportunity for the betting community. Whether betting on the favorite or taking a risk with an outsider, the event is sure to deliver a high-octane experience.
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