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Best Bets: PBR Teams Rattler Days Pre-Event Odds Analysis

PBR Teams: Ridge Rider Days in Glendale, Arizona concluded with teams and riders displaying exemplary skill and tenacity. Austin Gamblers made notable strides, edging closer to the coveted top spot, but it was the Kansas City Outlaws who truly impressed, going undefeated through the event. Each ride, marked by skill and courage, reshaped the standings and set the stage for the next thrilling chapter.
As attention now pivots to the imminent Rattler Days in Fort Worth, TX, excitement and speculation are rife. The previous event’s outcomes have stirred predictions, with teams looking to either maintain their dominance or seize a redemptive victory. With the Las Vegas Championship Finals on the horizon, Rattler Days is not just another stop in the series but a critical juncture where every point and performance could prove pivotal.
In this upcoming analysis, we’ll be providing an in-depth look at the event odds, scrutinizing each team’s potential to triumph. We aim to furnish enthusiasts and bettors with nuanced insights to inform their predictions as we all anticipate the thrilling spectacle that Rattler Days promises to be. The convergence of skill, strategy, and the unpredictable dynamism of the sport is set to offer another compelling chapter in this exciting season.
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Schedule and How to Watch PBR Rattler Days

Prepare for Rattler Days, kicking off at the iconic Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas. The action ignites on Friday, October 6th at 7:45 PM CDT. The intensity escalates on Saturday, October 7th at 6:45 PM CDT, culminating in a grand finale on Sunday, October 8th at 1:45 PM CDT.
Can’t be there in person? RidePass on Pluto TV has got you covered with live broadcasts. For those keeping an eye on the odds, NXTbets will have real-time updates. Join the excitement of PBR Rattler Days, whether you’re cheering from the arena seats or the comfort of your own home.
You can place your bets for PBR Rattler Days at our partner sportsbooks.

Best Bets and Picks for PBR Rattler Days

For the upcoming PBR Rattler Days showdown, we evaluate both recent event outcomes and overall season performance to establish the betting odds.

Top Picks and Bets for PBR Rattler Days

Team Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Austin Gamblers +410 $102
Texas Rattlers +410 $102
Carolina Cowboys +440 $108
The upcoming Rattler Days in Fort Worth, TX, beckons as a potential game-changer in the PBR Team Series standings. At the forefront are three teams whose odds reflect not only their recent performances but also the weight of expectations upon them.
The Austin Gamblers, tagged at +410 odds, are poised as the frontrunners heading into Texas. Their ascendancy to the pinnacle of the PBR Teams Season leaderboard is marked by an impressive 18-7-0 record and a substantial 4,105.00 total points. Although their fifth-place finish at Ridge Rider Days veered off the expected course, it highlighted their resilience and competitive spirit. As the spotlight turns to Rattler Days, the Gamblers are anticipated to vigorously reassert their dominance, marking Fort Worth as a battleground for redemption and reaffirmation of their esteemed status in the circuit.
Neck-and-neck in odds with the Gamblers are the Texas Rattlers at +410. Currently positioned third in the season standings with a 13-12-0 record and amassing 4,072.25 points, their recent 2-1-0 performance at Ridge Rider Days indicates their potential to climb higher. As Rattler Days beckons, the team is keenly aware of this pivotal opportunity to elevate their standing, eyeing Fort Worth as the battleground where they can refine their execution and momentum, optimizing their positioning as the final championship looms.
Lastly, the Carolina Cowboys, priced slightly higher at +440, are the underdogs of this trio. While they’ve shown flares of brilliance throughout the series, their recent 0-3-0 run at Ridge Rider Days shows they have some ground to make up. But as any seasoned PBR follower knows, the Cowboys have the talent and drive to potentially spring a surprise.

Outsider Picks for PBR Rattler Days

Team Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Kansas City Outlaws +480 $116
Arizona Ridge Riders +540 $128
Oklahoma Freedom +700 $160
While the favorites draw significant attention, the true thrill in PBR often comes from the potential surprises, and Rattler Days promises its share of dark horses ready to disrupt the established order.
Starting with the Kansas City Outlaws, their odds stand at +480, making them enticing prospects for those seeking value bets. They now hold the second spot in the season standings, boasting a 15-10-0 record with an impressive 4,506.50 total points. Their recent flawless 3-0-0 sweep at Ridge Rider Days, securing the most event points and posting a tremendous 53% ride rate, underscores their capability to compete at the highest level and challenge the frontrunners.
Next in line, the Arizona Ridge Riders come in with odds of +540. Their season has been a roller-coaster, presently holding a 12-13-0 record. However, their 2-1-0 performance at the Ridge Rider Days showcased their potential, particularly when they edged out teams like Oklahoma Freedom by the narrowest of margins. This spirited display in Arizona propelled them to 5th place in the standings, injecting a renewed sense of optimism and illustrating their capability to ascend the ladder with deft maneuvers and strategic rides. They’re certainly a dark horse worth considering.
Speaking of the Oklahoma Freedom, they’re priced at +700, making them the longest shot among these outsiders. Yet, their 13-12-0 season standing and a total of 3,094.00 points, combined with a commendable 2-1-0 run at the last event, demonstrate that they can’t be discounted.
Each of these outsider picks brings a unique flavor to Rattler Days, challenging the status quo and proving that in PBR, predictions often meet unexpected twists.

Head-to-Head Picks

Matchup (Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Carolina Cowboys vs. Missouri Thunder -165
Austin Gamblers vs. Nashville Stampede -160
Texas Rattlers vs. Oklahoma Freedom -155
Kansas City Outlaws vs. Arizona Ridge Riders -135

Expert Pick for PBR Rattler Days

Despite being categorized as an outsider, the Kansas City Outlaws display attributes often seen in frontrunners. Their positioning, just behind the league leaders Austin Gamblers, coupled with the highest event points from Ridge Rider Days, suggests a momentum that’s hard to ignore. While their odds are at +480, they exhibit the prowess of a top contender. Betting on the Outlaws isn’t just chasing higher returns; it’s recognizing a team that’s consistently demonstrated top-tier performance.

Futures Odds for PBR Team Series

With the PBR Rattler Days event on the horizon, we can’t help but cast our thoughts forward to the climax of the PBR Team Series season and the intensifying race for the coveted MVP crown. The zenith of this competitive journey is slated for October 20th – 22nd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, capping off a year of heart-stopping bull riding action.

Futures Odds for the PBR Team Series Championship

Team Win-Loss Odds
Austin Gamblers 18-7 +250
Kansas City Outlaws 15-10 +350
Texas Rattlers 13-12 +500
Carolina Cowboys 10-15 +625
Oklahoma Freedom 13-12 +800
Arizona Ridge Riders 12-13 +800
Nashville Stampede 9-16 +800
Missouri Thunder 8-17 +1100
The championship landscape is predominantly marked by a gripping contest between the Austin Gamblers and the Kansas City Outlaws. With an 18-7 win-loss record, the Gamblers, favored at +250 odds, have carved a niche of dominance. Their systematic precision and adept performances are the cornerstone of their top-tier status. However, hot on their heels are the Outlaws, after their stunning performance in Arizona. A 15-10 record and +350 odds underline their potent mix of skill, tenacity, and strategic execution. As the championship looms, the narrative is increasingly about this dual, a captivating race where every ride, score, and decision could tip the balance in this intense rivalry.

Futures Odds for the PBR Team Series MVP

Rider Team Season Score MVP Odds
Jose Vitor Leme Austin Gamblers 1588.00 -2500
Cassio Dias Kansas City Outlaws 1417.75 +1000
In the chase for the PBR Team Series MVP, Jose Vitor Leme seems nearly untouchable. Representing the Austin Gamblers and boasting an imposing season score of 1588.00, Leme’s odds of -2500 truly reflect his commanding performance throughout the series. However, it would be unwise to count out Cassio Dias just yet. Despite trailing with a season score of 1417.75 and odds at +1000, Dias, representing the Kansas City Outlaws, has demonstrated moments of sheer brilliance. While Leme holds a distinct lead, the unpredictability of the sport means Dias is still in the hunt, ready to seize any opportunity that presents itself.

Where to Bet on PBR Rattler Days

You can lay down your bets for PBR Rattler Days at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check out the most recent odds and offers before finalizing your bet. If you are a newcomer to the world of rodeo betting, the NXTbet’s extensive Bull Riding Betting Guide is an essential read. As always, make sure to gamble responsibly and within your means.
The 2023 PBR Rattler Days in Fort Worth offers a compelling mix of elite bull riding and strategic betting opportunities. Attendees and viewers alike will find themselves immersed in a setting where each score and ride amplifies the excitement. With top teams and underdogs sharing the stage, every moment promises to be charged with anticipation. Rattler Days is set to be an engaging experience, blending the skillful art of bull riding with the calculated world of betting, offering a spectacle of athleticism and strategy.
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