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Best Bets: SLS Sydney 2023 Pre-Event Odds

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The inaugural Asian soiree of the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) in Tokyo was nothing short of a skateboarding spectacle, with Horigome Yuto dazzling the home crowd with an exhilarating display of skate artistry. Unveiling the ‘Yutornado’, Horigome clinched his seventh SLS victory, edging out SLS debutante Ikeda Daiki and the seasoned Nyjah Huston. Tokyo 2020 Olympic silver medalist Kelvin Hoefler found Tokyo’s course unforgiving, failing to land his tricks and settling for a fifth-place finish.
As SLS Sydney 2023 nears, the betting realm buzzes with excitement. Nyjah Huston aims to build on his Tokyo performance, while all eyes will be on the rising stars from Japan. The Australian skate scene is abuzz, ready to host a showdown filled with gravity-defying stunts and thrilling face-offs.
Analysts at NXTbets are meticulously dissecting stats to provide a robust pre-event odds analysis. In the high-octane world of SLS, an informed bet could spell victory as the skaters vie for glory in Sydney. With the world’s skateboarding crème de la crème ready to dazzle the Aussie shores, the Sydney showdown promises not only a display of skate mastery but a chance for bettors to ride the wave of exciting betting opportunities.

Schedule and How to Watch SLS Sydney 2023

On October 6th, doors swing open at 1:00 pm AEDT, with the action kicking off at 2:00 pm. In US Pacific Time, this translates to a 7:00 pm (October 5th) door opening, and an 8:00 pm start. If you can’t be there to watch in person, you can watch it live on Rumble. For those with a keen betting eye, remember to tune into the high-stakes drama and keep an eye on NXTbets for live odds updates. This is one spectacle you won’t want to miss!
Watch SLS Tokyo Mens Finals Full Broadcast to get fired up for SLS Sydney!

Best Bets and Picks for SLS Sydney 2023

Bettors can seize the opportunity to place their stakes on the Overall Event Winner as the primary betting option available. Here are our prime and dark horse selections for SLS Sydney:

Top Picks and Bets for SLS Sydney

Skater Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Yuto Horigome +287 $77.40
Nyjah Huston +327 $85.40
Gustavo Riberio +331 $86.20
Leading the pre-event odds is Yuto Horigome with a figure of +287. Fresh off a resounding victory in Tokyo, where he debuted the mesmerizing ‘Yutornado’ trick, Horigome has positioned himself as a prime pick for the Overall Event Winner. His technical finesse and home ground advantage in Tokyo carried him to victory, making him a formidable contender as the tour moves to Sydney.
Nyjah Huston follows suit with odds standing at +327. His consistent performances on the global stage and a notable third-place finish in Tokyo underscore his robust standing among the skateboarding elite. Huston’s blend of experience and technical prowess could spell a significant payoff for those backing him in the betting arena.
Lastly, Gustavo Ribeiro, a dark horse with odds at +331, carries the potential to surprise the field. His ability to rebound from setbacks, coupled with a highly technical skating style, makes him a noteworthy mention in the pre-event analysis.

Outsider Picks for SLS Sydney

While the spotlight often shines on the favorites, there are skaters in the field who, despite longer odds, can potentially steal the limelight in Tokyo:
Skater Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Lucas Rabelo +657 $151.40
Braden Hoban +1786 $377.20
Manny Santiago +4900 $1000.00
Lucas Rabelo, with odds at +657, is known for his precise technique. His ability to execute clean, technical tricks could surprise spectators and fellow competitors alike, offering a longshot opportunity for bettors.
Braden Hoban stands at +1786 odds. His fearless approach and potential for standout performances make him an exciting prospect. While not among the favorites, his daring approach could yield a profitable long shot for those willing to wager on a rising talent.
Lastly, Manny Santiago, with odds at +4900, is known for his energetic performances and creativity on the board. His unique flair and ability to engage with the crowd could surprise the competition, making him an intriguing high-reward longshot for bettors seeking to defy the odds in Sydney.

Expert Pick for SLS Sydney

Gustavo Ribeiro, with odds at +331, offers a balanced bet for the SLS Sydney event. As the winner of the 2022 SLS Super Crown Championship, he’s no stranger to the pressures of the competitive arena. His technical skating style, capable of earning high scores, coupled with a proven track record, makes him a viable contender against the more favored picks. The relatively modest odds present a good value for bettors, offering a reasonable risk with a significant upside given Ribeiro’s capabilities and competitive history.

Where to Bet on SLS Sydney 2023

Wagers for the Street League Skateboarding Sydney event can be placed at our partnered sportsbooks. Be sure to review the most recent odds and promotions before locking in your bets. If you’re stepping onto the betting scene for the first time, don’t miss NXTbet’s exhaustive Skateboarding Betting Guide. As always, bet wisely and within your means.
The 2023 SLS Sydney showdown is more than just a skateboarding extravaganza; it’s a riveting venture for betting aficionados too. Whether you’re rooting for the crowd favorite or placing your bets on a dark horse, this tournament is set to deliver a captivating, adrenaline-fueled spectacle.
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