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Best Bets: SLS Las Vegas 2024 Pre-Event Odds

Best Bets: SLS Paris 2024 Pre-Event Odds

The 2023 SLS Tour concluded with high-stakes battles and impressive displays of skill, propelling us into an unpredictable 2024 season. We witnessed veteran resilience in Kelvin Hoefler’s Chicago comeback, Yuto Horigome’s technical prowess amplified by the Tokyo crowd, and Giovanni Vianna’s undeniable power at the Super Crown finals. Meanwhile, Rayssa Leal’s continued reign in the women’s division underscores her status as a force within the sport.
SLS Paris now marks a pivotal moment, offering a glimpse of potential upsets and solidifying contenders. With skateboarding’s ever-growing global recognition and its Olympic presence looming, the Paris event serves as both a thrilling competition and a crucial benchmark. Driven by hometown advantage, Aurelien Giraud is one to watch, while Olympic gold medalist Yuto Horigome aims to defend his position at the top.
This article dissects the factors shaping the upcoming season, providing in-depth analysis and highlighting skaters with strong chances for podium finishes. Whether you’re a longtime fan or have a burgeoning interest in competitive skateboarding, our goal is to offer expert insights that enhance your understanding of the sport’s dynamics and fuel your anticipation for the high-intensity Paris event.
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Schedule and How to Watch SLS Paris 2024

The 2024 SLS Tour ignites its engines in Paris, France, on February 24th. Be there as top street skaters vie for supremacy on a custom-built park erected in the iconic Place de la Concorde. Mark your calendars and choose your viewing platform, because this is an event not to be missed. If you can’t be there to watch in person, you can watch it live on Rumble. For those with a keen betting eye, remember to tune into the high-stakes drama and keep an eye on NXTbets for live odds updates. Check out SLS’s latest hype video to get psyched for the 2024 SLS season!

Best Bets and Picks for SLS Paris 2024

Top Picks and Bets for SLS Paris

As the skateboarding world turns its attention to the SLS Paris event, the betting odds reflect a fascinating competitive landscape.
Skater Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Gustavo Riberio +132 $46.40
Nyjah Huston +292 $78.40
Aurelien Giraud +380 $96.00
Gustavo Ribeiro, with odds of +132, is the frontrunner, not just for his unwavering consistency and technical mastery, but also for his proven championship pedigree, highlighted by his 2022 SLS Super Crown victory. This triumph underscores his ability to thrive under the highest levels of competitive pressure, fortifying his reputation as a formidable contender for Paris. His knack for executing intricate tricks with remarkable consistency, coupled with his ambition to reclaim the crown from Giovanni Vianna, positions him as the top pick in the odds. Ribeiro’s quest to regain his championship status adds a compelling layer to his narrative, making his candidacy especially intriguing to bettors and fans alike.
Nyjah Huston, at +292, is arguably skateboarding’s most recognized figure, known for his extraordinary ability to land high-difficulty tricks with unparalleled consistency. Huston’s history in SLS is storied, with numerous victories that speak to his competitive edge and mental fortitude. However, his odds reflect the incredibly high standards he’s set and the ever-increasing competition level. Recent performances have seen him edged out by razor-thin margins, highlighting the competitive depth of the field but also reinforcing that Huston remains a perennial threat. His experience and proven track record of making comebacks could play a pivotal role in Paris, making his odds potentially undervalued given his championship pedigree.
Aurelien Giraud, with odds of +380, represents the heart of Parisian skateboarding. His intimate familiarity with the local scene and potential for crowd support make him a compelling underdog. Giraud’s past performances in international competitions, including his explosive runs and flair for dramatic tricks, demonstrate his capability to disrupt the status quo. While his odds place him as an outsider, his victories and standout moments in previous SLS events and other international competitions underscore a skater with the talent and potential to seize the moment, especially in the emotionally charged atmosphere of a home event.

Outsider Picks for SLS Paris

In the landscape of SLS Paris betting, the outsider picks present intriguing opportunities for bettors looking for value beyond the favorites. These skaters, while facing longer odds, bring unique strengths and histories to the competition that could disrupt expectations.
Skater Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Sora Shiraj +453 $110.60
Lucas Rabelo +1537 $327.40
Giovanni Vianna +5924 $1204.80
Sora Shirai, with odds of +453, is on the cusp of breaking through as a major contender. His technical finesse and ability to execute complex tricks with consistency make him a serious threat. Shirai’s versatility and innovation in his runs could very well see him outperforming his odds, making him a prime candidate for bettors looking for value beyond the favorites.
Lucas Rabelo, at +1537, represents the quintessential dark horse. Rabelo’s smooth style, coupled with his penchant for landing difficult tricks with ease, positions him as a potential upset to the established hierarchy. His performance in previous competitions hints at an untapped potential that could come to fruition in Paris.
Giovanni Vianna, listed at odds of +5924 for SLS Paris, shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. His 2023 Supercrown victory underscores a potent mix of technical mastery and competitive resilience, challenging the notion of him as a long shot. This win signals Vianna’s capability to thrive under the highest pressures, making his current odds a potentially undervalued bet. Bettors seeking a high-reward pick should consider Vianna’s proven track record and knack for upset victories in their strategies.

Expert Pick for SLS Paris

Selecting Nyjah Huston at +292 offers the best value bet. Despite not being the favorite, Huston’s unparalleled skill set and history of clutch performances in critical moments give him an edge. His track record in Skateboarding League Series (SLS) competitions is nothing short of stellar, with a knack for rising to the occasion when it matters most. His slight underdog status in this event only amplifies the potential return on investment, making him an appealing choice for those looking to capitalize on a seasoned competitor with a proven history of success in high-stakes environments.

Where to Bet on SLS Paris 2024

Wagers for the SLS Paris event can be placed at our partnered sportsbooks. Be sure to review the most recent odds and promotions before locking in your bets. If you’re stepping onto the betting scene for the first time, don’t miss NXTbet’s exhaustive Skateboarding Betting Guide. As always, bet wisely and within your means.
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