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Best Bets: SuperMotocross Finals Pre-Event Odds

In a heart-pounding penultimate round inside Chicagoland Speedway, Jett Lawrence rocketed back to prominence with an emphatic victory. This win solidified Lawrence’s position as a fierce competitor for the SMX World Championship, and it’s clear he’s gunning for that top spot. But it wasn’t just Lawrence who made headlines; Ken Roczen clinched an emotional second place overall, further fueling the narrative for the Finals. He’s now within striking distance, sitting only ten points off the leader and poised for a potential championship upset.
However, it’s Chase Sexton who remains the man to beat, leading the points table albeit by a mere two points over Lawrence. This razor-thin margin and the recent performances at Chicagoland have set the stage for a monumental showdown at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. With triple-points on the line in the Finals, anything can happen, and it truly will be a ‘winner takes all’ scenario.
As we prepare for this grand culmination of the SuperMotocross World Championship, there are plenty of betting opportunities on the horizon. Stay tuned for in-depth analysis, insights, and a look into where the smart money might be placed. The tension is palpable; the stakes have never been higher. Los Angeles, get ready for an SMX finale for the ages!
Bets for the SMX Finals can be placed at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check the latest odds and promotions before placing your bets. If you’re new to the betting scene, check out NXTbet’s comprehensive SuperMotocross Betting Guide.
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Schedule and How to Watch the 2023 SMX FinalsAdd Your Heading Text Here

On September 23rd, the schedule is set: general admission will open at 8:00am PDT, with the main races slated to begin at 7:30pm PDT. Those unable to attend in person can access a live broadcast on Peacock. For individuals interested in betting, it’s advisable to monitor NXTbets for real-time odds and pricing updates throughout the event.
Get expert insights and strategy breakdown of the race last weekend in James Stewart’s Chicago SMX Rewind below.

Best Bets and Picks for the 2023 SMX Finals

For those interested in Overall Event Winner, Podium Finish (top three), and head-to-head bets, a variety of betting opportunities are at your fingertips. Here are our top and outsider selections for the event:

Top Picks and Bets for SMX Finals

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds
Jett Lawrence +120 -1135
Chase Sexton +144 -890
Ken Roczen +809 -209
Adam Ciancarulo +5456 +1182
Jason Anderson +5456 +1182

Jett Lawrence, the current favorite with +120 odds to win the SMX Finals, has built a reputation for consistency throughout the season. His incredible perfect season in the AMA Pro Motocross tour showcased his ability to perform at an elite level consistently. While he faced a bit of a setback in Charlotte, finishing seventh in the first moto, his recent triumph at Chicago Speedway displayed his unwavering determination to overcome challenges. This stellar performance affirmed his status as a top contender heading into the Finals.

Chase Sexton, with +144 odds for victory, delivered a standout performance in Charlotte, clinching a remarkable 1-1 victory. His ability to dominate the competition on his best days is undeniable. Sexton’s track record reflects his capacity to rise to the occasion, especially when he finds his rhythm. While he may not be the overall favorite, Sexton’s impressive showing in Charlotte underscores his potential to take the top spot in the SMX Finals. The anticipated clash between Sexton and Lawrence promises to be an electrifying showdown that fans won’t want to miss.
Ken Roczen, considered an underdog with +809 odds to win, displayed his resilience and upset potential with a recent 2nd place finish in Chicago. While his odds may seem long, his ability to show out in the big moments indicates that he shouldn’t be underestimated as a threat to steal the crown from Lawrence and Sexton. Betting on Roczen at these odds could yield substantial rewards if he can maintain the momentum he showcased in Chicago.
Adam Ciancarulo and Jason Anderson, facing even longer odds for victory, recognize the dominance of the favorites. However, motocross is known for its unpredictability, and surprising twists can unfold. This makes Cianciarulo and Anderson intriguing choices for those seeking to capitalize on the potential for an underdog story in the high-stakes environment of the SMX Finals.

Outsider Picks for SMX Finals

Athlete Event Winner Odds Podium Odds Payout on $20 Podium Bet
Justin Barcia +5782 +1308 $281.60
Aaron Plessinger +5782 +1393 $298.60
Dylan Ferrandis +6567 +1595 $339.00
Justin Barcia, with his +5782 odds for victory, might be considered a long shot, but his performance in recent events demands attention. At the season’s kickoff in Charlotte, Barcia displayed flashes of brilliance and rode with tenacity. His podium odds of +1308 are indicative of his potential to spring a surprise and secure a top-three finish, making a $20 podium bet on him a tempting proposition.
Aaron Plessinger, another dark horse in the competition with +5782 odds for victory, has shown moments of brilliance throughout the season. His ability to contend at the highest level cannot be discounted. Plessinger’s +1393 podium odds hint at his capability to snatch a podium spot, and a $20 podium bet on him could potentially yield a rewarding payout.
Dylan Ferrandis, despite facing long odds at +6567 for victory, has demonstrated his prowess on multiple occasions. His recent performance in Charlotte is evidence of his determination to compete at the top. While a victory might be a tall order, Ferrandis’ +1595 podium odds make him a viable contender for a top-three finish. Betting $20 on him for a podium spot could be a strategic choice for those looking to capitalize on an underdog’s success.

Head-to-Head Picks

Matchup (Favorite in Bold) Odds
Jett Lawrence vs. Chase Sexton -140
Adam Cianciarulo vs. Jason Anderson EVEN
Justin Barcia vs. Aaron Plessinger EVEN
Dylan Ferrandis vs. Garrett Marchbanks EVEN

Expert Pick for the 2023 SMX Finals

The expert pick for the 2023 SMX Finals is Chase Sexton. Sexton’s recent performance at the Charlotte and Chicago rounds indicates he’s in prime form heading into the finals. His standout 1-1 victory at Charlotte showcased his ability to dominate the competition when he’s on his game. What further tilts the scales in Sexton’s favor is his established prowess on supercross tracks, a crucial asset in the SMX Finals held on such circuits. Throughout 2023, he has consistently showcased his exceptional skills and unwavering determination, asserting himself as a formidable contender for the championship crown. With odds at +144 for victory, Sexton not only brings a competitive edge but also represents a high-value wager for those looking to capitalize on his superb form

Where to Bet on the 2023 SMX Finals

Bets for the SMX Finals can be placed at our partner sportsbooks. Don’t forget to check the latest odds and promotions before placing your bets. If you’re new to the betting scene, check out NXTbet’s comprehensive SuperMotocross Betting Guide. As always, bet responsibly and within your limits.
The 2023 SMX Finals isn’t just a treat for motocross fans; it’s evolving into a thrilling arena for bettors seeking adrenaline-pumping action. Whether backing proven stars like Sexton and Lawrence or rolling the dice on dark horses, this Los Angeles showdown guarantees heart-pounding excitement from the opening rev to the checkered flag, making it a must-watch event for all motorsport enthusiasts.
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