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Results & Betting Payouts Recap: World Long Drive Atlanta 2023

The World Long Drive Championship in Atlanta has concluded, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspiring drives and fierce competition. Kyle Berkshire defended his title with a display of sheer power, etching his name once more into the annals of the long drive elite. Amid the exhilarating clashes of the titans on the tee, each competitor showcased a blend of precision and power, painting a vivid picture of their journey in this high-stake competition.
As we reflect on the Championship’s pivotal moments, surprising upsets, and the betting landscape, this recap delves into the heart of a sport where precision meets power, in a quest for the ultimate drive.
Check out the tables below for a detailed breakdown of the top performers in both the men’s and women’s divisions, painting a picture of prowess that graced the greens of Atlanta.
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WLD Atlanta 2023 Top Performers

Men’s Division

Place Golfer Points Pre-Event Odds
1 Kyle Berkshire 500 +238
2 Sean Johnson 350 +1686
3 Zack Holton 250 +762
4 Justin James 150 +594
5 Bryce Verplank 150 +1900
6 Colton Casto 150 +1063
7 Martin Borgmeier 100 +740
8 Reid Russell 100 +2281
9 Ryan Gregnol 100 +3746
10 Josh Koch 10 +1270

Women’s Division

Place Golfer Points Pre-Event Odds
1 Monica Lieving 500 +331
2 Phillis Meti 350 +313
3 Anna Drahos 250 +3233
4 Devon Casazza 150 +599
5 Kelly Rudney 150 +1120
6 Gabi Powel 150 +1251
7 Sandra Carlborg 100 +585
8 Mary Driscol 100 +1823
9 Savannah Meyer-Clement 100 +5456
10 Jeanine Minnick 100 +1823

Stand Outs and Upsets

The World Long Drive Championship in Atlanta was a playground for unexpected triumphs and startling upsets. Pre-event odds pointed towards a tight competition, but the field was ripe with surprises. Kyle Berkshire, the favorite with odds at +238, lived up to the expectations by clinching the title with a nerve-wracking one-yard win over Sean Johnson in the finals. His stellar performance underlined why he was the bookmakers’ favorite.
On the flip side, Sean Johnson, who was given longer odds of +1686, defied the odds by propelling himself into the finals, showcasing a remarkable blend of skill and determination. His performance was a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of the sport, making a strong statement that reverberated through the ranks.
In the women’s division, Monica Lieving, with slightly longer odds at +331 compared to Phillis Meti’s +313, upset the charts by clinching the women’s title. Meti, the favorite, exhibited a mighty show early on but couldn’t maintain the momentum in the finals, showcasing that even the favorites can stumble at the pivotal moment.
The event was also a tale of missed chances for several seasoned competitors. Martin Borgmeier, the defending champion, couldn’t replicate his previous success, making an exit in the Round of 16 despite having favorable pre-event odds of +740.

The Winners

The betting arena was as thrilling as the competition itself. A bettor who placed a $20 wager on Kyle Berkshire, the men’s division winner with pre-event odds of +238, would have enjoyed a payout of $47.60. On the women’s side, a $20 bet on Monica Lieving with odds of +331 would have yielded a handsome payout of $66.20. These payouts underline the potential rewards for bettors who accurately predicted the champions, showcasing the exciting interplay between sports betting and the unpredictable nature of the competition.

Looking Ahead

As the dust settles post-World Long Drive Championship, the season concludes leaving a legacy of monumental drives and new benchmarks. The event in Atlanta was a grand finale, epitomizing the blend of technique and power inherent in the sport. Though the season has wrapped up, be sure to check back with NXTbets’ World Long Drive page in the future for next season’s betting insights and analysis. Our platform will continue to provide comprehensive breakdowns and predictions, helping you stay ahead of the curve as we eagerly await the return of the long drive battles on the green.
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