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2024 MotoGP - Portugal Grand Prix Pre-Event Odds

Best Bets: 2024 MotoGP Portugal Grand Prix Pre-Event Odds

The 2024 MotoGP season opener in Qatar laid a solid foundation for what’s expected to be a closely contested championship. Ducati’s Pecco Bagnaia showcased his intent to chase a third title with a strong performance, while KTM’s Brad Binder and Ducati’s Jorge Martin secured podium finishes, indicating their potential to challenge the top spot. Pedro Acosta’s debut was notably impressive, hinting at a disruptive season ahead for the rookie.

As the series heads to Portugal on March 24th, the focus shifts to how the teams and riders adapt and respond to the opening race’s outcomes. Qatar revealed Ducati’s strength, with KTM closely trailing, suggesting a possible continuation of this dynamic in Portugal. However, the performance gap seen in Qatar, especially from Yamaha and Honda, poses questions about their ability to close in on the leaders.

The upcoming MotoGP Portugal event is critical for teams to either build on their Qatar momentum or address shortcomings. The circuit’s characteristics will test the riders’ skills and the bikes’ capabilities, potentially reshaping the early championship standings. With all riders having a race under their belts, strategies will be refined, making the Portugal race not just a continuation but an escalation in the 2024 MotoGP championship battle.

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Schedule and How to Watch the 2024 MotoGP - Portugal Grand Prix

The MotoGP 2024 Portugal Grand Prix  is scheduled to take place from March 21st to 24th, culminating in the Grand Prix on the final day. The main event will rev up at 4:00 pm local time on March 21st, promising a thrilling start to the season at this iconic venue. The Portugal racetrack offers a comprehensive view of the racing action with the Portugal GP set to be a spectacular show, both for the spectators at the circuit and for viewers around the world. For a detailed view of the weekend’s events, refer to the official schedule

For enthusiasts who can’t be at the venue in person, be sure to check the official MotoGP website for viewing options. (Note: While live broadcasts might be limited in certain regions, including the US, you can still catch comprehensive race highlights and updates on the website!) If betting is on your agenda, don’t forget to follow the live action and keep an eye on NXTbets for updates on odds and prices.


Best Bets and Picks for the 2024 MotoGP Portugal Grand Prix

With a range of betting options available, from Event Winner to Head-to-Head bets, bettors are presented with a wide spectrum of wagering opportunities. Here are our top picks and dark horse selections for this event:

Top Picks and Bets

Top Picks and Bets


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20

Francesco Bagnaia



Jorge Martin



Marc Marquez



Francesco Bagnaia sits atop the odds at +120, a testament to his remarkable consistency and skill demonstrated throughout the 2023 season as well as at Qatar. His recent runner-up finish in Qatar, part of a series of podium appearances, underscores not just his ability to perform under pressure but also his strategic prowess on the track. Bagnaia’s mastery in managing race dynamics and his knack for making critical moves at decisive moments have been key to his success. Heading into Portugal, his championship lead not only marks him as the man to beat but also adds an extra layer of pressure as he aims to maintain or extend his advantage in the standings.

Jorge Martin, with odds at +275, has shown he is more than capable of challenging the top spot. His performances, marked by bold maneuvers and an aggressive racing style, have consistently put him in contention. Martin’s capability to adapt and push his machine to the limits has seen him secure vital points, keeping the championship race tightly contested. In Portugal, his recent history suggests he will be a formidable force, potentially leveraging his aggressive approach to unsettle Bagnaia and close the gap in the championship leaderboard.

Marc Marquez, priced at +300, carries a legacy of resilience and exceptional talent into Portugal. Despite a mixed bag of results in the recent past, Marquez’s capacity for spectacular comebacks and his aggressive, no-holds-barred racing style make him a perennial threat. His performances, although varied, have showcased flashes of the brilliance that once dominated MotoGP. Marquez’s strategy in Portugal will likely involve leveraging his experience and innate ability to navigate the track’s complexities, aiming to clinch a victory that could reignite his championship aspirations.

Outsider Picks

The outsider picks for the upcoming Portugal Grand Prix present a tantalizing mix of talent, experience, and unpredictable flair that could potentially upset the established order. 


Event Winner Odds

Payout on $20

Brad Binder



Luca Marini



Alex Marquez




Brad Binder, with odds at +700, delivered a solid performance in Qatar, underscoring his reputation as a resilient competitor capable of navigating the complexities of race day. His ability to maintain composure and secure valuable points, even when not in the lead, demonstrates a level of consistency and race intelligence that will be crucial in Portugal. Binder’s adaptability and tactical approach in Qatar suggest he could leverage any opportunities in the dynamic conditions of the Portugal Grand Prix to challenge the frontrunners.

Enea Bastianini, listed at +1000, showed glimpses of his potential in Qatar, battling amidst the highly competitive field. His performance highlighted his aggressive racing style and determination, traits that could significantly influence his approach in Portugal. Given the tight and technical nature of the Portuguese track, Bastianini’s knack for aggressive maneuvers could see him making substantial gains, capitalizing on the slightest errors of his competitors to improve his standings.

Pedro Acosta, the rookie with odds at +1800, made a remarkable debut in Qatar, showcasing his talent and adaptability to the premier class. His ability to hold his own against more experienced riders and secure a commendable finish signals a promising start to his MotoGP career. Heading into Portugal, Acosta’s performance in Qatar will undoubtedly boost his confidence, making him a wildcard entry capable of surprising the established names.

These riders represent intriguing options for bettors looking beyond the frontrunners. With their higher odds, they offer a blend of risk and reward, making the Portugal GP an exciting prospect for those seeking to place more adventurous bets.

Head-To-Head Picks

As the Portugal Grand Prix approaches, the head-to-head matchups inject an extra thrill into MotoGP betting. These confrontations highlight the riders’ skill and strategic mastery at every corner, providing bettors with a unique opportunity to dive deep into the heart of MotoGP rivalries. Each pairing unfolds as a captivating story of velocity and strategy. Don’t miss the table below for these matchups, and prepare for an enhanced level of excitement as riders go toe-to-toe on the circuit.


Matchup (Favorite in Bold)

Pedro Acosta  (-160) v. Fabio Di Giannantonio  (+130)

Francesco Bagnaia (-160) v. Jorge Martin  (+130)

Brad Binder (-130) v. Enea Bastianini (+100)

Francesco Bagnaia (-200) v. Marc Marquez (+160)

            Jorge Martin (-150) v. Marc Marquez (+120)

Aleix Espargaro (-150) v. Maverick Vinales (+120)

Expert Pick for the 2024 MotoGP - Portugal Grand Prix

Brad Binder (+700)

Our Expert Pick is Brad Binder at +700. These odds indicate a potentially lucrative payout, recognizing Binder’s solid track record and his capacity for surging performances. His recent showings, including a commendable finish in Qatar, have highlighted his resilience and ability to capitalize on race dynamics. With the competitive nature of the Portugal circuit aligning well with Binder’s aggressive yet calculated racing style, his potential for delivering a strong result is amplified. Given the combination of his competitive drive, the consistent improvement of his KTM machine, and the high payout his current odds offer, Binder stands out as an attractive bet with significant upside potential.

Where to Bet on the 2024 MotoGP - Portugal Grand Prix

Gear up for the 2024 MotoGP – Portugal Grand Prix! Get the latest odds and exclusive offers at our partnered sportsbooks to place your bets. Don’t forget to delve into NXTbets’ official MotoGP Betting Guide for comprehensive insights and tips. 

The Portugal Grand Prix signifies a crucial juncture in the MotoGP season, offering both a showcase of racing talent and opportunities for betting enthusiasts. This event allows bettors to engage with the sport on a deeper level, where strategic bets can enhance the viewing experience. It’s important to approach betting with caution, emphasizing informed decisions to responsibly enjoy this aspect of the sport. The intersection of detailed race analysis and betting adds a dimension to the event, where understanding of the sport’s nuances becomes as crucial as the passion for racing itself.

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