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Best Bets: WLD Kingsport 2023 Pre-Event Odds

Following the electrifying WLD West Bountiful event in Utah, the golfing world is still buzzing. Bryce Verplank emerged as the top performer, launching a colossal 439-yard drive, closely followed by Jack Smith at 430 yards. Though Smith managed to accumulate more aggregate distance, it was Verplank’s singular strike that stole the limelight. Zack Holton showcased incredible consistency, hitting 11 out of 18 balls with his longest drive at an astounding 441 yards, while the prodigious Kyle Berkshire, known for his powerful strikes, delivered the day’s longest drive of 442 yards, securing his 8th position. However, the event was not without its surprises. Notably, Martin Borgmeier, a name usually associated with prodigious distances, couldn’t register any score in the Final 16.
As we gear up for the WLD Kingsport in Kingsport, Tennessee, on August 26th – 28th, the adrenaline is already pumping. This sport, which marries power, precision, and passion, is poised for another spectacular showdown. If the past event was anything to go by, the next promises more jaw-dropping distances and heart-stopping finishes. For those with a knack for predicting the unpredictable, our comprehensive pre-event odds analysis awaits. Join us, dive deep into the world of WLD, and amplify the thrill of each strike as you place your bets. Kingsport, brace yourselves: the titans of long drive are coming, and with NXTbets in the mix, it’s not just about the distance – it’s about the glory of the game and the thrill of the wager!
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Schedule and How to Watch WLD Kingsport 2023

Kingsport, TN gears up for a power-packed WLD showdown from August 26th-28th. The action kicks off at 8:00 AM CDT with the Senior and Amateur Divisions. On August 27, the Open and Women’s Divisions take center stage. The grand finale on August 28 features high-stakes match plays and riveting finals. Can’t attend? Catch the Women’s and Open Division Finals on the GOLF Channel at 8 pm and 9 pm CDT respectively. Bettors, stay alert for real-time odds updates from NXTbets. WLD Kingsport promises unparalleled golfing drama; don’t miss out!

Best Bets and Picks for Men’s WLD Kingsport 2023

Bettors have a plethora of betting opportunities with options to wager on the Overall Event Winner and Longest Drive victors. Here are our prime and dark horse selections for Kingsport:
Golfer Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Justin James +465 $113.00
Kyle Berkshire +669 $153.80
Zack Holton +809 $181.80
The Men’s WLD Kingsport is shaping up to be a bettor’s paradise, with standout players positioned to dominate.
Justin James, who tops the charts with odds of +465, is a notable contender, offering bettors a potential $113.00 return on a mere $20 wager. His consistent showcases have rightfully propelled him to this favored position. Kyle Berkshire, standing strong in the WLD rankings and always drawing crowds with his dynamite drives, is not far behind with odds of +669. Backing him could lead to a rewarding $153.80 from a $20 stake. Not to be overshadowed, Zack Holton, currently 5th in the WLD standings, emerges as a force to be reckoned with. His odds of +809 present an enticing prospect, hinting at a payout of $181.80 on a comparable bet.
With these titans of the tee set to compete, Kingsport promises nothing short of a thrilling experience.

Top Picks and Bets for Men’s WLD Kingsport – Longest Drive

Golfer Longdriver Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Kyle Berkshire +134 $46.80
Justin James +580 $136.00
Martin Borgmeier +1329 $285.80
In the exhilarating category of Longest Drive for Men’s WLD Kingsport, Kyle Berkshire, renowned for his monumental drives, stands as the favorite with odds of +134. A $20 wager on him potentially brings a return of $46.80. This suggests strong confidence in his ability to outdrive his competition. Justin James, another powerhouse in long driving, holds odds of +580. Placing faith (and a $20 bet) on James could result in a $136.00 payout. Surprisingly, Martin Borgmeier, despite having an off-day in the previous event, still presents a high-risk, high-reward scenario with staggering odds of +1329, promising a hefty return of $285.80 on a $20 wager.

Men’s Head to Head Picks

Matchup(Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Justin James v. Kyle Berkshire -155
Kyle Berkshire V. Zack Holton -140
Zack Holton v. Sean Johnson -125
Colton Casto V. Bryce Verplank -120
Martin Borgmeier v. Bryce Verplank -120

Expert Pick for Men’s WLD Kingsport

For those seeking a blend of reasonable risk and commendable reward, Justin James stands out as the best bet for the Longest Drive at Men’s WLD Kingsport. While Kyle Berkshire is the evident favorite, the potential payout on James, given his odds of +580, presents a more enticing balance. He has consistently demonstrated his prowess in long driving, making him a strong contender for the title. Investing $20 on James offers a sizable return of $136.00. Couple this with his recent performances, and you have a bet that’s not just grounded in data but also in the golfer’s proven track record.

Best Bets and Picks for Women’s WLD Kingsport 2023

Top Picks and Bets for Women’s WLD Kingsport – Event Winner

Golfer Event Winner Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Monica Lieving +273 74.60
Phillis Meti +341 88.20
Mai Dechathipat +517 123.40
The stage at Women’s WLD Kingsport is set, and the leaderboard’s top talents are ready to compete for the coveted Event Winner accolade.
Monica Lieving, holding the esteemed #1 rank in WLD, steps into Kingsport with odds of +273. A $20 bet on her promises a potential payout of $74.60, a testament to her dominant performance this season. Close on her heels is the third-ranked Phillis Meti. With odds of +341, those backing Meti with a $20 stake stand to gain $88.20. Mai Dechathipat, ranked 7th in the WLD, cannot be ignored. Her odds of +517 offer a handsome return of $123.40 for a $20 wager.

Top Picks and Bets for Women’s WLD Kingsport – Longest Drive

Golfer Longdriver Odds Payout On $20 Wager
Monica Lieving +182 56.40
Phillis Meti +295 79.00
Mai Dechathipat +694 158.80
Monica Lieving, always a formidable force on the course and holding a commanding presence in rankings, leads the odds at +182. Those betting $20 on her might see a fruitful return of $56.40, reflecting her consistent prowess in delivering astounding drives. Phillis Meti, known for her striking capability and power, stands at odds of +295. A stake of $20 on Meti could translate into a payout of $79.00. Meanwhile, Mai Dechathipat, although an underdog in this category, holds tantalizing odds of +694. Ambitious bettors placing $20 on her stand to reap a generous $158.80.
With these elite athletes at the helm, the Longest Drive at Kingsport promises to be an event filled with anticipation and surprise.

Women’s Head to Head Picks

Matchup(Favorite in Bold) Winner Odds
Monica Lieving v. Phillis Meti -125
Mai Dechathipat v. Gabi Powel -125

Expert Pick for Women’s WLD Kingsport

Our best bet recommendation leans towards Phillis Meti for the Event Winner title. While Monica Lieving is the favorite, Meti’s slightly higher odds of +341 offer a better return on investment without drastically increasing the risk. Her experience and track record in the sport make her a solid choice. A $20 bet on Meti could yield an $88.20 payout, presenting an optimal mix of risk and reward for bettors.

Where to Bet on WLD Kingsport 2023

Wagers for the WLD Kingsport event can be placed at our partnered sportsbooks, and be sure to check out the special bonus offers in your state before confirming your bets.
The 2023 WLD Kingsport isn’t only a power-packed showdown for long drive enthusiasts; it also serves as a thrilling stage for betting aficionados. Whether you’re supporting the top-ranked contender or placing your hopes on an unexpected dark horse, the competition guarantees a mesmerizing, high-octane experience.
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