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  • Best Bets: 2024 AMA 450MX Fox Raceway National Pre-Event Odds Analysis

    Best Bets: 2024 AMA 450MX Fox Raceway National Pre-Event Odds Analysis

    The 2024 AMA Pro Motocross Championship is set to begin just days after the conclusion of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross season. In the Supercross finale, Jett Lawrence clinched his first 450SX title, while RJ Hampshire and Tom Vialle claimed the 250SX West and East crowns, respectively. Now, the focus shifts to the great outdoors, …

  • Best Bets: Ironman National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    In the gripping Budds Creek National, Jett Lawrence continued his march towards a faultless 2023 Pro Motocross Championship season, clinching his tenth straight win. Despite the relentless pursuit from his rivals, the Australian prodigy held firm, achieving a hard-fought 1-1 finish. His path to perfection wasn’t without challenge, as racers like Aaron Plessinger, who secured …

  • Best Bets: Budds Creek National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    At the iconic Unadilla MX, a crescendo of revving engines signaled the penultimate challenge in the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship. Jett Lawrence, the Australian prodigy, magnificently claimed the 450 Class title, extending an unbeaten season with a ninth straight 1-1 performance. His dazzling 17th and 18th moto wins, coupled with the Edison Dye Cup triumph, …

  • Best Bets: Unadilla National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    At the 2023 Washougal National Motocross round held at Washougal MX Park, Jett Lawrence’s prowess was on full display, maintaining his undefeated streak in the 450MX class. Dylan Ferrandis initiated the challenge with two impressive holeshots, and Aaron Plessinger led the initial three laps in the second 16-lap moto. Yet, Lawrence’s consistency and skill overshadowed …

  • Best Bets: Washougal National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    Adding to his already impressive tally, Jett Lawrence led every lap at Spring Creek MX Park, securing his 14th moto win and seventh overall victory in the 2023 AMA Pro Motocross National Championship Series. The Aussie sensation was the fastest qualifier, going on to dominate the day with an untouchable ride. Despite capturing the holeshot …

  • Best Bets: Spring Creek National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    At the 2023 Southwick National, rookie Jett Lawrence showcased pure class, leading every lap of both motos and extending his incredible unbeaten run in the AMA Pro Motocross National Championship Series. Lawrence’s dominance on the sandy track puts him a commanding 67 points ahead in the championship.Chase Sexton gave a commendable performance, claiming second place …

  • Best Bets: Southwick National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    The 2023 Red Bud Pro Motocross Round 5 showcased Jett Lawrence’s dominance in the 450 class. From the start, Lawrence took the lead, laying down an impressive performance. His best lap time was a second-and-a-half faster than the rest of the competitors. By the time Chase Sexton, returning from injury, found his pace and overtook …

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    Best Bets: RedBud National Pro Motocross Pre-Event Odds

    In the adrenaline-packed High Point Pro Motocross Round 4, the 450 class saw Jett Lawrence conquer the track with an electrifying 1-1 sweep. Lawrence’s initial lead in the first race was jeopardized after a fall, but he made a resounding comeback to secure the checkered flag. A returning Ken Roczen performed quite well, though a …

  • Best Bets: 2023 Hangtown Motocross Classic

    As part of the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship tour, the upcoming 2023 Hangtown Motocross Classic is expected to deliver an adrenaline-packed event for motocross enthusiasts and sports bettors. In this article, we’ll dissect the pre-event odds, spotlight the best bets and picks, and provide you with all the insights necessary to make informed decisions for …